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This is my 3th post for this job on scriptlance and because I've failed the last 2 times to get this job done in a proper manner I'll just start by saying that I want to establish some guide lines for this project:

1. The title of this job says: "joomla experts only" - meaning if you are a joomla expert you can do this job in 2 days without any problems (one man); if you just think you can do it as you go, please DO NOT bid on this because you will most likely fail, like the rest of the project bidders so far.

2. I'm also a programmer and I'm posting this because I don't have the time to do it myself but i can tell from the first day if you are in the business or not. So please DO NOT bid on this project if you just think you are a programmer.

3. Deadline - VERY IMPORTANT! - Please check the job description carefully and make a realistic assessment of the time this can be done. I will NOT pay for a late project. It's better to take a day or two in advance for any additional problem that may occur than to tell me you can't deliver this in time you promised at the beginning of the project.

4. If you already bid for this in my previous project posts and didn't make it on time and I canceled the project please DO NOT bid again. As you can see I didn't rate you bad when scriptlance dispute officials agreed to cancel the project due to poor quality of work and over passed deadline. Let me finish this with a team of professionals the right way.

If all this written above seems ok with you then i invite you to read the job description. If not please DO NOT bid. I can't stress that enough!

Job Description!

Site is currently at this address:

[url removed, login to view]

We have 2 major parts on this. Design and programming.



1. I've put in a file, the original psd. The design should look like the psd but the fonts used in there are not available on web and we will use replacements. Use this address: [url removed, login to view] and copy the fonts (type) for our top menu from their top menu and also the rest of the text in site. But please keep the colors from the original design. The thing is they don't have to look like the design but use your best judgment to make it look normal.

2. Left logo from the top (DeDietrich) and little "read more" arrow is poor quality. Cut a new picture from the design to replace that.

3. There are differences between how different browsers shows this page. For example in Mozilla, footer text is centered and in Internet Explorer he's on the left side. So after completing the design work, take a look on how that looks on different browsers especially Internet Explorer, Mozilla and Opera.



1. Login box on the right upper corner like in the design. (Standard joomla login box for the client). You can take a look at how the last team managed to do this. It was one of the few things that was done properly but since I canceled them I have no access to those scripts so You will have to style that [url removed, login to view]://[url removed, login to view]

2. Home page

Scopul Site-ului - This is a normal article with "read more" (the little arrow from design) that opens the entire article in an separate page that uses "[url removed, login to view]" style.

Informatii Rapide - The exact same thing as Scopul Site-ului but will link to "Ghid depanare rapida" article from top menu.

Documentatie - This will link to that page with file uploads and i will tell you about it in "documentatie" chapter.

Contact Rapid - box on the right part with contact information

Cum devii partener - box on the right part containing article with "read more" (the little arrow from design) that opens the entire article in an separate page that uses "[url removed, login to view]" style.

Note: Those two boxes will be present in all interior pages that i don't ask for a specific box. (like the ones downloading pdf files)

3. Top Menu

Ghid depanare rapida - normal article also reachable from index from "Informatii rapide" article (the same article with read more on index). In the right, the two boxes will be links to "Garantie" and "FAQ" chapters. This article will end with the text:

“Daca nici una din problemele de mai sus nu va dau un raspuns satisfacator, va rugam sa completati formularul de mai jos si in cel mai scurt timp o sa va contacteze un tehnician de-al nostru” witch will be a link the that form that we talked about. The form will contain a few fields and email that data if validated:










Mesaj (text)

Documentatie utila - this is actually the only page that uses the login box from the upper right corner of the header. This will be a form from the admin that will allow my client to insert a picture with a text (WISIWIG editor) + pdf upload (that is visible to everyone) and another two pdf uploads that will be available only if someone is logged in. It's a multiple article page. They will be one after another. I've put here a link but is not exactly what i explained, is only to make yourself a better idea:

[url removed, login to view]

Cum devii partener - normal article but present in the top menu only if user looged in

Garantie - two normal articles one called "Garantie", and the other one "Servicii post-vanzare" one after another. The two boxes on the right will have 2 doc's for download.

Traininguri - normal article but present in the top menu only if user looged in

Piese de schimb - normal article present all the time.

Legislatie - Links to different sites one after another.

Contact - form with following fields:

Datele dumneavoastra (this means "your data") - just a text










Precizati documentatia pe care o doriti (this is also a simple text)

O notita: 0 da 0 nu (yes/no chioce)

Codul de referinta al produsului

Anul de instalare al produsului

Doriti sa obtineti servicii post vanzare De Dietrich? 0 da 0 nu

Doriti service: 0 depanare 0 intretinere 0 contract de intretinere (choice)

Alte precizaari (text)

Doriti sa primiti documentatia ceruta pe e-mail: 0 da 0 nu (choice)

Mesaj (text)

Trimite (text on the send button)

Take a look at this just to make an ideea:

[url removed, login to view]

FAQ - normal FAQ functionality but as I mentioned in front only the question will appear one bellow another and when clicked a certain question, the answer rollers below and sties like that until clicked again even if another is clicked in the meantime.

4. Footer

Those are normal links (text to different other sites)

Prima pagina - link to index

Garantie - Link to "Garantie" (same from top menu)

Legislatie - link top "Legislatie" (same from top menu)

Termeni si conditii - (this is terms and contions) - simple article text

Sitemap - Sitemap

Contact - link to "Contact" (same from top menu)

Now, some of this functionality are already there, others may need to be programmed. This is actually a paste of the description I've made initially. Some are already there (like FAQ section) but please take a good look before bidding as this is not so hard work for a professional joomla programmer but like any other site requires some attention in the beginning.

Thank you!

Beceriler: Her şey Kabul, CSS, MySQL, PHP

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