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Simple Perl Script & Form

I am looking for a simple online form where we will have 4-10 users, come to the page each week to enter some data. The data will need to be stored, either on mysql or a flat file is fine too.

Each week some information from the db will be used in a simple calculation and then the results will be emailed to the users involved.

Here is how I see it working:

First time...

User goes to web page that asks for the following:

Enter Name, Start Date, Current Weight, Goal Weight


Enter Name: Dan

Enter Initial Weigh In Date: 2/20/2007

Enter Starting Weight: 150

Enter Goal Weight: 125

Each Week on a specific Date, an email will be sent automatically reminding the user to send in their update.


Dear Dan,

This is a friendly reminder for you to log in and enter your Current Weight for the week. Your weight will not be shared with anyone. The only information shared will be the result of a calculation of the percentage of weight gained or lost for the week and since the start date. Here is the link...

Each week when the user enters page...

User goes to web page that asks for the following:

Enter Name, Current Weight


Enter Name: Dan

Enter Current Weight: 150

At end of day, the results will be email to each user showing all the results. The results to show are the user name and their percentage of weight lost that week. Actual weights entered will not be shown in the email to the group.


Dear Group,

The results of this weeks weigh in are as follows:

Dan ... + 3%

Don ... - 2%

Jon ... - 1%

Bob ... +2%

It might be nice too to have a space for "words of encouragement" that each can write in briefly to share with one another, but this is not neccessary.

If you have any suggestions of layouts, graphs, etc, that might be nice to add, please feel free to suggest.

The pages do not have to be pretty, but must be functional. I can always add graphics, design, etc to the site as needed.

I have an account on [url removed, login to view] that I believe used linux and mysql if that helps. I will need to be about to test the system and clear the results of the test files/db.

I do not want to spend more than $30-100, so if you plan to bid higher than that, please do not bid.

To make things EASIER:

I don't need an email to automatically go out, as requested above. I just want the following:

User enters site and sees a menu:
A) Start Program
B) Update Program
C) View Report

For A) they enter name (a), email (b), starting date (c), starting weight (d), and goal weight (e). Store data in text file.

For B) the form asks user to enter name (a2), entry date (f) and current weight (g). The form will validate (a2) vs (a). If no match, an error message comes up. If a match, it stores data in a weekly_check log file.

For C) A perl script opens the log files for each user and shows in a table (or similar way) a report of the percentages lost for each person in the log. It will show their name and percentage lost. It will NOT show their weight.

If it is possible to create a line chart that would be great. But that is not necessary.

The info does not need to be password protected. It will be inside .htaccess directory.

Note: If you have any suggestions to make this cooler, please feel free to make suggestions. I am open to ideas.

The concept is that we have 3 people doing a contest and need a program to have people enter their weekly weights to see if they are losing weight each week. No one should know anyone else's weight, but we will all get an email report each week that will show the percentage lost by each person in contest for that week, (D-G)/D.

It would be nice if it kept track of weekly percentages, but it doen't have to, if its too difficult. If not everyone reported on time, it tells us that too.

This will be hosted on powweb and if you can install it there it would be appreciated.

NOTE: The program started on 2/19/07 and we are now 3 weeks behind due to a provider not coming thru for us, so we need a way to go back and have each user enter the data from previous weeks.

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