515120 NFL Football Pool Modifications V3

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Hello I have a working Football Pick the Team website that needs some modifications and fixes for our 2nd season of use.

Description of the site: Users make picks based on the upcoming game. There is a clock that will lock all the picks so that no one can enter any picks for that week. This lock happens 1 hr before the first game that is entered on the admin side. The system calculates a pick % and generates a winner for the week. We have a tiebreaker question that we can enter a question and is added to the pick selection.

To see example

[url removed, login to view]



1. User hides picks, when the week locks, the picks were getting removed 1 hour after locked. I would have to manually go in and set the display of those users who had their picks hidden and make them [url removed, login to view] this wasn't done within the hour picks would get removed if you tried to make [url removed, login to view] supposed to be automatic. when picks lock all picks should be viewable.

Recreate issue: Select pics in any week, scroll down and you will see a check box for hiding pics.

2. TieBreaker points currently give 1 point for correct answer. Need to change it to 2 points

3. Add a N/A radio button to the tiebreaker answer (admin side). So it does not display when entering scores. admin-edit tiebreaker (see [url removed, login to view])

4. Log in as user, modify correct pick score to reflect spread win. Currently picks at a glance on the home page are incorrect. It should match correct picks number on results page. (see [url removed, login to view])

5. Displays wrong winner name on the results page.. error week 3.

6. Cutoff time column on the home page should display time for 1 hr before the current week's first game. (see [url removed, login to view])

7. add 3 bonus/tiebreaker question options boxes. Add the text Bonus Picks and Tiebreaker 2 Points!. These blocks should only appear if the admin enters info for them to be [url removed, login to view] will need a new page in the admin area called Edit Bonus (allow us to create questions for users to pick). Code is currently there for Edit Tiebreaker. So we just need to duplicate it and make whatever adjustments.(see image 7)

8. Add a new team called NFLMARK to be be added to the team drop down for picks. When selected a supplied NFLMARK helmet will appear. (see image 7 again)

9. Add point spread to results page to view easier. Add a new row called point spreads. It should display the fav team and the number. it can pull the number and fav from the picks page. Spreads work fine, we just need to visually display it on the results page as well. (see image [url removed, login to view])

10. User choose favorite team. Need to add a drop down in registration that allows user to select their favorite team.

11. quick pick button on the mark picks pages. Add the text quick picks with 3 buttons. Home (when pressed will select all the home teams) Visiors (will select all the visiting teams) Random ( will randomly select picks) see [url removed, login to view] *note image has picks allready made but form will have radio buttons.

12. playoff add 4 more weekly picks for playoffs. After week 17, we need to add 4 more picks pages. W=Wildcard P=Playoff C=Championship S=Superbowl. Each page should work like the other pages. The results of these new picks pages should also be displayed in the results pages. Calculations should continue to work. Pages should display corresponding name ex. Wildcard..etc. see [url removed, login to view]

I will expect daily communication through skype or email.

Tasks to be completed by 8/11/2011



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