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My budget is Exactly $530. This is because the original programmer quoted the following project at this price, but he had an unexpected emergency happen that will prevent him from finishing the project. So this is the maximum amount we have for this project.

Project Description:

We need a customized map system that will allow us to easily add locations to it either one-by-one or by uploading an Excel spreadsheet to add locations in bulk.

What I was originally thinking was a simple google map with the thumbtacks showing the locations. I tried the Google MyMap site to create a customized map and I used the Yahoo API application to get the GeoData of the locations so I could create a spreadsheet of the Geodata (Name andAaddress) to display on the map. I uploaded the spreadsheet to the Google MyMap system but all I was able to get was a very basic map just showing the locations.

This was okay in the beginning but we need a lot more flexibility, so after stumbling on this site

[url removed, login to view]

We now would like a system like this that offers a great way of displaying locations with lots of additional information and flexibility.

I like this system, so I will need a quote for a system similar to this one (I need to be able to add locations via an excel spreadsheet if I need to).

You will need to work from your own temporary address data and provide me with a set of instructions on how to use the system once it's all done.

You will also need to agree to a Non-Disclosure Agreement and agree to not brand and link back in any way. If any GeoData APIs are needed (Google, Yahoo, etc.), you can use your own and you will need to let us know how to obtain and replaces it with our own.

The Code MUST BE Clean, Neat and Secure.

The admin panel must have a secure login and an captcha code at the login screen (dplease do not use google's recaptcha).

You will need to do all of the work on your own server and show us a working demo from Your Server. I Do Not have access to our server at this time. Once we see a fully working demo, I can release 50% of the escrow and the remaining 50% will be released once we receive the files.

Here are some additional Project Details:

> As for the number of events/locations/venues, there will likely be up to (+/-) 65+ at a time since we'll be listing other department's information as well.

> Event listings will not be the only things shown on the map, there will also be locations (with no events being hosted at that locaiton).

> A simple design is fine for now and if possible, could you please structure the system so that we can easily add some style if needed. We are planning to either iframe or php include() it into our existing layout.

> Also, could you make the admin folder ([url removed, login to view]) NOT be named something like admin or administrator or adminpanel (or similar) to help discourage someone with negative intentions from easily getting to the admin login page.

> Ability to add/delete events and venue information and edit/modify

> No admin links on the public pages

> There will be some locations/venues that will never have anything going on or hosted there, but we will need for those locations to still be searched, filtered and located through the map system. As a for instance, a check box to show all of the "Title One Offices" which will be useful to see even though there are never any events held at those locations.

> Everything should be fully searchable and filtered.

> It will be helpful if the pens on the map could be color differentiated, like in the example? Also, is it possible to use other types of icons other than the push pens? Here is a great example:

( [url removed, login to view] Beach )

> Please do not use Adobe Flash on this project

> Able to type in 1 or more lines of information relating to the registration area of a event/venue/location that could stand out a little more than being in the body of the page.

> Ability to put our own External Form Link in the registration area (there is no registration system required for this site - we will use our own basic form).

> A small box on the side that will display the latest 5 locations/venues/events. This box should also be able to be put on other pages (via php include() or an iframe).

> This last feature was added after the quote was given but if it is possible to include then please add it to the system:

Incorporate a simple calendar into the system so that if there are any events, the system would add those events to the calendar. From the calendar, once a date is clicked by a user, the event information should display. We should be able to put the calendar on any php or html page as either an iframe or as a php include.

Thank you and we look forward to your bid.

Beceriler: PHP

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