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score neighborhoods using data from numerous APIs

This project is the first iteration of what will hopefully be many to build an online community in an interesting market space. I am looking for a designer/developer hybrid to help me bring my vision to life.

I'm trying to be as detailed as possible up front but please feel free to ask additional questions to clarify.

The project consists of four key modules:

Module one: Survey customers and segment customers

Build a relatively simple survey interface where users are asked 10 to 15 questions. Each question is in the same format and asks the user to make a choice between two items.


- Question and choice copy stored in the database (module four)

- 2 choices copy stored in the database

- 2 choices icons or photos stored in the database

- Order of questions should be randomized

- Within each question, the order that the 2 choices occur should be randomized

- Answer choices copy to each question should be stored in the database (module four)

- Database calculates a user segment that each user belongs to based on his/her answers to the set of questions and stores that segment to be used in module two

In scope:

- Database development

- Front end graphic design

- Icon design (or photo selection)

Out of scope:

- Wireframing and experience concepting - I will provide this

- Segment scoring algorithm - I will provide this

- Question and answer choice copy - I will provide this

Module two: Neighborhood dataset and segmentation

Build and refresh a dataset of neighborhoods and their associated geographical information using inputs from 4 to 8 APIs and potentially census data. Each neighborhood will be scored and segmented based on a number of data attributes so that they can be matched against user segments.


- Pull in and temporarily store data from 4 to 8 APIs in database (module four)

- Use data to score each neighborhood and assign it to a segment; store neighborhood segment permanently in database (module four)

- Specific API data to be worked into a schema is TBD but will likely include 30 to 40 fields from 4 to 8 APIs that will need to be joined at the narrowest common geographic definition (eg neighborhood is narrower than zip code, zip code is narrower than city etc)

- Refreshes monthly by re-pulling API data and re-scoring neighborhoods in database

In scope:

Database development

API integration for initial set up and automated ongoing refresh

Out of scope

Neighborhood scoring algorithm - I will provide this

Data field requirements finalization - I will provide this

Module three: Match user segment to neighborhood segment, map matching neighborhoods and display content

Select neighborhoods to display based on their fit comparing the neighborhood segment with the user's segment and display the location of the selected neighborhoods on a map. Similarly display content from 2 to 4 APIs for each selected neighborhood


- Select neighborhoods where their segment matches the user's segment

- If no match (or not enough matches) is found, select neighborhoods that closely match the user's segment

- Integrate with map API (google maps?) to display selected neighborhood location data based on module two dataset

- Integrate with 2 to 4 APIs (some may be the same as used in module two) to display content

In scope:

- Database development

- Front end design

- API integration

Out of scope:

- User / neighborhood matching algorithm - I will provide this

- Wireframing / experience concepting - I will provide this

- Datafields requirements finalization - I will provide this

Module four: Database development

Design and build a database that supports the three previous modules

Beceriler: .NET, Drupal, Joomla, PHP, Web Sitesi Tasarımı

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