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131189 Search Engine Cloaking Script

I am looking for a php based search engine cloaking script that will be accessible to members of a forum.

So members will be able to login and create a cloaked site.

Software examples of Cloaking

[url removed, login to view]

[url removed, login to view] available here

[url removed, login to view] demo available here

[url removed, login to view]

Attached files of sample code

IP Detection

The cloaker should have a way to update the IP address of the search engines in real time and have a way to trap and identify new search spiders. Please look at the Dream cloak code they have a lot of the code already to do this. Although the code is incomplete and only should be used as a point of reference

Addition resources on IP Detection

[url removed, login to view]

Should also have these features

lists all hits (robots and human) in log file so the member can look at there website stats


ability to load in keywords into (initial groups) and automatically add new keywords to the groups, thus creating pages automatically based on a cron job. For instance, starting with 100 keywords (which will create 100 unique pages (One per keyword)

in 5 different boxes, the user can add words to be added to each box on a drip schedule. So for each of the boxes we add, for example, 10 NEW keywords that are not included in the initial keywords. Now the program will add a user defined number of keywords to the active word list on a user defined time interval.


Active Initial Keywords

Keywords 1




Keywords to add on schedule

Luke Warm



Once the program is activated it create 3 dynamically created pages one for HOT,COLD and Medium.

Then the program will check a cron job and add new keywords (thus pages) based on a user defined timetable.

For example in this case I choose to add 1 keyword per day. So after 3 days no more keywords are added UNLESS I add more to the reserve keyword box. This will give the impression of natural growth of the website.


There will be multiple keyword boxes and each box will have the ability to have additional keywords or not


The next feature is the ability to create Static Pages. Create totally custom static pages, giving you complete control over the display of your content. The static page add-on allows you to hand-edit the html code of each page that you want. This way you can make unique changes to each and every page that you have made static.

Static Pages For The Search Engines

Choose which URLs you want to make static. You can have both static and randomly generated pages at the same time. Take a look at what each static page looks like and make any changes you want to it.

Ensure that your high-ranked pages don't lose their rankings when the engines revisit the page and see different content. Now, they will see the same content every time they visit.

They never change on revisit, so they don't appear to be dynamic.

Semi-permanence means that the content of the last user defined cloaked pages presented to any search engine spider is preserved. If any spider re-accesses this page, the SAME content will be presented to the spiders. This feature overcomes recent methods by the search engines to detect content that changes entirely from spider visit to spider visit. Once a new cloaked URL is accessed, the oldest of the 75th pages will no longer be semi-permanent (unless, of course, you are using Static Pages).

You can toggle whether or not semi-permanent pages are displayed to the spiders or not. If you disable this feature, the page content will still be recorded, but new content will be generated and displayed to the search engine spiders on each access of the page

How to create the dynamic pages

The dynamically created pages should have the ability to use templates, ability to generate spun content using a built in syntax..for example {He|She} went to the {store|mall}

Will create sentences He went to the store

He went to the mall, She went to the store, She went to the mall. The "spinner should also allow the nesting of braces{}. for example {{He|She} is {home|at school|at work}|This is the {second|next} {example|possibility}}. In this case either the first sentence or the second sentence will be chosen and the words within the {} will be randomly picked to create new unique content

The admin area should also have the ability to disable any member from creating a new cloaked site. So once a member ceases to be an active member they will no longer be able to create new sites or have updates to the IP list.

How to create the dynamic URLS

The dynamically created urls should be SEO friendly and properly formed (with the choice of (dashes or underscore or run together) ie. [url removed, login to view]) by including the keyword in the url name. Also all meta tags should allow the inclusion of keywords to help with SEO score


Look at simplified cloaker (attached code) as to how to do the redirect

The script should be encrypted and protected from theft and copying

Link Blocking

The following list of URL fragments will always be blocked:

The following list contains URL fragments, in Perl regular expression format, that will always be blocked (unless they currently exist in your Hyperlink List). Cloaker will look at the entire incoming URL visited and if any of the following fragments are found within that URL, a "404 Not Found" error will be returned. Google, and other engines, sometimes "test" domains with obviously false URLs: if such false queries result in content, the engines may determine that the site is auto-created. We automatically reject several known variants of these false URLs so as to present the site as legitimate content.

\w{11,}\.(s?html|pl|php|asp)$ #block really long urls

[bcdfghjklmnpqrstvwxz]{5,}\w*\.(s?html|pl|php|asp)$ #block 5+ consonants

[aeiou]{4,}\w*\.(s?html|pl|php|asp)$ #block 4+ vowels

Additional info

Preference will be given to programmers who have developed cloakers before and or have working model.

All payments will be done on completion of job. If necessary we can use and escrow account.

The programmer should be available for at least 30 days for support and any bug fixes.

The programmer should also be available for emergency per call basis after the 30 days of support (rate to be determined)

The programmer should also be available to make enhancements and upgrades, this can be per upgrade cost or a monthly maintenance fee

We appreciate updates on the development process and are available thru SKYPE

We have 5 other scripts that need developed and are looking to develop a long term relationship

Beceriler: Her şey Kabul, MySQL, PHP

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