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476829 Members Area with Account Registration and Client Login

We are looking for a professional team to develop clean scripting/code for a fully functional member area with registration/client login functions, to be integrated into our website that is currently under construction.

You must know well PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, Programming, Scripting, Coding, and any other scripting/language/code necessary to complete the project. You must have a portfolio of work that can be verified and shown to us that includes creating a registration/client login process. Please do not reply to this posting if you do not have the experience needed to set up these features and functions. It is preferable/recommended that you have some experience working with real estate websites.

We will provide any assistance needed to view any of the website server files as necessary to complete the project, including FTP access if necessary.

Our current website is still under construction and many of the basic functions are not functional, but are in the process of being created. We will act as lead manager between you and the other designers/contractors working on this website, and coordinate communications between all parties.

We are currently working with a MySQL database that is updated at regular intervals throughout the day and includes more than 25,000 records or “Homes”, also called Houses, Properties, or Listings.

We will create the table in our MySQL database to store the visitor registration immediately upon receiving the specs from you, and provide access to the database as required.

We recommend that you check out the following websites and go through the registration process, save listings, save searches, etc. to see the entire functions and process as it applies to a real estate website.

1. AtlantaLuxuryHomesOnline dot com: Features named “Add to Favorites” prior to registration and “Your Favorites” after registration, and “Your Account” after registration

2. TheJills dot com

The overall process is as follows:

1. Visitor searches for a Home using our Quick Search or Advanced Search.

2. Prior to submitting the Search, the visitor should be able to Save the Search Criteria to their “Account”, which should (a) setup system-generated automatic notifications when new/available Homes match their Search Criteria, (b) allow the visitor to Change the Search Criteria, or Remove/Unsubscribe the Search from their Account.

3. From the Search Results page, the visitor should be able to select one Home to view at a time, (although we are creating another project posting in a few days that will allow the visitor to select and compare homes side by side, but that function is not required as part of this posting).

4. From the Search Results page, the visitor should be able to choose a one or more Homes to Save to their “Favorites” by clicking on a button or graphic image. Saving Favorites or Favorite Homes is different than saving “Searches” which contain Search Criteria and allows them to repeat the same Search(es) at any later date.

5. Upon successful saving of a Search to their Account, an email should be auto-generated and sent to our Admin email account, address to be provided.

6. From the Home Details page, the visitor should be able to Save the Home to their Favorites by clicking on a button or graphic image.

7. Upon successful saving of a Home to their Favorites, an email should be auto-generated and sent to our Admin email account, address to be provided.

8. Once visitor has Saved one or more Homes to their Favorites, the visitor should be able to click on a link or button, we will add to the Header of all pages on our site, that links to the list of Homes that they have Saved as Favorites.

9. Saved Homes “Favorites” should display on our Search Results; It not necessary to create a separate page to display favorites.

10. With the Account setup, Searches and Homes Saved, the visitor should be able to edit their Login and Personal Information, the Search Criteria, the frequency of the email updates they are to receive, Unsubscribe from a Saved Search, Unsubscribe completely from our website, or Sign Out of the website, which would then require them to use their login to continue to save searches or homes to their Account or Favorites.

11. Auto-generated email notifications should be sent to us each time a registered visitor performs an action within their Account, or adds or deletes a Favorite from the Favorites.

Pages, Pop Up Boxes, and Notification function that must be provided for successful completion of project:

1. Login/Registration pop up box

2. Account Manager/Details page

3. Welcome page

4. Saved Home confirmation, pop up box

5. Saved Search confirmation, pop up box

6. User Account “Signed out” page

7. Admin login with rights to view all accounts and details

8. System Auto-generated email notifying us of account registration

[url removed, login to view] Auto-generated email notification to registered user when a new Home matches their search criteria

Login/Registration pop up box:

1. When a visitor clicks on a Login or Register link, a pop up box should appear, similar to the one here: AtlantaLuxuryHomesOnline dot com.

2. To view the pop up box on the above website, go to the website and follow these directions:

a) Click on “Sign In” link at the uppermost right area of the home page

b) Click on “Click to Register” and the pop up box will appear

c) Click on the top link, “Already signed up? Login in here” or “<back to registration” link to toggle back and forth between the login box and the registration box.

d) Box must be the same or similar dimensions and include the same links and fields as in the example provided.

e) Box should include a checkbox option to “Remember” the visitor; text similar to “Remember me next time!” which will remember their login information the next time they visit our site.

f) Box must include error message if incorrect information is entered.

Account page must include:

1. Personal and Login Information

2. Function to Change Current Password to New Password

3. Saved Searches also called “Listing Email Updates”

4. List of the currently Saved Homes “Favorites” with image, brief information, date added to Favorites, rating, and comments. We are not sure, but we think the rating and comments functions are functions included on the Search Results page and Home/Property Details page. We need to research this more. We would like the visitor to be able to roll over 5 empty stars, choosing to rate the Home/Property with 1-5 stars and we would like the ability to allow the visitor to click to open a small text bubble/box to add some comments about the Home/Property ONLY viewable to the creator of the “star” ratings and/or comments. Others should NOT be able to see the ratings and comments that others have added to the Home/Property. Through our Admin access, we should be able to see their ratings and comments.

5. “Sign Out” page

Administrator Functions:

1. Access to all registered visitor Account information, including ability to edit their Accounts

2. Ability to Manually add Accounts (Visitors/Users)

3. Display all registered visitors

4. Display recent visitors (Dates & Times)


1. The only security that is required is a password protected Account area.

2. We are taking very limited personal information, so we don't believe that there is a need to use advanced authentication like SSL, but we will consider any suggestions .

3. There are no transactions requiring consideration taking place on the site, so it does not need to be secured like traditional shopping cart with a payment system/gateway.

4. The registration page must include Captcha or some similar form of challenge-response test.

Our requirements are as follows:

1. Project must be started within two business days of accepting the quote and completed within approximately 30 days or less from start date.

2. We MUST own 100% of the work that is generated through this project, i.e. Code, Scripts,

3. Programmer(s) must speak English and work with us closely, provide updates, and must be easily contacted by phone, email or Skype.

4. To avoid misunderstandings and wasted time, we need to approve major functions throughout the process to be assure the process and make any required changes.

5. Overall project must be similar to the AtlantaLuxuryHomesOnline dot com process or include enhancements to their process.

6. To install the finished code or assist us, or our designated web designer/contractor, in installing the code to our web server pages.

7. Registration: full registration, login functions, notifications, and admin access

a) Must have admin login interface/page for us to view individual account information

b) Login pop up box, if new account, link to Account Registration page

c) Registration page

d) Save Homes/Properties/Listings to Favorites

e) Save Favorites/Searches to Account

f) Forgot password recovery

g) Change/Reset password

h) Error messages, either dialog boxes or pages

All work

1. Must be verified by our designers to assure that it conforms to the specs agreed upon.

2. Must conform to W3C standards and pass validation 100% unless there is an acceptable explanation provided as to why you deviated from standards.

3. Any and all work must be SEO-friendly where applicable.

4. We must be able to use Dreamweaver to edit the work, so our staff can make adjustments afterward

Any other items that arise between the awarding of this project and the actual start of the project should be brought to our attention before beginning the project.

Any items that arise after the project is started will need to be discussed, but should not cause a delay in the progress of completing the project. Any decisions that are brought to our attention and need to be decided by us will be made within 24 hours of the item/issue being brought to our attention. We will be available almost 24/7 throughout the project.

We would appreciate any and all feedback from you throughout the entire project to ensure that we are working in the most timely and cost effective manner.

Thank you in advance for considering our project.

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