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I need a freebie script. Take a look at [url removed, login to view] for a demo of features noted below:

User Side


Each user has a single login for all of your sites which can easily be extended to any other site in a few clicks. International registrations are also supported!


Before a users register, they may now view a list of offers without having to log in!


All of the information you'll need all in one place: referral status, credited offers, order status, credit requests, messages from the admin, and a scratchpad to save notes about ongoing trades.


A bar at the top of every page which lets you quickly see your status from all pages: referral status, offer credits, and any new support ticket replies or admin messages you may have.


Change your profile information and account preferences here which include auto-notification of: support ticket reply, admin messages, offer credit, referral signup, referral status change, account status change, and order status change.


Easily sort and view offers all on one page: display instant, one-day, or all credit times, partial, 1 credit or more, or all credit values (as well as point value), free, money back, or all offer costs. Also sort by offer name, credit time, cost, or date added. Or only view offers in certain categories (Casino Offers, Free Trials, etc.)


View the status of existing orders or place one if you've met the requirements. If you have enough referrals for a prize with lower requirements those prizes will be displayed and you can easily switch to that prize with a single click. If one of your referral's is placed on hold or has an offer credit removed, your order status will temporarily be set to Denied. If you obtain another referral or the user's hold is removed, your order will automatically be re-submitted for approval. You may also place multiple orders if the site allows it.


Create support tickets, credit requests and view their status all from one page. You can even close your own ticket if you find you've answered your own question.


If a credit request's status is changed to "More Information Needed" the user will be able to edit the same credit request to add more information and resubmit it without having to create another credit request.


All support tickets, credit requests, and orders have status updates that occur at each stage. Find out when an admin has read your support ticket, or your credit request has been sent to the affiliate, or when your order was shipped.


Now you can tell how many offers your referral has completed, not just if they're green! You will also be able to see if a referral is on hold and for what reason.


If a user is annoyingly spamming their referral link, report them to the site and let the admin deal with them.

Admin Side


View a quick "to do" list: pending support tickets, credit requests, account verifications, orders, spam reports, and credit exceptions.


View some stats about how your site is doing. View commission earned for offers, amount of orders shippied, and profit for each site you're running. Also see which of your affiliates has the most offer credits and is earning you the most money. You can also see the top ten most credited offers on your site!


Manage admins with access to your site as well as what they're notified of: support ticket replies, order approvals, credit requests, etc.


Manage all of your sites from one central location! Create a referral, points-based, cashback site or even import an existing site from another script: IRS, RAFS, or FSRS. You can then define properties such as the site's title bar, header image, offer requirements, percentage of points received from referrals, and number of orders allowed.


Search for a user a variety of ways: by e-mail, IP, user ID, address, and many more!


A toolbar at the top of every page allows quick access to any user by their ID, e-mail, zip code, or admin notes.


Shows global user info, users with matching passwords, last login, IP log (users with matching IP's), offers completed, notes (left by admin), total amount of prizes received, W9 status, ban from support tickets, and details for each site the user is registered on: status (place on hold, remove from hold), change prize, verification report, referred by, completed offers, offer clicks, issue manual credit, credit requests, referral information, registration IP, logged IP's, open/closed support tickets, and admin messages. Place a user on You can also manually credit offers or reduce the prize requirements (issuing a credited referral). Also send messages to the users that will appear on their status page. You may also change a user's referrer, change a user's prize on an order, or assign a prize offset to reduce the amount of referrals or points a user needs to receive to place an order.


Check for fraud when a users submits an order for approval. The user's password, IP, and address are all matched against existing users to check for duplicates. If there are any matches, that user's information is displayed as well as what offers they completed. A log of the user's profile changes is also shown and that information is also checked against all existing users to check for matches.


Manage any orders for users whose account has been approved - view details of order and change status from here.


Add and Edit affiliates you use for offers. From here you can enter CSV information as well as postback information (instant crediting) so the fields are automatically recognized when offer credits come through.


Add and Edit offers for your sites. A grid of checkboxes allow you to add/remove an offer to/from all sites with a single click. You can also edit offer details, including switching to a different affiliate. If this affiliate has been used for the offer previously, the old data for that affiliate will automatically be reloaded for that offer. You can also specify a range for credit time, as well is if there is a money-back guarantee.


Create categories for your offers to organize them further. Users will be able to display and sort offers by their category on the user side as well. This is useful if you have offers that are only open to certain countries or if you have a couple offers of a certain type (gambling/casino offers, free trial offers, etc.).


Manage pending credit requests and process CSV record. Processing a CSV record allows you to choose an affiliate and a CSV file to upload (or a textarea to paste the information into). If the commission from the offer has changed from what it originally was, an admin will be notified so that credit values can be adjusted if desired.


If something goes wrong during an offer crediting (through postback or CSV) such as a bad user ID, offer ID, or invalid IP attempt, the attempt is logged and shown. Also, if the commission for an offer is higher or lower than what was expected, this is logged as a credit exception and an admin is notified.


View and Reply to support tickets - display filters include all tickets in date range: all, today, yesterday, last 7 days, month to date, last month, year to date, and last year. You can also display only open or closed support tickets, as well as if the last post is by a user or an admin.


Mark support tickets or admin messages as being relevant to an order so that when it comes time to verify a user, this relevant information will be displayed as well.


Configure the name of your network, the default terms of service, default privacy policy, support e-mail address, support AIM screenname, support MSN screenname, referral link variable, how long the user's cookie should last.


Edit the specific messages that are associated with the statuses of orders and credit requests or even add new customized ones.

Other Notes

The script is entirely templated, meaning the functionality of the site is completely separate from the look of it. This means you can change the template files however you'd like to customize the look of your site any way you'd like (as long as you don't break anything [url removed, login to view]). However, no new data can be added unless the modifications are done by me to do so. You can change how the given information is organized and how it looks on the page (through the template files and the CSS file for each site).


* Change the interface/professional look ([url removed, login to view] for an example )

* Dynamic signature banners

* Allow mass-acknowledge/status update checkboxes to lists like Credit Exceptions, Spam Reports, etc.

* Add customizable Hold reasons

* Improved date/time/IP logging

* Ability to view list of all users on hold

* Pagination of offers

* Canned responses for support tickets, admin notes, credit status changes, order status changes, etc.

* Advanced statistics of users (top earning, number of orders, offer completions and clicks, etc.)

* Offer statistics (# of times completed, clicked, revenue generated)

* Option to hide offers that have already been completed by a user instead of just a message

* List number of offers displayed/total on user side Offers page

* Default view for listing pages (support tickets, credit requests, etc.)

* Ability to manually add/remove users

* Textbox ordering of prizes instead of links

* Ability to edit/delete support tickets

* Ability to edit/delete admin messages

* Option on admin messages to include a link that will open a new ticket

* Field for date completed on credit requests on user side

* Export (CSV) functionality for certain datasets: users, orders, offer completions

* Support for multiple credit values of the same offer across different sites

* Add Assign Offers functionality to Categories page

* Ability to sort offers by affiliate, name, payout, credit value, etc.

* Ability to flag orders/accounts that need further action/investigation

* Custom prize system - user chooses a custom prize, opens ticket with information about prize, admin sets referral/point amount

* Improved ordering/points offset system

* Instant Crediting through DirectTrack networks

* Ability to open a support ticket with a user in lieu of sending an admin message

* Ability to hide prizes from admin view - can't delete since that will mess up orders which have the deleted prize

* Improved readability of the View User page

* Option to copy offers from existing site when adding a new site

* Add checking for e-mail header information for credit requests

* Add searching to support tickets and admin messages

* Admin action logging

* Sort users by last login date

* Add IP lookup for geographical location

* Sorting options for lists

* Add ability to link two matching accounts

* New Credit Exception - if a user is credited for an offer they have already done on another site of ours, a credit exception should be recorded. Right now there is only a credit exception if the user has already been credited for the offer on the same site.

* Calculator on the status page for the users

* Games page link for the users to play games

* Ability to chose offers from an affiliate and delete them.

Please contact me for more information. Also, after the project is completed, I will need you to fix bugs and additional features when necessary. Please provide details + project price estimates.

Beceriler: Her şey Kabul, CSS, MySQL, PHP

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