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> I would like to see if there's a way to put a link in open office text document and spreadsheet to a photo on the Internet in a simple one step process in something like Gallery2 or 3 for a backend. It only needs minimal security, at least enough to keep it off of Google images and miscellaneous people seeing inside someone's home. I think there is a lot of different ways that this could be done.


> I'm willing to split this in to a designing & then a programing bid




## Deliverables

1. Linking; The ability to embed a link in OpenOffice spreadsheet cell and in the text of a document. It may also be nice if it would work in an e-mail. I see it looking something like see attached file. The thumbnail makes it take up a lot of space on the page especially when we're trying to do three photos at a time in most places. It would probably be a big wish list to have it do some sort of hover display from the Internet of a thumbnail.

2. Security; The real issue is that at some point I would like my inspection system/eGroupware to assign a user name and password for accessing reports and photos. I'm thinking that this will never be an actual username and password. I think it will be a backend verification contained in the link. The goal is that I can attach a link that contains the username and password just to provide some security from one client to the next however if they want to e-mail the link to someone involved they will automatically be able to access the information. Of course in a perfect world the backend would keep track of accesses addresses and other statistics.

3. Back end Photo Gallery; I'm thinking that an application like Gallery2 or a module in Joomla something comparable would be a good option I'm also on the fence about buying a digital asset management software like Canto Cumulus or Nuxeo DM. Picking the Link; picking the link needs to be pretty user-friendly. this is the hardest thing and can be very time-consuming if it's slow. Some of the projects are pushing 3000 photos. If we use something like Gallery2 there may be some sorting capabilities but that's a whole other discussion about DAM's. I think it needs to be some sort of thumbnail view of the property/photo directory with a click or drag to insert.

4. Storage; I think the storage can be handled by whatever back end we use all of the photos will be moderate sized JPEG's I think the biggest average photo we would take would be 1280 x 960 If we use something Gallery2 it will handle making thumbnails or consistent sizes if we made it as well as watermarking and copywriting. I think it could be stored directly in a MySQL database or just in a directory for each project. Whatever makes it the easiest.

5. Displaying; probably the best display would be some minimal window that would pop up with clicking the link. There may be some times that hovering and showing a thumbnail would be really nice and other times it can be very annoying because of the real estate/screen size restraints. maybe there is an application that does the film strip type of display that would just jump to the appropriate photo. It probably would be best if the user has the ability to have the window up and position it where they'd like it and then the photos displayed in that window depending upon which link you clicked. I've talked about a lot of different things that may or may not be feasible or even possible I'm just trying to give you an idea of the possibilities I may be interested in. At this point I think that something is possible using open office links & Gallery2. Hopefully the functionality can be brought down into a simple one step process.

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