I want a stand alone MMORPG script that can be integrated with Invision Power Board. The script will be about the wheel of time. Here is a description about a php game I saw. That was never made.

Novice - Accepted - Aes Sedai

Recruit - Sword - Gaiden

Soldier - Sword - Asha' man

As you can see, each class levels up to higher types of class - class level upgrade is yet to be determined - but this is designed to be a LONG TERM game, so no powerlevelling (Well, you could modify the experience base rate modifier). Some classes have two branches, so you can pick what you want to go for.

Class descriptions will come sometime later today/tomorrow. (never happening)


Too long to list, we currently have 48 locations that you can visit - including towns and dungeons. Areas located within these locations are not counted, but each town usually has around 5 sublocations.


Player vs Monster Battling.

Player vs Player Battling.

Party Mode - Travels with friends on an adventure.

Adventure Mode - The main function of KyuRPG, travel the world and do your own thing.

Set up a shop.

Set up anything, a Doctor's Surgery if you have enough cash!

We also have other non-violent classes such as Doctor, Alchemist e.t.c

This thing is a mixture of text and graphical based works. You also don't need to refresh, things update dynamically on the page thanks to a certain Javascript/XML control.

People can form clans, they're simply large permanent parties - with a base of some kind. Clan wars are also already implemented.

Oh' yes in the battle functions. You have the option for up to 8 vs 8 battles at once. We're going to rewrite that for the clan battle option you suggested, for up to 32 vs 32 players at once - you wouldn't be able to decide your opponent on the other side though, since it would be manic. You might have to fend off 3 players at once if they gang up on you!

Some pages that have stuff I like this:

[url removed, login to view]

(The other 2 pages referenced on it also) Seems like a good system for the weaves and onepower(magic like system)

This page also describes alot of the overall.

[url removed, login to view];PHPSESSID=1973f558bb5c99b9bca1fde59360abc0

I want people to like click a world location. Start their character. and be able to see a map of the city and stores. Click one and go their. Then be able to buy stuff. To have a training ground to fight NPC's or other players. I want people to be able to gamble. I'll describe the mini games like that if your hired. I want people to be able to steal. I want it so people can upload their own character. Make a biography like any normal rpg. I want this very detailed and I want custom graphics. I want this very detailed. I want this to blow any other MMORPG out of the water.

I want a trading system also. Plus a bank where people can make an account. I want it so when you bond another player. It shows that in the Invision Power Board Forum.

How I want the money system:
Copper Penny 1/10
Silver Penny 1
Silver Mark 10
Gold Crown 100

It's versus the dollar so 1 silver penny would equal one real dollar.

I people to be able to draw to much power when performing a spell and to burn out. I want people to get tired so they can't perform just any spell. I want the warders to be able to tell where the one the are bonded to is at in the game. If they are not logged on at the same time. I describe everything else. I'll give out more info to the person that I hire.

I already have the RPG Inferno Mod. The newest verision and it's not what I want. It's not worth $300 dollars. I talked to a friend and he said I should change my range from $100 - $1000. Instead of $300 - 1000.

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