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520047 Wellness Calls

Blue Print For Free Wellness Checks

The software will be API based and will be hosted by a voice broadcasting company of my choice. To see a sample website go to: [url removed, login to view]

People will go to my website (which I need designed) and would enroll in my service. The user will be a parent or friend of an elderly person. So the person getting the daily phone calls wont be using the web interface. The user (again son/daughter of the client) will log into the website portal and be able to control which will be similar to Image 1 (see end of this document for all attached screenshots).

User Interface:

I will be providing the calls for free so you don't need to have account status section (Image 1). All other sections will be needed in my program: 1. Recent call status (Image 5), 2) Phone number to Monitor, 3) Holiday/Days Not to call (Image 6), 4) Calling Schedule at first I will be providing one call per day (later I want to provide more). At first I want the message to be standard for all users. However I do want the system to be able to be programmed easily later to allow each user to record their own voice by either uploading it via MP3 and or calling a 800 number (please see Image 2). 5) Emergency Notification in this section (see Image 3) the user will be able to program which phone numbers and or emails the system will notify them after not being able to reach their loved one. The system I am comparing to does not allow texting. I would like to have a box that allows the user to pick voice message or text SMS message.


When they register for the service I want it have field for name, address, email, phone number (text or not) of both patient and user. I want it to have a section that includes the name, address, and phone number of their doctor. They must also agree to the terms and conditions by typing AGREE into a field box

All of the information that gets inputted by the user at sign up will be compiled into a CRM tool that will be used by me the admin. If the user logs into their account 6 months from starting up to change their phone number my CRM must automatically change as well. I want the CRM to be user friend for myself.

Reports (to be done later if it is complicated)

I want to be able to run reports on how many patient did not answer and how many emergency notification messages were sent (this can be added later if it is complicated to code). I also want to at a later date be able to run reports on all the Doctors and be able to print labels with their name and address.


After registering on the website the following day the new phone number to monitor will be called with a prerecorded message (at first I want to just upload a standard message). The system will say:

“Good morning, this is Free Wellness Checks calling. If you are okay press 1 If you need help press 3".

The system must understand live answer vs answering machine or voicemail. If an answering machine or voicemail picks up this will not be counted as a successful call. The system will start calling lets say at 9am. If the person picks up and presses number 1 the calls are done for the day. And will start again tomorrow. If they do not respond the system will wait 60 mins and try again for attempt 2. If attempt 2 is failed and no answer then the system will wait another 60 mins which will be attempt 3. If attempt 3 is failed then the system will automatically begin to start calling, texting, emailing the user that it cant reach the patient


I want to have a portal area for advertiser to log in and be able to advertise on my service. Kind of like Google Ad Words. They can log into an account and fund it. They will then have the ability to upload a file with their message (eventually they can call it in similar to Image 2). The computer will then randomly pick ads to be played. Let me explain

I want the message to be 60 second long. The first 45 second will be the same for every call and would say:

“Good morning, this is Free Wellness Checks calling. If you are okay press 1 If you need help press 3".

The remaining 15 second would be from random advertisers and the system would need to be able to pick an 15 second ad and the automatically play it after the 45 second standard greeting. So there is no gap. The message would end with press 9 for more information. If they press 9 it will then the user to hear a longer greeting from the advertiser. I want this "press 9" option optional so if they want to use it they system will say press 9 for more info. If they don't then the message would just end after their 15 second message. If the user presses 9 for more information then a 60 second message would played. For those users that want the Option 9 feature they will be charged a one time fee (lets say $20.00 USD to start) and they will have a separate section in their web portal in which they can upload the second message that can be 60 second long. I need the system to be able to track and determine when it plays an ad and then subtract it from the funds. I would like to use PayPal at first and have the cost per call be $1.00 USD.

They will register online and then get directed to pay pal and then the system will then email them confirmation. I want it to be user friendly for them.

The system will allow the advertiser to schedule ads by national, state, county, city, and zip codes (so this will need to be loaded). I will like for the system to display how many user are in each zip code or city. Lets say Chicago for example. If there are 25,345 user in Chicago I want it to be displayed for the advertiser to see. Lets say they only want to do 3 zip codes 60611, 60610, 60612 and there are 3,564 user in those three it will say. They can then schedule how frequent they want their ads played. It can be continuous (meaning that it will always randomly pick them amount the other advertisers). It can be weekly (lets say randomly on Mondays). Etc. The system will then track how many ads were played by each user and subtract that from funds. They can fund the account with $50.00 to start, which yield 50 calls. They will be able to see how many calls were placed with their ad but NOT the phone numbers. Never will they have access to the phone numbers.

When the emergency notification is sent out random ads will be placed with the message also. If possible random ads will be placed with text messages, this will have to be a separate section in the advertisers web portal. I would like to also have an email section in the web portal where advertisers can upload ads (such as banner ads) when the user wishes to have an email sent. All ads (phone, txt, email) at first will be $1.00 USD to start.

Beceriler: ASP, Javascript, Perl, PHP

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