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Searchable desktop photo gallery application

I would like to build a desktop photo gallery application to help the customers in our store (physical location, not web store) choose which product they would like to purchase. The photo gallery itself should be very simple, it would just have large thumbnails that open to a nearly full screen picture. Nothing very fancy at all, simple and easy are the key words (the mockup I am including is just a general idea, I'm happy to use a different template or change things around if you have better ideas).

However, we have several special features we need. These include the ability to categorize pictures, search pictures by keyword, have a picture linked to an external file, and have a sort of shopping cart feature so that customers can save their favorite pictures and look at them later. I am open to any solution for accomplishing this, but you should be prepared to show me examples of photo galleries you have created, or similarly complex programming projects you have created.

This will mainly be used on a large touchscreen display in our business, and I would prefer a desktop application. However, since most of the photo galleries I've seen are web based, I would consider this, so long as this can be done with very little extra maintenance or configuration. If it is a web app, I'd prefer that it be all combined into one package so that the server could be run locally rather than on a webhost, and preferably all on the same machine.

Here are the specific requirements:

• Search-photos should be searchable by keywords that are embedded into the metadata (other ways to attach keywords would be fine too). Ideally, search should be able to handle multiple terms and Booleans ( like AND or NOT, or + and -). Search could be just global covering all photos. However, it would be great if it were possible to only search within the category of photos selected also (like the search works in Explorer in Windows 7).

• Categories-The customer will start the process by choosing one of 8 main categories. Within each of these categories, there will be several sub categories, such as within the Slants category, there are subcategories for “Slants without base” and “slants with base”. There should also be a way to refine the results by several different variables, such as color, size and style.

• Saved photos-Customers typically look at many, many pictures, and when they find something they like, we make a note so we can go back to it (they rarely choose a monument that exactly matches a picture, so they’ll choose pictures that have some element they like, then choose one or combine several elements to make their own memorial). We would like to be able to make this easier by letting them mark a photo as one of their favorites, and once they are done browsing through the pictures, they can return to their saved photos to choose what they like. This would work basically like adding pictures to a shopping cart.

• Customer accounts for the saved lists- The saved lists should be able to be kept so that if a customer comes back later, they can still access their saved pictures. This doesn’t need any security or passwords, and we really don’t need to take any info besides their name, cemetery and a small field for contact info.

• Control Panel-The administrator should be able to add new pictures, change picture categories, add keywords (unless this needs to be done before importing), and delete customers from the saved list.

• Link picture to file that can be opened in external editor-Each picture will have an associated CorelDraw file, so that if a customer chooses a photo they like, they can click a button which will open the file in CorelDraw where it can be personalized (there is no further integration as far as this gallery is concerned, clicking the “design this monument” button should have the effect of double clicking a .CDR file in explorer, which automatically opens the file in Corel Draw).

Beceriler: .NET, C# Programlama, Delphi, PHP, Windows Masaüstü

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