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443995 need to add some stuff to site TONIGHTPick 3 hrs

I have a penny auction site see [url removed, login to view]

Heres the number one issue and this happened right after I had some work done… so we need to figure out what went wrong at any rate

<o:p> </o:p>

[url removed, login to view]

Username Login paulie

pass paulie


Login rpandassociates

Pass rpandassociates

Okay now you have all that

1. use internet explorer I haven't tested firefox yet assume same stuff will test in a bit

2. Goto [url removed, login to view]

3. Login

[url removed, login to view] on any auction image to see full size auction

[url removed, login to view] on bid and you get nothing

[url removed, login to view] right click and refresh or F5 whatever and magically you can bid

[url removed, login to view] go back to index

Goto drop down menu click on all live auctions click on image again to go full size and what do you know bid button works fine without refresh… hmmm

** Now if we go way back to original auction before we added featured or beginners or polling it works fine i have original file as well when you click on the image as it does when you go through menu… so its somewhere in there… that's all I can tell you …

***Now before you do anything [url removed, login to view] This is the new format but I want it fixed on both the original and the new one as I will use whichever the client chooses when they purchase it……

Anyways on index3 because I built it from your index and not original I have same issue with the auction glitch,

Number 2

(See how I have rows of five on index3) and the second row only has one ='s 6 needs to be 10 so 2 rows of 5

And on index you get 6 auctions before it goes horizontal I need that changed to either 5 or 10 preferably 10 to match index3 but these need to fill in underneath the LHS so that last row would be 3 instead of two (very important) then they can go horizontal * would be nice if it could be controllable via admin J this has something to do with the sql and I cant figure it out

I need a cash out variation where as when adding a auction ther will be a option like the buy it now that adds a image (set in admin panel like watermark) which will appear somewhere on auction display in a corner or by bid button somewhere (have to figure this out) anywasy it's a item or cash option for buyer so if they win the auction after the accept the auction or while accepting the auction they can click a button that will do a cpl things number one instantly mark item as paid notify admin of selection of cash out option, amount to be paid to user this is the same as the amount that would have been paid to the admin minus any shipping etc. of course since nothing is to be shipped, the admin would then do the rest and be able to mark it as paid , delete it, edit it, and notify user of payment –trigger email to user…

I need the shopping cart (im instaling now) and auction script to share the same databaseSingle registration process

I need to be able to sell bidpacks in shopping cart and have them credit to site after purchased(reason I am using cart for gift certificates) can be used to buy bidpacks anything in store this is built into cart

I need like a credit cards rewards system where as when a user buys a bidpack or pays for a auction they will receive X amount of points configured via admin for wining and paying auctions and another X setting for bidpacks

--- these points wil be redemmed for gift certificates from the store or bidpacks etc. they will work like cash so 1 point equals 1 dollar And this is to tie into the cash out optionhave cash out included exchange for rewards points I actually even bought this basic rewards point script haven't tried it yet but you may be able to use it same some work if your lucky also all of the options in relation to points = dollars and how many point per item maybe some sort of calculatiuon of amunt percentile ='s points conversion

I want this done quick and right

I will not tolerate sloppy coding and i will be checking thew coding as you go. Weve put alot of work into this auction so we want to keep it right. Everything works except the one issue noted above please dont mess anything up..

I expect you to comment everything you add and make backups as you go

note this script has encoded files that you will not need to modify so dont even ask for a unencoded set we can not provide them to you.

Please dont piss off the software company by attempting to install on your local server as its license is track every freaking second of every minute and if any domain other than the one thats licensed for it shows up they get pissed call your host and get all huffy and puffy with me as its tagged as being from me, so youll work on my server only...

should be a fairly simple job bid acordingly cheapest competent bidder will get the project clsing in 24hrs

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