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524216 Skype desktop plug-in using Skype API and V-bulletin databas


Skype add-on that interacts with a V-bulletin database. This application allows for per minute billing to be calculated during a Skype call.

Using our website customers will prepay a dollar amount into their account. That dollar amount will be reflected in their account balance within this application.

When calls are made to experts (experts will be flagged as a membership type in our  V-bulletin database), one tenth of that experts per minute rate will be deducted from the users account balance each 6 seconds the call is live.

Based on an admin defined global field (house share), a percentage is taken between the money spent by users and received by experts. This field may be changed by admins either globally or by individual expert.

Example, when a user calls an expert and spends $10. If our defined percentage (house share) is 20% the expert would receive $8 for that call (calculated and updated every 6 seconds).

Ideally calls between users and experts using our app would be privatized meaning the user can't see the experts account name. This could be done either with an api call or by using a house skype account to forward calls.

User experience

Upon opening the application, the user is presented with a login box. The username and password they use with our V-bulletin software will be used here. Login will call the vbulletin database.

Based on whether or not the user is flagged as an expert they will see a slightly different application window.

Once logged in, the call status should be flagged as no current call.

Using either the built-in expert directory in the application or by choosing an expert profile on our website, the user should be able to initiate a call through Skype with our application managing billing.

While call is being placed, the Placing call status should show. If you are an expert receiving a call, the name of the Vbulletin user should show up as the incoming caller.

If the caller is not using liveexperts app no incoming call will show and no minutes will be billed.

If possible, the username should not be visible within skype during the call. We are willing to look at using our own skype account to forward calls in order to maintain privacy between users and experts.

During the call, application will update both the expert and the users account balances every 6 seconds. Minutes will be broken down into 10 increments of 6 seconds. The balance updates should also reflect our house share. So $1 spent by the user puts $0.80 into the experts account. And logs the $0.20 into our house account balance.

Database users flagged as experts will have their account balances increased when calls are placed to them directly. Experts may also call other experts and pay using their available account balances.

Who ever places the call pays. The receiver earns.

Elapsed time, should show real time with balance updates every 6 seconds.

If call is placed in hold, Paused Call status window is visible. No billing takes place.

When call is completed, the completed status window should show allowing the user and expert to leave a rating and comment about the experience. Comments should post to the "Visitor Messages" field in V-bulletin.

Experts directory should pull from the V-bulletin database of expert members and should allow for searches to be performed using the expert's keywords and/or category.

Ratings should be integrated into vbulletin. Here is a simple hack.

[url removed, login to view]

I want the ratings to be out of 5 and using a star rating system.

All communication between the application and v-bulletin should be encrypted.

Vbulletin Changes


Field: House Share (the total dollars collected by the house share percentage).

Withdraw requests.

When an expert requests a withdrawal they are added to a pending list viewable by admin.

Admins can make payments to experts and archive the request, removing the available balance from the experts field.

Field: Total account balance.

Field: Total house account balance.

Field: Expert Available Balance

Field: Minimum withdraw amount

Field: Holdback (number of days to hold balance before a withdraw request can be made)

Each call should be logged for admin view that tracks the following


number of minutes used

Amount Spent

House earnings

User and Expert

A custom admin stats page should be created to view this data with the ability to pull date ranges.


Starting with user registration.

Field: Add a member type field with the option to join as a Client or Expert.

Field: Add a Category selection box with a predefined list of expert categories (see List on [url removed, login to view]). It should be easy for us to add parent categories and child categories in admin.

Field: Add a Keywords field allowing comma separated keywords to be entered.

Field: A mandatory field for the skyp id should be collected for both users and experts.

Field: A mandatory field for per minute rate should be added. Experts should only see this field.

Some fields will not be editable by the user

Field: Account Balance (visible but may only be changed by admin, payment software and the skype app but not user/expert)

Field: Available balance (the amount of the account balance that is older than the predefined admin Holdback field) this amount may be requested to withdraw by the expert at any time.

Upon registration, take users and experts to a payment page created by us.

Withdraw requests.

Any expert with an account balance over $20 may request a paypal withdraw from us. 

Expert will be prompted for a paypal account email upon request for withdrawal

After request is made, show a "Your withdrawal request will be processed shortly" message.

Send an email to admin to notify of request.


We will be using DLGuard to process our payments. A secure script will need to be created that adds a dollar amount to the user or experts account balance upon successful payment. DLGuard allows for this.

DLGuard developers guide is here

[url removed, login to view]

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