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Convert tiff webdesign to Joomla full screen template + little flash (2nd try)

Hello to all.

As the title mension this is my second try to find someone that could make what I EXACTLY WRITE HERE. I had some offers in my first try i choose someone but because i know about joomla i use it and i used to make templates i didnt like what he make for me. The reason i am trying to find someone here is because i get a lot of work currently and i am looking for someone that could help me with some things i will ask. So if you are not sure about what you can do dont bid on my project. For example dont try to fool me by taking a template change the top logo with my one and then try to sell it to me. I will not accept it and i will not pay for this things.

So enough with the introduction. What i want is decribe below.


1) I am looking for someone tha will convert a tiff photo i have created to joomla template. What i mean with that is i will send him a tiff file and logos and have to cut them up to pieces and create joomla template that will LOOK EXACTLY THE TIFF PHOTO (FULL SCREEN TEMPLATE) i have send to him.

2) In this template that i want is when you click the next link in the right the current link has to close by sliding up or down and show you the next link with some informations above the link as shown in the picture i have submitted (the sub page photo). Also when you entered the site the main link has to have some information above it. Probably a joomla plugin it will be needed for that job. I dont care if you will create it or find it to the internet for example the mod_ninja_kwik menu(is a good example what i want for the menu).

3) I will also like the car and the slogan that is connected to the car and also the man in the right corner with the slogan top of him to have some movement (only outline) as example the satellite in the right of the [url removed, login to view] file i have submitted.


1) The one that will get the job after he finish it has to give a link so i can see it that is exactly what i want before i pay him.

2) Also this template should be used only for my site because is my work. If you use it to other site maybe we have some legal problems.

3) The winner will payed from GAF website at the price it will bid.

4) The project has to be finished in the time that the bidder says that it will finish. No more time will be given. If you asked for more time this means that i dont have to deal with professional team and that will lead me to cancel the bid and leave negative feedback to your company.


1)The winner in this project it mean that he accepted my rules

2)I will choose the one that have the lowest time to deliver the project and the price should be logical.

So happy bidding and read very clear what i am writing because by bidding you accept my rules. Thank you for you time.

The max time to deliver that i will accept is 1-7 days, so dont post 2 years etc.... :) Thank you.

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