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480221 Myspace Mobsters Spreadsheet Site - Updates/Upgrades

READ ME: You MUST be familiar with coding glitches, etc. for the Myspace Mobsters application to bid on this project. We will NOT provide example scripts, etc. to get you started. Payment will be through ScriptLance Escrow ONLY. No "Place Holder" bids, this is NOT "first come first served". We do have a deadline but will wait for the right programmer to come along. Due to the nature of the Mobsters Community, a standard 5 year NON-DISCLOSURE/NON-COMPETITION AGREEMENT is required to land this project. You MUST write AND speak fluent English - We will require communication via phone or Skype & I have a hearing problem, it's very hard for me to understand accents, sorry! If you have an issue with any of this, please do not bid. Thank you!


[url removed, login to view] is in need of rebuild, upgrades & repairs as outlined below; can be discussed in detail via PMB.

The spreadsheet itself:

* Needs at least 2 design options, "Add Train" style and standard Spreadsheet

* 3 level priority sorting - High, Medium, Low

* Needs to be able to switch between design options with the click of a "button".

* Current (and future) Themes need to be compatible with all design options.

* Needs to store the last used design option and theme in a cookie for future visits.

* Needs to be able to store & display (on mouse over, etc.) notes on a target that can be updated from the "Admin Center".

* Needs to calculate "Total Stats" including (but not limited to):

- Total Targets

- Total bounty amount (of all targets)

- Total cash spent via Mass Murder (Both for the user logged in & in totality)

- Total kills, fights won/lost, any other changes in stats

+ Individual reporting for each target as well as the spreadsheet as a whole

- Average Bounty, Cash & Deaths

* Stats display tool need to be repaired, mainly just the "Vital Stats" (toolbar) section. Should be redesigned to match the rest of the site.

The Add Train after logging in via javascript and/or form submission needs the following:

* Auto-send friend requests to all members on the add train not currently on the friends list.

* Search friends list & send mob requests as necesary.

* Upgrade login system to include multi-user access, sessions stored in cookies & easy management via Admin Center.

Chat feature:

* TinyChat integration is already in place, need an option to seemlessly switch between TinyChat and a XAT chatroom the client provides via the Admin Center (copy/paste embed code).

Admin Center:

* Redesigned to look more professional.

* Flowthrough needs updating for usability/user friendly purposes.

* Must contain controls for all features both existing & new.

* Password reset with captcha & IP logging.

* Store login in cookie (Remember Me)

* Store session in cookie

* Upgrade save/reload function to be single click

* Add target or boss seemlessly, move up or down with the click of a button.

Mass Murder (Auto-Hitlist):

* Needs to be completely redesigned, including an updated login system with form submission and javascript login options.

* Following limits required:

- By level (high & low)

- By bounty (high & low)

- By priority (High, Medium, Low)

- Maximum cash spent

* Check if target is "alive" prior to listing, display message if "dead" or already on the list.

New "Members Only" Features:

* Auto Punch/Attack/Hitlist that will run as long as the page is open in the clients browser (2hr timeout).

* Bounty hunter - with configurable level limits, etc.

* Mob property calculator / buyer

* BETA Mission Tool

* iPhone Mission Tool

* Joomla Integration - should be used as the basic site design as we figure it'd be the easiest way to incorporate a CMS (open to other USER FRIENDLY options - No Drupal, the admin section is not user friendly at all)

Email - Webmail (cPanel?):

* Give members an email address when added as a user.

- Can add additional emails once logged in as a member, maximum of 50 per member.

* Email can NOT be deleted even if the member is.

* Auto-installation (and initial upgrade script) should install predefined email filters to block certain types of mail.

* Should utilize RoundCube or similar. NO SquirrelMail, or other antique systems.


* Stores system-wide usage stats displaying the first part of the Warlists URI responsible.

* Ranking (Top 20) mobs

- Most cash spent

- Most kills delivered via Mass Murder

- Most losses given (fights)

- Most kills NOT using Mass Murder

- Should log when a Warlist is "cleared" (reset) to signify the end of a war & resume logging if the war is reloaded.


* Seemless deployment, need to be able to launch updates system wide with the click of a button. We do use cPanel Jailshell & all "Warlists" are on their own account, currently done via each account FTPing to a central account, downloading a tarball & extracting but open to any options.

* Auto-setup via WHMCS

* Must be suPHP complaint

Extended Support:

Upgrades/minor changes to adapt to any Myspace/Playdom changes that impact site functionality (time limit acceptable as long as clearly stated).

Script should NOT be obfuscated or encrypted in any way.

There is a fully functional DEMO Warlist setup for this project that will function as the sandbox. URI will be given upon request via PMB. You will have FTP and SSH access, root access to the server upon proper justification. Please include estimated completion timeframe in initial PMB contact.

We WILL be posting projects for other games in the future & the successful bidder will have "first dibs".

Thank you!

Beceriler: Javascript, PHP

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