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481268 PHP Web based aplication

What i need is an PHP based web Aplication. The Core functions are:


1. - User Management with 3 different roles

1.1 Admin

1.2 Worker

1.3 Customer

So i need User Management with password, username, email, role, remember password.


2. - Dynamic Form Generator. Possible Data Types are:

2.1 Image Upload

2.2 Text Area

2.3 Input Field


3. - Worker Section

3.1 Project overview

3.2 Fill generated forms

3.3 Statistic function / Counter


4. - Customer Section

4.1 Project overview

4.2 Output Section

4.3 Statistic function / Counter


5. - Admin Section

5.1 Form Creator

5.2 User Management

5.3 Project Management

5.4 Template Management

5.5 Statistic function / Counter


Project description:

It is an smal full dynamicly web based aplication. For better understanding, it is an Worker

Script. Admin will create an dynamic form with different fields. So it is for Products. So

fileds that required are: product picture, product name, product description and product

values / atributes like color, size and other.

So after admin has created an form for an project, he will add it to an worker. Now the

worker will logged in in the worker section and see his referred Projects (forms).

Every form is one single project. A worker can have many projects and every project can

have more than one worker.

The Worker will fill the form with the informations and pictures he has become from the

project manager. Mostly hardcopy catalogs or cd´s. Everytime he will send an form, it will be

cleared and the artikel will be insert into a table in database.

Is one project finished, admin will check the data, and linked the ready project to an template

and the Template to an Customer.

The Customer will get an E-Mail so he knows his Project is ready. No he logged in to his desk,

and see his ready projects. He can output the ready product templates and use the html code on

his Website.


Project requirements:

1. User administartion:

This section will be placed in the admin panel.

I want a single login Site for all users.

They will redirected automaticly to they role place.

So if they have role = 1.1 - after login will redirected to admin section

1.2 - after login will redirected to worker section

1.3 - after login will redirected to customer section

Tehre is no registration site becaus admin managed all users. User cant change her

e-mail, password or username. Admin manage all User.


2. Dynamic Form Generator: (core aplication)

This is an important part of the script. Admin can create a new form for worker.

Later the worker fill all the forms / projects sorted to him.

The important thing on this function is, if admin created a new field, he must be

able to setup: output name for worker, variable for tamplate (need for output).

So for example, i create a new form and start with an image upload field.

I add the needed field to the form and set 2 values (can be 2 input fields)

Value 1: Name for User (for example product picture)

Value 2: variable (for example: prpic1)

Same with text areas and input fields. We need the vars later for output. In Output

for the template we change the variable in the xhtml template with the data from database

wich is sorted to this var. So for example in the template is an var like:

{prpic1} {prpic2} {prpic3} {prdescription} {prvalue1} {prvalue2}

The form must full dynamicly so admin can create multiple image fileds, text areas and

input fields as needed for the project.

After creation the form, there must be an table for this form. Every form must have an

unice name for sort to customerprojects and worker.

Also it must be an point in the creation progress, where i can gave an instruction to

this form / sheet for the worker. So he know what to do in this Project.

a text area wich acept html code (content writen to database table) is needed.

Important, for every new datasheet must be create a new table and folder for pictures.

For pictures i want a resize funktion so there is an max. size. So admin can control

that no picture is to big for output. Also a rename is possible: [url removed, login to view],

[url removed, login to view] .............. allowed jpg - jpeg - png - gif


3. Worker section:

3.1 After a worker has logge in, he will find an overview to the projects sorted to him.

If he choose a project for his work, he will get an instruction read from database.

We have write it in the last step in form creation. I want automaticly a Checkbox

bellow the Instruction. So worker must confirm that he has understand the Project.

A Start buton open the generated form.

3.2 Now the Worker can start his input and collect

data to the database. If he filled all fields from the form, bellow is a checkbox

for example, i have checked my input. If checked, he can send his form.

The data will be written in to the databse and associated with the vars.

The form will be cleared and the worker can fill it with the next product.

Every product wil be written in the same table (new row)

3.3 We must count the products, sortet to the worker who added it. Becaus the user will

get his money for every product he has added. So send must have a manipulation

defense (double klick / multiple klick defense)

Also i want a point in Worker section where user can see his statistics for his

projects. Single and Total / month.


4. Customer section:

4.1 Here Customer can see and chose his ready projects and projects in progress.

He can chose a project he want for output.

4.2 Customer became a list with his chosen project. Best way i think is:

thumbnail --> product name -- >> preview button -->> copy to clippboard button.

He can use the preview opened in a new-, popup- or lightbox windows and see

the ready product with pictures and filled vars.

With an click to the copy button, he can copy full html code to the clipboard.

IMPORTANT all adresses must be dynamicly full written in copyed html code.

so for example: [url removed, login to view] becaus it will be tranfer to

ebay and other platforms.

4.3 Also i want a point in Customer section where user can see statistics for his

ready marked projects. and Status for open / active projects. Single and Total.


5. Admin Section:

5.1 Form Creator (see at top point 2.)

5.2 User Management (see at top point 1.)

5.3 Project Management:

- associate forms / projects to worker (s)

- associate ready projects to template

- Set status to projects (in progress / ready)

5.4 Template Management

- list xhtml templates from database (with preview)

- upload new xhtml templates to database (paste html code in an text area)

- delete xhtml templates from database

- change xhtml templates from database

It is only an easy function to write Templates into Database and manage them without

an extra tool like navicat or phpMyAdmin.

5.5 Statistic function / Counter

- statistic for worker (counts sorted by projects)

- Login Statistik with date / timestamp / duration per day / month / year

- statistic for projects sorted by customer / month / year


After Team meeting and analyse we think it is an small project what can be finished in one or

two days 10 - 15 hrs. + tolerance. You will need PHP 5, an dynamicly language for the forms like

javascript / ajax and a good base structure for the database.

Easyer i think is an ready Interface like [url removed, login to view]

I dont ned an complicated graphics layout,

becaus this is an script for worker. It must have functions.

A developer with good javascript / ajax skills will create his own INterface

(call it GUI / API / Framework if u want) in a few minutes.

So modern look with no graphics is what i want. Also i think an interface like the called will

make your job easyer and you will be more flexible to add and create functions.

I want an install tutorial for easy install on ny server i want.

Advantageous for both is an small web based installer.

please not the output must be valid xhtml so think about, the worker inputslike

german ulauts and signs like &%$§...... that must be convert in valid sings before write in database.


After payment, the script will be the own of me.

I has the right to use / sell / resell without backlinks to coder.

You hafe the right to use your code for other projects and set me to your references.

I iam hapy with your work, i will have a lot of more projects in future.

Thank you for your interest and so i hope for a great business relationship.

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