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We need a web directory [url removed, login to view] below is the features of the software.

General features:

1- It supports category and subcategory.

2- It is completely search engine friendly and the pages can easily been crawled by search engines spiders.

3- It automatically adds extra pages to categories or subcategories when the number of links exceeds from the number that is allowed for links on each page (for example 50 links);

How it works:

1- Webmasters sign up for an account. A verification emails is sent to them and they verify their account.

2- They login and submit their websites links: URL, title, description and choose the related category and subcategory.

3- They system generates a piece of code which they have to place somewhere on their websites. This code includes both the hit counter and also the HTML code of our website button which is linked to our website.

4- The system checks the websites pages automatically and finds our code. It checks the code to see if any changes is made or it is intact. If the webmaster has changed the code, it will be notified to the admin when he logins to his account.

5- If the webmaster has placed the code correctly, it will be reported to admin when he logins to his account. Then admin can approve or disapprove the link.

6- When admin approves, the links will be posted on the directory in related category.

7- The systems checks the websites regularly (the checking period is defined by admin) to find the code and if it is intact or not. If everything is ok, the link remains on the directory. If the webmaster has changed the link or its location, their link will be suspended and the admin receives a report when he logins to his account.

8- Webmasters receive an emails when their link are approved or disapproved automatically.

9- Webmasters receive an automatic email if their links are suspended because of the changes he has made on the code both in structure of the code or its position (page or level).

10- IP address of webmasters are recorded.

11- Email address of the user is used as the ID for user account.

12- Pages have header, footer and content templates which can be easily edited by the admin.

13- Posting of links in directory home page is not possible. The links can be posted on categories and subcategories only.

14- The software saves the home page of all approved links (websites) in a separate folder with this format as the file name: [url removed, login to view] or The software updates and overwrites these files followed by request of the admin. Links which are suspended or deleted from the system, will be deleted from this folder too.

15- The links are sorted on the directory pages according to number of times that our button is shown on their site daily, weekly or monthly or alphabetically according to the decision of the admin.

Admin abilities:

The admin can...

1- add/delete categories and subcategories.

2- add/delete accounts (admin can add user accounts for different email addresses and these accounts which are created by admin, don't need to receive verification emails).

3- post links to the directory both for the accounts he has made or even free links which don't need to place our code on their sites.

4- approve/disapprove the pending links. When admin logins to his account, he can have access to the list of pending links. The system already has checked the pending links website and has reported the situation of our code on the site. Admin decides according to this information. Also the admin can change the category and subcategory of links.

5- see a report from old link which were already approved. Those which has changed or moved the code are distinguishable.

6- determine on which level the webmaster can place the code. For example admin decides that the link should be placed on level one (home page) or maximum level two (a page which is directly linked from home page). New decisions about this, can be effective for old links and/or for the links which will be posted after and this can be determined by admin.

7- determine the number of posted links for each account and number of links on each page.

8- send an email message to all accounts.

9- ban IP addresses or websites from signing up for an account or posting.

10- change the HTML part of the piece of code that the webmasters must place on their site.

11- edit the templates.

12- determine the period of checking of clients websites for validation of our code: hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and ... .

User abilities:

(A user account will be created instantly after the users sign up and verify their email. They can submit their links instantly after email verification.)

Users can...

1- edit his/her account and also links info BUT if they made any changes in their links title, description, URL or category and subcategory, the links needs to be approved again by the admin.

2- They can delete their links and if so, their link will be deleted from the directory instantly.

What do we expect from the programmers?

1- To create this software in the shortest time.

2- A bug and error free software is the most important thing we need.

3- Programmers friendly and on time support after running the software on our website.

Waiting for your bid.


Beceriler: Javascript, PHP

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