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201379 Fishing Social Network Maps

System Overview:

The goal of the project is to have a comprehensive social network community based on users plotting spots on lakes, rivers or coastal waters where they caught a fish(es). Each spot, called a MapMark, will have information about the catch (Username (hard coded from login), Date, Time, Fish Type, Depth, Lure Name, Picture upload, Video link to [url removed, login to view], and GPS Long/Lat). The system will allow users to login to the system and along with adding MapMarks for fish caught, also establish (buddy) Groups, where they can invite people or allow people to join their group. When a user is part of a group they will be notified of all new MapMarks or blog entities from the group via an email. The system will also provide the users that are logged in a list of their fishing spots (this will be derived from their previously placed MapMarks) to view via quick hyperlinks. The system will allow users to save MapMarks either private or public, the private MapMarks will only be seen by the specific user logged in. The public MapMarks will be viewable by any user whether logged in or not. The public MapMarks will allow other users to see where fish are being caught. Overall, the system will be a great resource and tool for all levels of fishing enthusiasts.

The mapping system will leverage the Google Map API currently available through Google. The social application should be developed in one of the open source tools such as Joomla, Drupal, Plone or others using the latest technologies (Ajax, PHP, MySQL, etc). The speed and performance of the system is key to the success of the project, so building a tight system that is fast is paramount. Further details and specifications on the system are below.

Main Interface:

The main homepage should begin with a large satellite-view Map of the United States (other continents will be hyper-linked along bottom in small text and these links will go directly to maps centered on the following geographies: Africa, Europe, South America, Asia, and Australia. This will allow users from other countries to quickly zoom to their specific geography.

Zoom Map: The functionality of the map is very important. The map should zoom in by double clicking on the map, creating a square zoom box on the map, or by using the drop down zoom menus which will be on the upper part of the map. The menus will allow users to quickly zoom to geography: state, city (will require a state selected), GPS fields: long/lat

o State: zone to include a close up of the full state

o City: zoom to level of a standard Google map when searching for a city (eg. San Francisco)

o GPS: Longitude and Latitude field -- zone to the exact location at a high detail level

o Include on the top of a map a free search field so users can search by lake name in conjunction with selecting a state or city as a filter (if possible)


Allow for users to filter MapMarks created by the user logged in or by MapMarks created by other members. If the user is logged in, the filter function should allow a user to only filter their respective MapMarks or the full community of MapMarks (this can be depicted by having two radio buttons in the filters area just below the map indicating (“MyMapMarks Only” or “Full Community”). Other quick filters will include State, City, Fish Type, and Lure Type (these filter categories could be along the bottom of the map).

o State: Zoom to the state level and only show MapMarks in that State

o City: Zoom to the city level and only show MapMarks in and around the specific City

o Fish Type: Only show the MapMarks (globally) for the selected fish type

o Lure Type: Only show the MapMarks (globally) for the selected lure type

Adding MapMarks:

The system should not allow users to add MapMarks until city level or less (have Add MapMark button appear when the user is at the appropriate zoom level). The MapMarks displayed on the map should be small dots at the country and state level, as the user zooms in the MapMarks should change in appearance indicating they are clickable. The MapMarks should be rather small in size (the preference is to use squares for the clickable MapMarks) allowing for dozens in a specific area of a body of water without blotting out the body of water.

Allow users to place a MapMark on the map as follows:

• if logged in, the user will only be required to enter the data fields (see below)

• if not logged in, user will be required to log in first, then enter data (see below)

• if the users is not registered, they will need to register with the following required fields:

• username

• password

• email

• zip

• The user will have the option to also enter: address, city, state, zip, country

• Once the user fills the fields and hit submit an E-mail will be sent to the users E-mail account in this E-mail there will be an activate account link. After clicking this link the user will then be able to log in

• Once the user has registered in the system, then they will be able to enter the data for the MapMark

• The data entry to add a MapMark can be dealt with through a pop-up window from a point where the MapMark was placed or in a static side window

• When a user clicks on already created MapMark a bubble window should display the data from this MapMark (Username, Date, Time, Type, Depth, Lure, Description, GPS, Photo)

o Field Entries for MapMark (When making a MapMark, capture the following data):

o Username: (hardcoded from login) auto-required

o Date: (10-01-07) required

o Time: (07:00am -) required

o Type: (drop down menu – admin controlled, allow users to enter free text and/or select from pre-populated list) required

o Depth: (feet) required

o Lure Name: (free text with drop down menu to pre-populated names) required

o Picture upload: (standard file selection box and upload button, have system compress picture down to 20K size) optional

o Description: text field with limit of 1000 characters - optional

o Video: address link to YouTube optional

o GPS fields: (auto fill long and lat fields from pointer click, or allow user to fill in the fields, once filled in, mark is automatically placed on Map) auto-required


Allow for MapMarks to be different colors for seasons (winter, grey; spring, green; summer, red; fall, orange)

• Date cut range for seasons:

• Winter December 22 – March 21

• Spring March 22 – June 21

• Summer June 22 – September 21

• Fall September 22 – December 21


The system should include a top and bottom graphical advertising window; and Google Adsense on far right side (similar to Google mail). A small advertising window will also appear on lower left corner of map. The graphical advertising windows on the top and bottom could also include Google Adsense. On the main interface and subsequent pages the adverting should appear in four locations (top, bottom, side and map). The map advertisement may not appear on each page since not all pages will display a map image.

Top Dropdown Menus:

Dropdown menus on top should be placed just below the header advertisement and will include Groups, Fishing Contests, Baitshops, About Us, Info, Support, MyFish, Login:

• Groups – the menu option under this dropdown are below:

o Create Group -- allow users to create groups, when a users creates a group request the following fields to be completed:

 Name of Group; (recommend to user to use the name of the lake in the group)

 Geographical Area: (a user can enter a state, city so other users can search for groups in their respective geography)

 Fishing Type: Freshwater, Saltwater or Both

 Fish Type: All types, Muskie, Northern Pike, Sunfish, SeaBass, etc

 Public or Private: Public (any user can join this type of group) Private Group (user can join a group on permission from group creator or by invitation by group creator)

 Invite Users: screen will appear where the group creator can enter E-mail address of friends and also a text field so they can draft the email that will be sent out

 The group creator will be able to remove users from a group through an interface under MyFish dropdown menu

o Search for Group (allow user to select by Name of Group, Geographical Area, Fishing Type, Fish Type – these should be dropdown menus but also allow for user to enter free text). If the user finds a Group they like, they can click on the group and have option to join if Public or request to join if the Group is Private

• Fishing Contests: Include a fishing contest page within the social network for specific fish that are caught during a week. We would like to be able to set up a series of contests (probably 3-4 per week) based on fish type. Free fishing reels will be provided for the winner of these contests. An admin screen will need to be build to allow the system administrator to start a contest, remove users and establish dates for a contest.

o To participate in the contest, the user needs to establish a MapMark on the system during that participate week.

o For a user to be entered into the contest they will need to include their full address in their profile to complete an entry.

o A user who enters a MapMark and does not include a photo with the MapMark will not be entered in the contest.

o A user is only allowed to enter one contest at time (the user should be able to select a radio button to enter a contest when entering a MapMark)

• Bait Shops – Allow BaitShop owners to add their store location by filling out a form with address information and once submitted a BaitShopMark will appear on the map

o The menus under this dropdown should be as follows:

 Add MyBaitShop – bring up a screen to allow user to enter name, address, city state, zip, country, phone, website and photo (Submit Button)

 Search for BaitShop – allow user to search for baitshops by Store Name, State, City, and Country or by using free text in the Store Name field

• About Us – Information about the social site

• Info – Fishing links, DNR, fishing associations, etc.

o The drop down menus should be as follows:

 DNR Sites – a list of all DNR sites for each state or country

 Fish Type Information – screen with drop down menu with all fish types, once a fish is selected a screen will appear with photo, data, information on fish type

 Fish Calculator – length, girth, and type -- returns value in lbs and grams

 RSS to fishing news – list of global fishing news

• Support- How to do things, FAQ

o The drop down menus should be as follows:

 Instructions on how to use system – Entering a MapMark, Creating a Group, Administering groups, Joining a Fishing Contest, Changing my Profile, etc (all text with hyperlinks)

 FAQ – brings users to list of questions that are hyper linked to answers lower in the document page (all text with hyperlinks)

 Support – bring up a page for all users to send questions. The form page should include: E-mail address, subject and a free text field with a send button

• MyFish – MyProfile (user information, email, address, etc), MyLakes (last ten lakes, were they left MapMarks) , MySpots (log of all MapMarks), MyFFP, (total FFP - frequent fishing points), MyGroups (list of groups the user has joined, allow user to unjoin a group here)

• The dropdown menu should include the following:

o MyProfile: username, email zip (required) address, city, state, zip, country (optional). List of groups the user has joined (allow user to unjoin from a group on this screen)

o MyLakes – if it is possible to list the lake where a user has MapMaps, this list could be hyperlinked to take you to the map of the lake (we might have to remove this feature due to difficulty)

o MySpot - would be a list of all MapMarks entered on the system, this list would be sorted by date entered with a secondary spot by description of the MapMark (this list will be hyperlinked allowing the user to go directly to the MapMark location on the map)

o MyFFP: this screen would total the number of MapMark entries and number of their friends who have joined, screen should include a button called REDEEM POINTS, this will display the 3-5 free lure options, the user can select the radio button and hit the NEXT Button, the next screen will be display the users address from the Profile, they can add address or edit it and then proceed to hit SUBMIT button.

 MyFFP System:

• The system should provide a points system for users who enter MapMarks or get their friends to join the social network. The points will be totaled under the MyFish menu under the selection MyFFP. The points will be allocated as follows: one point for E-mail address that joins the [url removed, login to view] social network, 1 point for each MapMark added to the map without a picture and 2 points for MapMarks with a picture.

• Max 3 MapMarks entries per day; total of 7 per week

o MyGroups – this would provide a list of all groups a user has joined, the user should be able to remove from a group from this screen

o Login – Where a user registers or logs in

 User can enter username/screen-name and password, we will also want to set up the system so if the user has forgotten the password, they can click on FORGOT PASSWORD link, user enters E-mail address; username and password are sent to the users E-mail account.

Bottom Menu (just above the footer advertisement window):

• About US – text about [url removed, login to view] Network (just text and HTML)

• Report Issue – allow users to report a problem user or data point (include a field where user can enter subject and free text and submit button)

• Comments/Feedback – if clicked, bring user to a screen where they can enter Comments/Feedback in a free text window with submit button

• Contact Us – display a screen with PO Box, address, state, zip, and screen with E-mail address, subject and free text with send button)

Other Necessary Features:

• Don't allow users to add point on land, only on blue water (if possible)

• During users set up ask to integrate with GMAIL, YahooMail, etc, to pull address list. (users will get a point per person from their contacts that sign up for the system)

• Allow users to highlight a lake area in a box on the map and all MapMarks enter in this area and Email will be sent to this user with a hyper link to this MapMark

o Allow for creation of Group based on geographical box (a specific geographical area on the map)

• Also, if too many MapMarks in a small geographic area first filter by season and then just list the last five MapMarks

• Also allow users to get notified via E-mail of all new postings to a Group they have joined

• Add cellular phone input; GPS entry (if possible), user could go back and add information later once logged in; cellular phone MapMark could be left open for anyone to complete up to 7 days, otherwise the Mark will disappear, another option could be for a user to send a text message or email with the username in the subject.

• Also build into the system an interface to administer the full database/system to delete users, delete information, modify points on the map, manage users who redeem points for FFP program, and also an email module so users are able to receive emails automatically to and from the Groups.

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