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PHP Datagrid Spreadsheet ( Ajax or Applet )


This is a re-post of the project, as it was unsuccessfully completed the first time.

We are looking for a PHP Module ( possibly with supporting Java/script ) to create a crosstab/XY/Spreadsheet/Data Grid editable data form, from a mysql data set.

The module/form will provide the ability for simple data ( strings, numbers, enumerated types ), to be presented in a spreadsheet format, edited, and saved.


Col1 Col2 Col3

Row1 Value1 Value2 Value3

Row2 Value4 Value5 Value6

Row3 Value7 Value8 Value9

The application will call the module using a simple interface, for example

sql => ' select row_id, row_value, column_id, column_value, cell_id, cell_value from dataset'

row_id_field => 'row_id'

row_value_field => 'row_value'

col_id_field => 'column_id'

column_value_field => 'column_value'

cell_id => 'cell_id'

cell_value => 'cell_value'

Data will be presented in a Grid, using an AJAX or applet component. Where possible the solution should re-use an open source Ajax or applet component.

The Solution should be able to support up to 1000 rows and 1000 columns, and hence support selective/subset data fetching and managing.

This is critical to the design, as paging of html pages is not appropriate for this application, and the user must be able to navigate all of the data set,

possibly with slight delays as the interface loads/caches appropriate sections of the data set.

The component/resulting HTML output will support CSS, and the solution must demonstrate how to use CSS to style the output.

An example CSS/html style will be provided which the solution must be configured to mimic .

Four example data sets will be provided and used as test data to confirm successful delivery.

The module should also optionally cope with grouped columns and grouped headings. eg.

<--Group1--> <--Group2-->

Col1 Col2 Col3 Col4

Group3 Row1 Value0 Value1 Value2 Value3

Group3 Row2 Value4 Value5 Value6 Value7

Group4 Row3 Value8 Value9 ValueA ValueB

Group5 Row4 ValueC ValueD ValueE ValueF

sql => ' select row_id, row_value, row_group, column_id, column_value, column_group, cell_id, cell_value from dataset'

row_id_field => 'row_id'

row_value_field => 'row_group, row_value'

col_id_field => 'column_id'

column_value_field => 'column_group, column_value'

cell_id => 'cell_id'

cell_value => 'cell_value'

( See Example 4 in the Test Examples ).

Attached Files

[url removed, login to view] : Example Dataset ( SQL dump from mysql )

[url removed, login to view] : 4 examples/tests that correspond to the provided dataset

[url removed, login to view] : a phpmyedit page and css and screen dump showing the styling required ( although this is not in a spreadsheet/data grid form )

Notes :

This project will require the use of data caching/fetching in a structured way to support large data sets on a single web page.

The use of a component such as Sigma Grid or sheetster ( [url removed, login to view] ) will be necessary.

The project will be split into 3 phases

i) Architecture/Proposal : Successful candidate identifies the solution, and explains the method of implementation, and identifies that they understand the requirement, and have proposed a solution that will be fit for purpose.

ii) Implementation of the first example ( without styling ), confirming ability to display and present data successfully.

iii) Implementation of remaining three examples/tests and css rendering.

iv) Provision of Code, and assistance with implementation of on our servers.

Project Terms.

We will pay 20% on successful conclusion of phase i), 30% on phase ii), 30% on phase iii) and 20% on phase iv).

There will be no up front payments until completion of the first phase ( we have been burnt with a lack of understanding, promises and a lack of delivery already - sorry).

Successful bids will include an understanding of the need/requirements, and a clear understanding on how this will be delivered.

Beceriler: AJAX, Java, MySQL, PHP

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