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512698 Sailing cruise site_ version 1

Nice design, nice colors and images. Theme: Spiritual cruises.

PHP. mYSQL. Google map. PayPal payment gateway integration.

For many sailboats/yachts offering cruise services.

Yacht information, with photos (photo uploader for Client).

(Facebook site, Twitter account, vessel data)

System must keep account of beds and orders, no overbooking allowed, but can be put on waitinglist, than not sent to payment gateway, only recieve confirmation email about waiting list: CC Admin and Client.

Trip information. From port. To port. Price (per leg, part of trip, whole trip). Description. With photos.

Trip type: (Bareboat/Skippered/Crewed/Sharing). Listbox.

Route to be drawned in Google Map by adding waypoints. Route to show in Goggle Map. (in red color).

Sailed distance based on daily positions shown in same Google Map. (in green color).

(GPS tracking position on Google map)

Each yacht can have many trips. One trip to be marked standard. Only standard can be purchased. Other trips can be ordered "Interested in this trip" on. Customer to recieve confirmation email about added to Interest List: CC Admin and Client. Client and Admin to see Order List, Interest list, and Waiting List for each and all trips. Client must be able to add their own individual response emails text for Interest and Waiting List confirmation email. If not added, then default as added by Admin will apply, i.e.: "Thanks for taking interest in our cruise. The Owner of the Vessel will contact you if the trip will be setup, or if you will advance from waiting list to participant on the trip". All this three email autoresponse texts is reviable in Admins Settings panel, and this texts are defaulkt in each Clients Settings panels.

Yachts last reported position. Advise on software to add data by SMS straight to mySQL database.


Latitude (In Degrees, Minutes, Seconds):

Longitude (In Degrees, Minutes, Seconds):

Date for this Entry:

Position Time (GMT) :

Course (Degrees):

Speed (Knots):

Comment, Maximum 180 characters (180 set by Admin in Settings.):

Social interaction site. Update and inform Friends by email when new Position Report addedd, for Friends "Following this trip" or "Follow this yacht".

Host/crew information, with photos. Photo uploader (how many images allowed to upload set by Admin in General > Settings.

Invitation/Public/Registerred users. Checkbox/radiobutton.

Position input in SMS [url removed, login to view] 12:00 [url removed, login to view],5 [url removed, login to view],6 R(emark)=Weather is good.

or login to website and put data.

Logbook/Journal. Date/time. Entry (Text field. Max size set in Admin settings).

Public/No public route/Registerred users. Checkbox/radiobutton.

Simple MLM selling/affiliate system. Friends can earh money to sell cruises (commission rate). The point with the MLM or Affiliate (or whatever you call it - you are the expert - I just say what I want to do) is that members of this site will gain and earn commission (% as stated in General > Settings) on each customer they will sell a trip to, after payment is done and after payment is not refundable (normally 2-6 weeks before the trip starts)..........Cancelling before that trip is invoking just an admin fee, what there is also MLM commission on. Each of user/member are given their own URL automatically A Members Area featuring statistics,

Tell a friend on trip page and own URL inside on the member area are sendin Users URL to Friend.

Admin Settings: Admin PayPal email & Standard email. Commission (site) rate (%). MLM rate (%), etc.

User registration (NB: Standard email AND PayPal email)

Friend request (registerred users, boat, crew and guests)

Share on Facebook. With Affiliate URL spesific code (cookie?).

Link to Vessels Twitter account

Payment gateway, PayPal for Customers. 10% (percent possible to set by site admin Settings) commission to site.

Account & Balance for each Client (each Vessel is a Client). After PayPal payment from customers, account must be updated on the correct Vessel/Client account.

Account and Balance Sheet to reflect payment to Client from site owner/admin. Payments by PayPal (PayBalance option, less commission).

Simple MLM, any registerred user to recieve X % (as % in Settings) for getting cruisers to any of the sites Vessels/Clients. PayBalance option.

Search Trip type (for customers) - (Bareboat/Skippered/Crewed/Sharing)

Dates in European datum format. [url removed, login to view]

Possibilities to present information in more languages (English as default).

Beceriler: PHP

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