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We currently have a pay per click search engine configured with feed providers. What we are attempting to perform with this setup is where we can direct iframe traffic to a given URL (A script that will take the iframe traffic and parse it to the PPC Search engine so that it'll be counted as a true click).

The search engine we utilize allows for affiliates to become XML Partners. When the affiliate queries the PPC Search engine (The URL of which is first supplied must contain information of the person making the click, browser information, IP Address, affiliate ID, etc), the URL supplied during the query will be verified by the PPC Search Engine. If verification goes as planned, search results for the given keyword is then revealed. A single link must be extracted from the XML results so that the single click from the iframe traffic can then be forwarded to in order to accomplish a successful click.

However, the script that needs to be developed must some how carry the iframe's identity/IP over when performing a search via XML as the iframes identity is encrypted into the search result links so that the search provider can verify that this is indeed a successful click.

The syntax for the XML URL can be seen below:

?feed=[KEYWORDS]&aff=1&cip=[IP]&limit=[COUNT] &subid=[SUBID]&sref=[REF]&ua=[UA]&ul=[UL]&serveurl=[SERVEURL]

Here's a break down of the TAGS in the XML URL above:

[KEYWORDS] Search Keyword

[USERID] Your userID (Your Affiliate ID is included in the link above)

[IP] Ip Address of search

[COUNT] Number of results

[SUBID] Your own site's username or userID

[REF] the referer URL (URL Encoded) _SERVER['HTTP_REFERER']

[UA] the User Agent (URL Encoded) _SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT']


[SERVEURL] Actual url that the search results are appearing on.

As mentioned earlier, the script we need developed must have ability to perform the following via the explained tags above:

keywords = Ability to rotate keywords out per click performed. Keywords can exist within a file. Nothing fancy necessary.

userid = Rotation with pre-defined userIDs.

IP = Match the IP Address of the iframe traffic that's performing the click via the script.

COUNT = This can be a simple 1 as this will only display one search result within the XML output. Might be easier to copy the URL string without conflicting with others..

SUBID = Ability to rotate this out with pre-defined values.

REF = The refer URL defined in the XML URL must reflect the same as the iframe traffic that's acquiring the click via the script we need developed.

UA = Ability to rotate the User Agent's around with predefined entries to simulate real traffic.

UL = Must reflect the IP Address of the iframe traffic.

SERVEURL = Should reflect the same URL defined in the REFERRAL entry of the iframe traffic.

As mentioned earlier, we need to have ability to hide the originating referral URL of the iframe traffic with pre defined values (Rotation based. Needs to however rotate accordingly per Affiliate ID so that the sites belong accurately).

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Beceriler: Javascript, Perl, PHP, XML

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