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First off I wanted to explain what the site will be in lots of detail so there is a lot of information here. Also I am looking for bids for now with starting this project at the end of September early October

The game will be a online sticker album collection site where users will be able to collect virtual cartoons. I ask anyone that has interest in coding this I ask they have some experience in coding online games so they will have a rough idea. This site also will in future need to be able to hold mass amounts of users.


When you are logged out you will see all the login section on the right and a link to the forums and registration. You will also see a splash page image in the middle. This is basically a image a admin will be able to put there displaying all the latest toons that will come out. When a user logs in they will see info like the latest code, all the user info will be displayed at the top like Username;, Points:. And then the area to Redeem Codes:

And when users log in they will receive 200 points per day.


In here you will be able to buy all the toons in the game. On the shop homepage you will have a option to buy a Ctoon pack I have explained what this is below. They will cost 200 points and will give out item #1 to the first one sold and #100 to the 100th sold I will explain these numbers. You can search shops by sets say Johnny Bravo, Family Guy and so on. Also by item types say Animals, Aliens and so on. To the left of the pack on the shop homepage you will see a latest releases option. You will be able to click this to see the latest releases over the past week. It will display a list of all the toons. When you click one to the right of the list a small info card thing will pop out. It will display Toon Name: Picture: Set: Sub-Category:, Edition: Date Released: Total Released: Total Left: if none are left it will say expired and you will be unable to buy it but it will stay in the shop category just unable to buy it. When someone buys one if it is the 5th they get #5 if they buy 20th they get #20 and so on. This is to make even common toons rare. Basically every toon has a release ID so say I give Johnny Bravo C-toon 1-50 to stock and I buy the first and sixth I get #1 and #6. Then if a Ed C-toon is listed and buy the 3rd and 7th I get #3 an #7 for that C-toon.


After you have brought your pack you can open it from My Collection. These packs will be created from the admin panel. The packs will give out 6 random C-toons out of a selection picked in the admin panel for that pack series. Also there will be a 1-200 chance of getting a special golden C-toon. After opening a pack the pack is removed from your collection.


Create: You will first go to your collection and click the little hammer icon under one of your C-toons you will then go to this page. It will display Ctoon Name; and the image. You will then be able to pick a time from these options (15 mins, 30 mins, 1 hour, 2 hours, 4 hours, 6 hours. 8 hours. 12 hours, 1 day) And then enter a starting bid amount.

View: When viewing the auctions homepage you will have quite a few options Firstly at the top you will see options like My Auctions, My Ended Auctions, My Bids. Then under that you will be able to search by Sets, Sub-Categories and Type. And In under that you will see the most popular auction filling most of the page. It will have a most popular ribbon with a background image, In the middle will be a picture of the c-toon you can click it and it will take you to the auction. Basically this will display the C-toon that is going for the most amount of points in auctions currently. Also there will be a option to view auctions ending in 15 mins this is for quickfire auctions and when auctions hit 15 mins left they all show in here. This Is so you find ending auctions really fast and it is easier to bid to win faster.

Viewing Auction; To the left of the auction you will see the info like Current Bidder: Highest Bid: Next Bid: (5% increase on Highest Bid), Seller: then in the middle it will show a background and then the toon that is in auction with its name. To the top left of this will be the bid button and when the auction ends the bid button will de-activate and the middle image will have a closed ribbon added. Below this it will have a little chat area. It will display all the users in the auction and then you can chat with selected phases entered via the admin panel. You can also click any toon to make its info card pop up displaying this info. Toon Name: Image: Set: Sub-Category: Edition: Date Released: Total Released: Card No: # and a link to the owners list that will display all owners of that toon with links to their cWorlds.


A admin will be able to create codes in the admin area and would be able to put 1-2 toons to a code or 1 toon and some points or just points. As soon as a admin has created a code on the home page it would show the latest code and it would automatically update to the latest code. The users would then enter this in the code section on the top right of the screen and they would get the toons/points in their collection. 1 user can use the same code once. The card# still applies here but Total Released will just update on amount of times code was used.

Simple Games

The simple games would be like these

Random Points – A user would get between 100-400 points can be done once a day

Ed, Edd or Eddy? – A user would have 3 choices they can pick either Ed, Edd or Eddy and one would give the user 500 points, another 250 and the other none. These would be random and everytime would be different. Can be played once a day.

Higher or Lower – self explanatory user can cash out at any time the prize starts at 100 and increases 10% every time they are right. Gets harder by the right guesses. I will make some cartoon style cards for this user can play 3 times a day max prize 400


Collections would display a users toons and can be searched by Set, Sub-Category, Types, when you first view my collection it will display all the toons that you own (they will be done A-Z) by the Name an a picture (If you own more than 1 of a Toon they will be bunched together and display x2, x3 about that toon and so on) and below then will have 3 options Delete (deletes the toon), Sell, (opens auctions list page), Buy (goes to the shop to see if any are left), It will be a max of 15 toons on each page so if you own more it will go onto a 2nd page an so on. When you search via a set say I went to the Family Guy set and there were 20 toons an I owned 5 it would say You own 5 out of 20 and then below it would display the ones I had in Blue and the ones I did not have would still show but they would be slightly black and dim.


cWorlds are basically a place for users to be able to show off their C-toons. Basically each user will have one an will be able to place any toons on it and pick a background from a selection.

My Cworld: On this page you will be able to edit your Cworld. There will be a link to my collection an it will pop out. This will not have all the info from My Collection it will simply be able to be search by my collection and category and will just display images of the C-toons. On the My collection here if you decide not to search it goes A-Z. When you click a toon it will go onto your cWorld and you can click it to move it around and place it where you like in the middle of your cWorld Below this will be the Cworld chat with phrases selected from the admin panel. You can put up to 200 toons on your cWorld. You can also edit your cworld from this page also by moving toons about. You can right click on any C-toon to remove it or click a clear cWorld button. You will be unable to auction any toons that are on your Cworld. You can also change your background by clicking Change Background and a popup will load displaying 9 Backgrounds on each page. You can click one and your background updates.

View cWorlds: This will be the main hub for cWorlds in the middle you will be able to search a username and a popup will load displaying the username or usernames it found and you can click one to go to their cWorld. To the left of this it will show 10 Active users Cworlds and you can click them to go to their cWorlds if more users are active then they will be 10 random ones and when you view the page again they will be different. Also below that will be 10 most viewed cWorlds. These will be one by most views but they most be unique views 1 person cannot simply visit the same cWorld 50 times for it to count as 50. Each person only gets counted once per week.

View Users cWorld: Once you have loaded a users cWorld you will see a few options you will be able to view their collections via the Cworld pop-out collection but will be unable to click any of the toons since they are not yours but you will still be able to search through them the same way whilst the owner of they adds them to their cWorls. You will see their cWorld in the middle with the toons where they put them and the background they choose. Also the chat will show at the bottom with who is viewing the cWorld and phases chosen via admin panel for cWorlds. When you view someones cworld you get 10 points and so does the cWorlds owner with a max of 3k r day.

TRADING: This will be a trade board for the game and will simple be a place for users to sell toons. There will be a limit of 3 placings per day per user so activity can stay in the auctions. A user will be able to list up to 12 toons per trade listing and then users will be able to offer on them. When viewing the trade page and you see some listings when you move your cursor over a C-toon you will see this info. Say I listed a Johnny Bravo Edition 1 and it was #3 out of 50 it would show this Johnny Bravo (E1) (3/50) this makes it easier down the line when Edition 2 toons get added.

PMs: This is straight forward it is basically a messaging system where users can send other users pms. They will be able to be reported if the message is offensive and it will be flagged in the admin panel. When you get a new PM or trade offer you should be alerted by a notification.


Mods: Mods will see the basic staff fuctions

Reported PMs: They will be able to see all pms that have been reported

Warning; They will be able to send users official warnings

Ban: They will be able to ban users for up to 7 days if a perm ban is needed they would need to message a admin

Fines: They can fine a user up to 10k any more and they would need to message a admin.

Mass PM: They can pm all users at once with a update or to say a new code has been added or a event.

Active Code: Codes can be entered weeks in advance an if the admins are busy one night the mods will be able to activate them from here. They will expire 1 week later from time activate. If admin wishes them to be longe they will be able to edit it from the admin panel.

Auctions Logs: This will allow staff to look through auction logs and check to see if people have been cheating for points or not. Also the winners and sellers ips will be listed next to their names.

Admin: Admins will needed to have a separate admin password to view this section and cookies are deleted when you log out of the admin area.

Create Code: here a admin can create a code and select 1-2 toons per code, Points or 1 toon + points. The toons will need to be in the game first. Also admins can choose how long they want the code to last for and if they want it active now or not.

Edit Code: Here a admin can edit any code and make it active or expire it. Also can edit the toons or points it give if it has not been made active yet. Also they can set the time for it to be active 1 day-6 months.

Create Set: Here a admin can create a new set

Create Sub-Category: Here a admin can create a new Sub-Category

Add Toon: Here a admin can create a new toon would need to enter this info Set:, Sub-Category, Total Released, Edition the date will be done by the current date. Also can choose if it goes active now or later. At the bottom there will be a option on if it will be a shop toon or code toon.

Active Toons: This will stock the shops of the new toons all will go into the shops at once. All expired toons and Code Toons will not go into the shops.

Edit Splash Image; Here the admins will be able to edit the splash image on the homepage.

Double Pts: Here you will be able to edit the games to give out double pts for the day.

Auctions Logs: This will allow staff to look through auction logs and check to see if people have been cheating for points or not. Also the winners and sellers ips will be listed next to their names.

Also all mod options will be in here with the abilty to Un-Ban and without the limits mods have.

Add Chat Phrases: Here you will add chat Phrases and and choose if you wish to add them to cWorlds, Trade, Auctions, Live Trades or all.

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