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I am a professional designer and I am finishing off a site for a friend. Unfortunately he cannot afford to have my usual programmers code the site so I have been doing what I can to get the site close to finished and am now looking for someone to finalize it, be it an individual or company. I have gotten it about 90% complete.

The site is currently using Wordpress 3.1.2 with numerous plug-ins for added functionality. The theme has been modified from Thematic. Since I have never personally done this before, instead of making a child theme I directly modified Thematic. Hopefully this is not a big deal, but just wanted to make it known upfront incase it changes anything.

The site is hosted on a dedicated linux server at LiquidWeb so we have full access to WHM and Cpanel and their tech staff if needed. Server is running latest versions of all software and is using suPHP. The site is setup in Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools and we have the necessary Wordpress plugins for Google and Sitemap Generation installed.

We would like this to preferably be started this coming week. You only need to deal directly with me, not my friend. Please only qualified code wizards apply. We need this done right the first time.

Specific things which need to be done:

1) Add background image to the theme and fix container divs (I cannot get this working in any DIV I try). the bg image currently will not remain centered and the wrapper will not stretch to 100%. Looks like a padding or margin problem but I can't find it in the code.

2) Make all forms created with contact form 7 use SMTP instead of PHP (if possible). The idea here is to make it as secure as possible and we have been told it's best to not use PHP for form submission. If this doesn't make sense, please let us know. We just want to keep security tight.

3) Tweak the theme code and/or plug-ins so the site Validates AT LEAST as XHTML 1.0 Transitional. Strict preferred, but not a huge deal. Currently there are several errors with Transitional and it seems to be related to where plug-ins are placing their code. This is a tertiary concern and should be saved for last. If it will cost too much, we can leave it out initially.

4) Sidebar is using widgets (wordpress and plug-in based). These need to have classes added so I can tweak the fonts individually with CSS. An example is margin-bottom which needs to vary for aesthetic reasons as well as text-decoration which is only needed for text and not image links.

5) Security tweaks. I have several security plug-ins running including Bullet Proof Security. I need these looked over as well as the [url removed, login to view] and .htaccess files to make sure security is as tight as can be. We currently had to comment out the BPS security in wp-admin htaccess file because it was conflicting with another plug-in. We already have [url removed, login to view] outside of the root.

6) Registration and Email forms are in the footer. These need to be coded/tweaked to function, but are already sliced, coded in HTML and CSS, validated, and in the theme. We would like to have this integrated into some kind of 3rd party email blast system where we can use a 100% custom HTML email. recommendations welcome for which company to use as this is new territory. At least if we can store the email signups in a database to start, that will be great so when the time comes we will have the user data and can hook that up with the email blast company.

7) AJAX Disclaimer Window. He wants this to appear when someone firsts visits the site so they have to click to enter (it has to do with his written content which is geared to adults and is controversial). Once they do that it will be stored in a cookie so returning visitors bypass it unless they dump their cookies of course. We have already built a page for users who don't have AJAX installed (with a functioning script check and redirect using meta) because the blog needs javascript to display properly. We are using Cufon with custom fonts.

8) Make sure site is compatible in all OSs after changes are made. So far we have tested it on Mac Safari and Firefox, Windows IE, Safari and Firefox, iPhone and iPad. Works on all of them on various hardware configs.

9) Optimize the code (HTML/CSS/Javascript) and make sure W3 Total Cache is working optimally. I have already configured but want to make sure settings are optimal as I don't understand a large portion of them. We will also be using CloudFlare. I personally have this on my own site and can set up the DNS. Just might need a review of the plug-ins to make sure they are set right.

10) Custom Sticky Design. I have designed a custom sticky post for him in photoshop and need that to be turned into something that will work in wordpress. It contains graphics and text, the title which needs to be custom font using Cufon (just needs a class). preferably collapsable using AJAX. It needs to be custom because he doesn't want it to look like a post, or be accessible as a post, nor does he want it to show the category or have comments added. It must contain a signature though. We have installed TinyMCE signature already so hopefully that won't be hard to add to it. He wants this to appear on the blog's landing page as an intro at the top, and clicking a button (or hotspot) would collapse it so only an icon will be seen. Then clicking this icon would expand it.

11) Need assistance configuring SEO plug-ins. We were using Simple Meta Tags plugin and after updating it the plugin destroyed all the meta tags previously created in every post. We need to know which is best plug to use with wordpress 3.1.2 so there are globals meta tags and also so they can be adjusted on a per-page/per-post basis when desired. We also need the google analytics and sitemap plugs to be checked to make sure they are correctly configured so we down't get redundant crawls.

12) We may need assistance with setting up/testing out the blog plug-ins for use with numbly, myows, and safeCreative which are copyright registries that can automate submissions via plug-ins and RSS feeds. I can install the plug-ins but would help to have it looked over and tested to make sure they are functioning. Particularly concerned with RSS as we are truncating the feed so it is easier to follow in the RSS feed overview. Maybe a custom feed is needed for safeCreative?

13) 2 divs need to be moved in the comment section for aesthetic purposes and the submit button needs to show finger cursor when in rollover state.

14) Any other recommendations are welcome (budget permitting). I've done the best I can with my limited knowledge of Wordpress back-end and want to help him finish this off.

15) This work is under NDA only. To see the existing blog, designs, and to be hired/work on the project, and NDA must be signed. This is mandatory.

I'm hoping we can get this sorted for a few hundred dollars to bring this to completion. Once you take a look at the site and the PSD design you will see it's very close to being there and I assume that anyone well-versed should be able to make these additions without much hassle. The priorities are functionality and aesthetics, validation is secondary as long as it works in standard browsers across major OSs.

Feel free to ask any questions.


Beceriler: Javascript, PHP, XML

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