Setting up advanced features of a website using Mambo Open Source

For anyone with a good knowledge of PHP and who knows how to work on Content Management Systems, this should be fairly straightforward.

I am creating a website for a personal use, a football (soccer) themed one mixed with IRC, and I only have experience with HTML. I am trying to create a much more professional website, and was introduced to Mambo Open Source ([url removed, login to view])

This is brilliant and I am able to design the site to how I want it, but with my lack of PHP skills and experience, I am unable to do the "advanced" features of the website, which are detailed in the deliverables. These are things such as the main user interface, where users can sign up, and do things such as create a profile, submit articles, pictures, that sort of thing.

## Deliverables


**Design a login system** where users can log in to the site. They will then got a user area menu, where they can set their profile (name, date of birth, location, team supported, option of adding their picture). The main feature of the profile is that the user can select his/her team's logo and country logo. An SQL database has already been put together along with a folder of .gifs (ID 56 in the database corresponds to [url removed, login to view], which may be Real Madrid).

If possible, a scroller or something on the front page, linked to the profiles, saying whether it is anyone's birthday today.

Implementation of a forum on the website, which links to the users signing up. They can log in to the website and this also logs them in to the forum. A forum such as phpbb is fine.

The whole point of the users signing up is so that they can be a part of the site, by submitting articles, quotes and also rate articles and quotes submitted by others.

So really, the main thing that is required is an advanced user interface which can basically connect users to the site to use facilities.

2. **Email facility** - Very closely linked to the above. The webspace we have offers unlimited email accounts, and we really would want it if, when users signed up, they could have email accounts.

3. **Prediction league** - A league is needed where admins of the site are able to set up games to predict, and then users are able to select their predictions. Then after the game, the admin can input what the result was, and results are calculated in terms of how well the users did, with production of a table. (i.e. 100% correct score, 5pts, correct result but wrong score, 3pts, correct number of goals for one of the teams, 1pt, incorrect entirely 0pts). I understand this may be tricky, and there may be better methods, but this is the general idea of what would be desired.

4. **Templates/colour chooser** - We've already been able to install a few templates, and have also modified some so that they come in different colours. At the end, we would like 4-5 templates which come in a few colours. Whilst this can be done ourselves, what would be required is that a drop down list selects the templates you can choose, and then there is a colour chooser linked with it so that you can choose the colour you want of that template. This is just a neater, more professional way of creating a list of templates named "template1red, template1blue, template2red, template2blue" etc.

5. **Java Applet** - As mentioned briefly in the description, we are based on IRC, so we would like a section of the site which has a java applet (such as [[url removed, login to view]][1]) so that uses can connect to the IRC channel using java on the website).

**_Overview:_** So basically what is really needed is the advanced working of the website, i.e. the ability for users to sign up and interact with all the features. We can't do this user interface with all the desired features, and so related to that, we can't set up the features which users interact with. Therefore anybody who has experience with PHP or better, using Mambo or a similar CMS should not really find it hard to do this for us at all.

If anyone is vaguely interested but would want more information, showing you what the website is like so far would probably make it a lot easier to understand and see what is required, so let me know if this is the case.

In concluding, all work must be able to do what is required (above), set up and ready to go on our website, so that we can then take over from there, managing it and finally having a website with everything we need on it. Thanks.

## Platform

We have webspace that runs FreeBSD, and the package installed is Mambo Open Source. The website supports PHP, MySQL and all those other things.

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