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360905 Dealer Management Portal

I need a "members only" password protected area. This is for dealers and distributors (sales representatives) that work on a commission structure to get information and updates in this members area/portal. Preferably, an auto-sign-up that will create accounts that will pend approval based on administrator's approval. Or, We can manually set-up accounts like a staff management program, where the administrator/manager of a group will be able to enter in each dealer's information to create an account.

- Each account/dealer will need an individual "promo code" that we will have to manually enter in for each dealer account. We want the dealer to be able to access their account information and view and retrieve their promo code and other personal information within their account.

- We would like this "members area" to include webmail, we will assign to each dealer their own E-mail account with our domain name. We want them to be able to log-in and check their E-mail within their member area. It would be ideal if by creating an account it will automatically an E-mail address as well, using their user name and password for the E-mail account so that everything is set-up in one step.

- Additionally, we would like them to have a "contacts" or Address book that they can use personally and view/add shared contacts with other dealers in the system.

- A calendar both personal and shared for scheduling and events.

- Document sharing and personal documents stored.

- We will be assigning individual business cards and brochures to each dealer upon account creation. It would be ideal for the administrator or group manager to put them into the "personal" document folder for each dealer.

- an area for tutorials, FAQs, and "how tos" That can only be updated by the administrator.

- Notes, announcements, etc... like many groupware programs.

- Sales and product tracking would be a plus, but not needed. There is only one product they will be selling, so if there is product and sales tracking, it would be nice to have the dealer be able to look up his own information on sales and activity (much like an affiliate program, but based for offline sales). This can be linked with their promo codes, and applied commission levels for better tracking.

- A forum for dealers to communicate with each other and the administrator.

- An easy way for administrators to give announcements and give updates to all dealers within the members area. Preferably,

- IM chat would be a plus, but not needed. For dealers to IM each other or the administrator when logged in.

This needs to be VERY basic on the dealer end. There will be MANY computer-illiterate people(including managers) signing in and using this program. upon log-in big icons for each module would be ideal. the more simple each area is the better. It needs to be very self-explained.

I have looked into many groupware programs and have not been able to find anything simple enough or with all these features. its a mixture of groupware, collaborative-ware, knowledge base, help desk, staff management...etc. If you know of anything out there at the moment that may meet my requirements please let me know.

We would like it structured in this manner:

A. Log-in Page:

1. Simple Login screen, enter in username and password.

2. link to registration or more information.

3. link to "password recovery" for forgotten passwords.

B. Home Page (after log-in):

1. Menu on-top with icons for each Area/page (this menu will stay the same on all pages): Webmail, Updates & Announcements, contacts, Calendar, Documents, Account Information, Sales/Tracking, Forum, Chat, Knowledge Base

2. Announcements: Laid out much like a dashboard, a box with announcements/updates posted by the administrator or group manager.

3. Quick Glance Account Information: a section of the home page where information personally directed to the dealer logged-in will be placed. Which includes their promo code, group manager's contact info, schedule reminders, New Messages (if any), Sales tracking.

4. Contact information for the administrator for quick contact.

C. Webmail:

1. Inbox of the webmail area where they can check, send, delete messages of the E-mail we assign them. We want them to be able to easily add to contacts. It would be nice if they can adjust their E-mail settings and identities. If they want to add another pop E-mail account to receive, that would be a plus as well.

D. Updates & Announcements: Basically, the same information as on the home page, updates posted by the administrator or group manager.

E. Contacts:

1. A detailed contact list where they can add, delete, and manage contacts. Each account should have a "personal" and "shared" contact book. They can add contacts to both, but cannot delete contacts in the shared, only administrators can.

F. Calendar:

1. Calendar both shared and personal for each account. If they could have the option to "send invitations" for each even they schedule that would be ideal. They can send it to group members or enter in individual E-mail addresses.

G. Documents:

1. Allow all users to keep personal documents or share documents. each Dealer will have their own business cards and brochures with their name on it, which we will want to add to each dealer's personal folder. Allow users to add shared documents, but they can only be deleted by the administrator.

2. There needs to be a link for "personal files", "Shared Files", and "Marketing Materials". Marketing materials can be a shared folder.

H. Account Information:

1. This page will allow the account user to access their account information and update their information. They can view their promo code, user id, add an alternative E-mail, update contact information...etc.. Plus change password (which would need to update their E-mail password if it's the same as their account login)

I. Sales/Tracking (optional for now, eventually we will need his, better now than later!):

1. Information on account user's sales: How many sales, orders pending, orders made, commission level, Payout information...etc.

2. A Portal to take sales orders, like a virtual terminal where they can place orders for their clients and distributors.

3. To be able to track online sales correctly, much like an affiliate program, we would like to be able to use their promo codes for customers to enter it online for tracking and credit purposes. We would need something to track this. Right now we are using 1shoppingcart and it would be tedious to enter in each promo code. We are also using authorizenet , which would need to be linked to the virtual terminal.

4. Optional, we have an online affiliate program setup right now, using idev, but it we need something more robust for offline reps and dealers. If we could take all the features from idev and combine them with the features of this, it would be great to use one system for everything. (keep in mind it has to be super user-friendly for the offline sales people to use). - So in other words, incorporating an online affiliate program with this would be great! - they would need different commission levels and groups, contact me to collaborate more on this and if it can be done.

J. Forum:

1. Just a basic forum for everyone to communicate, post issues, and collaborate.

K. Chat:

1. Like Facebook, an instant message system for user's online to communicate with a "buddy" list.

L. Knowledge Base:

1. Administrator Contact Info

2. FAQ's: FAQ Page, only the administrator can update and add to this.

3. Tutorials: A page for tutorials, both video, pdf, and html format. Only the administrator can add to this. The administrator should be able to create new categories and post to each category as needed.

M. Administrator Area: The administrator should have all privileges, this area needs to be fairly simple to use and update for those admins that have a hard time learning new things. I needs to be easy for admins to post updates and announcement especially.

This should allow grouping and group privileges and managers of groups. groups and levels should be easy for the administrator to add.

Please contact me to figure out all the options and the best solution. If you know for sure all this is possible (and maybe more) place a bid.

Right now we are using hostmonster for hosting. They do not have LDAP available. - we can switch to something else, I need suggestions.

Also, it is mostly the configuration and programming that we need done. If this is template based I can create the design and make those changes to use your time more efficiently. I can read PHP for the most part (just can't write it), I'm proficient with HTML, CSS, Javascript, graphic Design...etc.. so those things I can contribute to this project. I just need the structure in place.

I can also create images of what I have in mind as far as organization.


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