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Looking for a programmer (if cooperation for this our first -small-project is successful then more projects could be considered) who can make us a tool/script for the following situation.

We have a lot of affiliate links we use to promote third party products with. At the moment we work as follows:

1. When we have acquired an affiliate link we get a promo link from our tracking program we use in emails, ads and on websites to get prospects to click on.

2. After storing the prospects click, our tracking program then redirects the prospect to our autoresponder capture page to get the prospects email and personal info for our follow up emails.

3) After submitting his info to our Autoresponder, the prospect is redirected to the page we got the affiliate link from (the third party site).

This means we have to maintain a lot of links and different autoresponder lists and capture pages.

We are now looking for a way to get this process automated.

We would like to:

1) ad our own variables from our promolink (as used by our tracking program to a redirectpage, which should then activate a script), e.g. promolink=

[url removed, login to view] or /a/1, where variable

a = our code that indicates what kind of link it is (e.g. "a"=affiliate link, but "3p5" could mean page5 from our site3) and

1 = the first affiliate programlink (in this example)

We must be able to type in these codes in the tool/script, sothat we can use our own fieldnames for these variables.

2) When a prospect clicks on the above promo link in an ad, email or site our tracking program will store his click and will redirect him to a page we can type into the program, this could then be a link looking like: [url removed, login to view] a 1 (or [url removed, login to view] a 1, depending on the script language) activating the script.

3) Then the script on our site should:

a) compose the correct capture page, (header, footer, form fields, general text, linkspecific text, autoresponder link)

b) add 1 to the correct counter,

c) generate the correct affiliate link.

We could put all the info the script needs into (in this example) the directory [url removed, login to view], where we could include

the text for that particular affiliate product/service and the form info for the prospect to fill in, as well as the counter and the correct link for the autoresponder list.

This means we could have the following files in dir /a/:

[url removed, login to view] (general text, the same for all affiliate numbers in this directory)

[url removed, login to view] (specific text for affiliate program number 1)

[url removed, login to view] (counter for affiliate program number 1)

[url removed, login to view] (form information for affiliate program number 1)

[url removed, login to view] (specific text for affiliate program number 1

[url removed, login to view] (affiliate link for affiliate program nr 1)

1-arlink (link for autoresponder program for affiliate nr1)

and let the script use these to generate 1 page with all the correct info on it.

That way the prospect could see

1) some additional info on the specific product/service he expressed his interest in by clicking on the promolink in the ad or banner,

2) the correct sign up form for the correct newsletter (in this case it would be our newsletter about affilliate programs, we publish newsletters on other subjects as well),

3) some additional text after the sign up form (optional).

Besides that 1 would be added to the correct counter and the correct autoresponder link would added to the formcode.

After the prospect has submitted his info, our autoresponder program then redirects him to the actual affiliate link.

In short:

link1 = affiliate link for third party product or survey

link2 = promo link we generate thru' our tracking program using variables to see which sign up form is needed for our capture page

(e.g. [url removed, login to view] [url removed, login to view] should use general affiliate variables and the specific affiliate 1 program variables.

link3 = redirect link using the same variables to activate the script on our site (e.g. [url removed, login to view] [url removed, login to view] a 1)generating the correct sign up form and autoresponder link).

link4 = After submitting the prospect info to the correct autoresponder, the autoresponder will redirect to the correct affiliate link (=link1).

Our wish is to be able to generate most of the needed info from the script by being able to easily edit the existing info it uses.

To start we should be able to insert our first links info right after installing the script on our site.

Questions to be asked when activating the script in editmode:

Code for first parameter for this link? (answer e.g. "abcd")

(If known by the script, display abcd info (content of all "abcd" files)

(*)ask "Exists, do you want to edit?" if yes or unknown => new: General Text for capture page, don't forget to include tags for [specific info]! (generate and save all new info)

Code for second parameter for this link? (answer e.g. "23")

(Check if exists, y=> Display 23 info (content of all 23- files) ask "Exists, do you want to edit?"

(if yes, or new:)

Display general text with tags, ask "Use general text as is?(=default)

(if no, go to (*), ask new general text to replace old one?, if yes:)

"Specific Text to replace Tags?" List Tags and display "Tags Found:":

[Tag1] above capture form [Tag1] to be replaced with (insert text)

[Tag2] below capture form [Tag2] to be replaced with (insert text)

Name of counter to add prospects to will be [url removed, login to view]

This information could then be stored in a site database (SQL?), or in the script it self and be used to generate the correct capture page to display to the prospect (perhaps using include?).

As the text will be the same for the most part (only the specific affiliate program would be different in the example) we would like the script to include the general text and replace a tag for the specific text to insert there).

There could then be one general textfile per first variable code to include in all capture pages for that code, where the script only had to replace the tags with the specific text given for variablecode 2.

We are open for suggestions to implement this.

Please give us your reactions and bids.


This could be made using MySQL and Linux, but csv or txt file and windows on the PC instead of on the site would be alright too. Then we would have to upload the script each time we edit it.

Best way would probably be (the script would then be highly portable) to include all the given info in the script and save it there.

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