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524094 Simple Affiliate script - PHP - MySQL 2

This project is about an affiliate tracking script written in PHP with MysQL support..

The basic functioning of the script would be to track affiliate sales and calculate commissions.. that's all

The script should initially developed for use with greek encoding (utf-8).. If you can't guarantee a working script with the above requirement, please do not place a bid..

The user will be able to signup by filling the form and accepting terms of service

Form fields are:

* First Name

* Last Name

* Address

* Zip Code

* Country (Either Greece or Abroad)

* Tel. number

* Paypal email

* username

* password


* terms of service checkbox

(captcha protection must be included)

(form must be validated - fields with an * must not be left blank)

After signing up, the user will see a message saying that their account must be approved by admin.. They will also receive an email with signup info..

When the account is approved by admin an e-mail is send to affiliate

informing them of the fact..

Then affiliate can login, get affiliate links, edit their account

or view their stats..

When someone uses the affiliate link to get to the product page, a cookie is saved on their PC with which the sale can be tracked..

If there are two or more affiliate cookies in the users computer,

then the last affiliate who got there, gets the credit..

The affiliate front-end

Edit Account (self explaining)

Get affiliate links (The unique affiliate URL)

View Statistics (Click-throughs, sales, commissions)

Admin front-end

- System settings

(There will be only one product to promote.. )

-- Commission amount (%) (the commission earned by the affiliate for the product)

-- Product name

-- Product ID

-- Cookie duration (x days / Forever)

-- Currency (Normally EUR)

-- Product URL (The URL where the affiliate link should point to)

-- any other thing that I cannot think of and might be required..

- Edit affiliate Accounts (self explaining)

Account should be presented in a grid format. By clicking on the username we go to the screen where we edit affiliate details..

(In this section there will be an option to Reset the affiliate commissions and start calculating from the beginning.. e.g. an affiliate has earned $200 commissions.. After reset, all the sales

data and commission data for this affiliate will be set to $0)

- Add affiliate Accounts (self explaining)

(When added by the admin, accounts are automatically approved)

- Approve affiliate Accounts (self explaining)

(Only for affiliate accounts who sign up from the sign up form on their own)

(Approval or rejection with one click)

Accounts will be presented in a grid format

- View Commissions

-- This screen will have information about all commissions in the system presented in a grid one after the other.. Here are the details for each commission: (Commission ID, Commission Date, Sale Amount (EUR), Commission Amount (EUR), Approved/Unapproved,

affiliate username)..

If an affiliate is Reset (look above - Edit Affiliate), their commissions will not show in this section..

- Add Commissions

-- Manually add a commission (any amount) to any affiliate. This commission is unapproved by default and can be seen in the -Aprove Commissions- section (look below)

- Approve Commissions

-- View all unapproved commissions and approve or reject them with one click

- Commission Stats

- This screen will have the following information in a grid (Affiliate username, # of total number of Sales, Total amount of money in sales, Total amount of money in commissions)

-Edit Emails

-- Email goes out to affiliate when they sign-up

-- Email goes out to affiliate when their account is approved

-- Email goes out to affiliate when a commission is approved

-- Email goes out to admin when new affiliate signs up

-- Email goes out to admin when a new sale is tracked

-- there might be another e-mail here that I cannot think of

Very important:

I understand that dealing with utf-8 encoding can be a pain in the ass for programmers but you must find a way for the system to send e-mails using Unicode encoding so that greek characters are supported in the subject and body of the e-mail..


Script should integrate with both 2CO recurring products and Paypal subscription buttons.. I am not using any type of shopping cart just plain subscription buttons..

I am also thinking of installing two instances of the script on my server using different folders and database settings.. I imagine there would be no problem doing that.. If not, please let me know how to do it or modify the script accordingly..

I don't need the design for this script only functioning..

We might need to further develop this script so the programmer who bids must be ready to support us in the future, regarding this project..

A readme file must be provided by the programmer with installing instructions and migrate instructions in case I change server..

Keep in mind that I wrote this description myself based on my experience with another affiliate script who couldn't get it to work for me.. So if I have left any uncovered issues about the script (the which you will possibly find out), we will discuss them

after I accept your bid..

Also, because I am a little bit out of cash lately I would appreciate if you make me an offer which I cannot deny!

Waiting for your bid!

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