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522774 Craigslist Flagger I have script needs repairing only

I OWN the original Craigslist Flagger software (part of script is Below)(also I typed in "this is a at symbal) because the listings wont let me use that at [url removed, login to view] it is the original that was used from [url removed, login to view] before the site was abused and shut down. I paid the owner of the Script $500 for the PHP Script and it worked perfectly for about 13 Months. However, It runs and shows it's working yet doesn't fetch many proxies anymore. The proxies it fetches comes from a website called [url removed, login to view] Well, my problem is, it use to run through about 7,000 proxies and about 5,700 were successful flags but now, it will run through 7,000 and only about 142 are successful flags and the rest are failed attempts. Bad thing is, it use to flag off the Craigslist Listing in 1-10 min now it runs for 2 weeks straight and the ad still stays live. I have the PHP flagging script, I DON'T need someone to write one or sell one to me. I need it fixed on the proxy finder and to work again! I own a website were this PHP script runs on and it is a FTP program. I don't run this from my computer, it's a live website that uses FTP and I have it password protected. I need someone to help me just fix the proxy part how it fetches. I don't need a whole script written, or any flagging software, just a fix in the coding. If interested I can send you the script and you can modify it and I can upload it again in my FTP account. I'm looking to spend ONLY $50. the reason is, if you designed a flagger before, and see it just needs a valid string to work, the time involved is less than [url removed, login to view] you can help

$head = "Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows XP)";

$refurl = $_REQUEST['site'];

$attempts = 0;

// $head = getheader($refurl);

$handle = (this is a "at" symbal)fopen("[url removed, login to view]", "r");

if ($handle) {

while (!feof($handle)) {

$buffer = (this is a "at" symbal)fgets($handle, 4096);

$data = explode(":", $buffer);

$ip = $data[0];

$port = $data[1];


$review = $review + 1;

$attempts = $attempts + 1;

$head = getheader($refurl);

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