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Hi All

I am looking for a data base to be developed for the backend of my website. a task management program with multiple users.


my website issues an online quote and collects a lot of data which is stored on mysql database.

What i need the database to do is create a new project every time a new quote is issued. inside the projects there will be tasks. every project has the same tasks, so it a repeat operation. each task needs to be assigned to a user, so the user can log in a see there tasks to carry out for the day.

there are some priority option to the quotes which will be generated from the website. ie delivery time, payment deadline etc.

then the process is as follows. its for a gold buying company

Step 1. Data collected from web form input into database. or data collected from telesales person input into database.

data as follows





Telephone number

Email Address

online generated quote

each item = quantity and gold quality

delivery option

Preferred Payment option (which will have priority status)

Awaiting gold to be received

Quote only stays active for 7 days after its high lighted a different colour

Auto email sent on day 4 to remind customer that quote ends in 3 days to hurry and send gold

Alert made after 7 days to our telesale person to follow up call to customer and send follow up email. check of task complete.

Alert made to admin person after 14 days if gold hasn't been recieved to send follow up letter via mail.

Alert to telesales after 28 days to call customer confirm letter has been received and if there is anything we can help with. if gold has not been received.

still if no gold has been recieved an auto Email sent after 60 days to offer new offer.

Email sent after 65 days with free advise.

Step 2. Gold received and opened

Confirm that gold in pack matches to gold on quote.

tick off each item - and if gold is in the package or not.

on completion auto email sent to customer confirming contents recieved and that gold has now gone over to our testing department for testing. a true price will be given within 6 hours

step 3. Gold Testing

Match items to gold in pack

test and input new results.

on completion of test

auto email of new quote sent to customer telling of new offer. to accept or decline

and alert to telesales to call customer with new offer ask to accept or decline.

now awaiting confirmation. once confirmation is received - next task

Step 4. if gold price is accepted.

alert to Accounts to pay the new quote with the customer prefered method of payment.

will need Payment status priorities. on completion

Payment made

auto email sent to customer that payment is made

alert to telesales to call to customer to say payment is made and gather feed back.

Step 5. If customer declines offer

alert to telesale to call customer to convince or hagle with customer.

auto email sent to client to apologise for not accepting our offer.

alert to admin made with high priority for gold to be returned

on completion send a seris of emails and telecalls as in step 1.

each task staff can add notes.

each task can be pushed to another member of staff if there is a quiry or problem.

other database options.

to be able filter quotes. who sent gold and who just got quote.

look at income over certain time periods.

conversion rates percentages in certain months.

weekly web hits in to quotes. input weekly hits.

filter popularity by area

filter gold quality by area

profits and payouts.

most pupular quantity and carot of gold

average payout

average profit - ie the average amount we earn from our customers

6 Users:

Telesales, = only sales follow ups and data input

Tester = only testing and inputing new quote

Accounts = payment, order confirmation.

Admin = Data input, email, letters to be sent

Director = full access

Director = full access.

I think thats pretty much what i need in to do.

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