522151 PHP-Work and integrate/start a flashgame in joomla

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You need mysql, PHP, joomla and a bit javascript/openlayer skills to solve the needed task:

We need someone who can code for us in PHP some “check ups” for our game. After the check up and data saveing the flashgame should start into our joomla, after the game is over some data needed to be write back in database.

After pressing the “Play”-Button in a POPUPBox done with (jacascript/openlayer) the a PHP-Script start:

Make sure that:

Playing games must be only possible when a user is logged in as a “player”. All others get the message “you need to be registered and login as player to play with this location”

When user is registered as player, check if he already won at this location (database won 1/0). If yes, message > "Sorry, you have already won at this location. Next gameplay will be possible in "30" days (remaining after date og last game won)".

If the user has not won, check how often he has played to day at this location. Make sure that the player is only able to play a game three times a day. If he played 3 times a day, make database entry "queue" 1/0. Message: Sorry, you've played three times today". Game is playable again in 24 hours. (remaining time after last play).

enough credits in database? yes ? subtract “needed credits” from amount in database, if not “Sorry, no games available at this time”

Load/Start the Flashgame

The Game needes variables “username”, “time”, “date”

After the game is over the varibales “username”, “time”, “date”, “won”, “lost”, “gamename”, “score”, “time” will be provided.

Make sure that all data will be saved in database.

If the player has won, your PHP is calling another PHP-Script.

I guess we need two tables:

One for the game (global)-statistik, counting all together, this data will be displayed in entry of map)

One for the user, containing each gamename, howmany times played, time, date, won/lost

We have a budget of 150$ for that.

Don't bid if you can't start immediately. No payments if the job is not done.

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