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496513 Online Personality Quiz and 6 Pairs of Alphabetical Letters

We need to set up an online personality quiz site and store the respondents' answers in mysql database. It must be in php and using mysql tables.

We have a list of 24 multiple-choice questions (MCQ), distributed amongst 936 questions, with repetitions per question of course. Which means, all 24 questions are repeated throughout the 936 questions Each question has 5 answers involved, for users to pick from. But note, depending on the MCQ answer they have chosen, they shall jump suddenly to a specific question within the list of about 936 questions, and after answering it, jump again to suddenly another question.

After answering 1st question, he is directed to answering 3 more questions.

Then go to answer 2nd question, and he is directed to answering 3 more questions too.

By the time he has answered the 6th question, he is directed to answering 3 last questions.

Therefore, 6 * 4=24 questions. That is how user answers only 24 questions within this list of specifically 936 questions.

Note, after answering each set of 4 questions above, he is given a result with 2 alphabetical letters, say X E, and you will enter it into a row on a table 1st column. So with 6 sets of 4 questions per set above, therefore you will enter a pair of alphabetical letters into 6 columns on a single row, ie 6 pairs of alphabetical letters.

Store this in a MySQL table.

For more info, please download the attachment to read the instructions in MS Word Document. I can help ease any query.

For example, selecting (a) might jump to question 187, or that selecting (e) might jump user to question 350. We indicate the question to jump to, beside the particular answer to every question. At the end of answering every 6 questions, a pair of alphabetical letters, example NJ, will be assigned. Fit NJ into a box. Since 24 questions in total, so 4 sets of 6 questions, and hence 4 boxes involved, each with 2 letters of the alphabet. Store this unique user's 4 boxes of 2 letters each in the database.

Likewise, do the same for other members. So, each member has 4 boxes of 2 alphabetical letters each.

Then, we need to be able to manually choose any two members in the database and compare the corresponding letter in their corresponding box. For example, G from 1st box of member 1 with X from 1st box of member 2. This gives a pair of coordinates, ie GX. You will pick from a table of X and Y coordinates to assign a number to this alphabetical pairing combination. Say, GX from the table corresponds with number 7.

Keep doing this until the 4 squares of 2 letters each from both members yield altogether 8 numbers.

The 8 numbers should be summed up to derive a total. Publish that number on screen.


I will check to ensure that you are accuarate.

Further, back to the first paragraph, I want a separate mySQL table which stores the answer, ie (a) or (b), or (c) or (d) or (e) pertaining to every of the 24 questions that the user selected.

Later, for any 2 members of the site chosen randomly, you must be able to work out the gap, that is the difference in their answers to every question, and save the difference in a third column. For example, 1(a) and 1(a) pertains to a difference of 0, whereas 3(b) and 3(e) pertains to a difference of 3. So, every alphabetical difference is a difference of 1. Therefore, (e) and (a) have a difference of 4. I think you know what I mean.

With the 24 alphabetical differences between 2 individuals computed, show them all on a single page with 24 horizontal bars of varying lengths, labelling them according to the question number therefore.

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