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Its a Network Marketing Business called "N3 Program".

The tipical:

People sign in, buy products, recommend N3 to others and earn money by his network purchases.

His network is composed by 3 vertical levels (like son, grandson and great-grandson) with no horizontal limits.

The website is "in construction", based in a Wordpress CMS. Its prefered to have the whole website inside Wordpress, but I´m not sure about it´s security. The second option is to have the WP just to the webdesign and the software in another SQL.

Its a brazilian project, so everything is in Português, not in english. Our currency is Real (R$).

The project is composed for 4 parts:

1) Sign In

· The new user fills a form with personal informations and inform his "sponsor ID" and his "consultant ID", if there exist. Its importante to have a validate function for that, informing the name of a sponsor or consultant, after the user fills it. Or something like "sponsor not found", in that case. When he finishes the signin process, he gets his ID that will be used like a "sponsor ID" on his network signin process.

· There are two "special users" categories, defined by the adm: the "vip sponsor" and the "consultant". When a new user signin and don´t inform his "sponsor ID", the software uses a "vip sponsor" to that field (invisible). The criterion used to choose the "vip sponsor" is the number of uses. The software always get the less used one.

· The consultant field can be null. If a consultant is informed, it change the way the software calculate de network bônus just on the first month, to reward the consultant.

· The new user gets a monthly "activation date", based on his signs in date. There are two possible activation dates. It means he will need to buy every month, before his activation date, to be active on the marketing program. If he don´t "activate" his account already on the his first activation date, his account is cancelled. If he do it, after that, he needs to skip 3 monthly activation dates to be cancelled. On the first and second ones, he just don´t get his bônus, if there exists. When a user is cancelled, his sponsor inherits his network.

2) eCommerce (shopping area)

· We have a "currency" called "PSB" that makes the interface between the user and the marketing program. So, the user needs to buy 25 PSBs (pack) every month to be active. The value of 1PSB should can be defined by the adm, on his adm area. When the user buys his "mensual activation", it is showed on his adm area, like a credit that can be used to buy products. It means that to be active the user needs to buy PSB credits, not products yet. He could buy as many "mensual activations packs" he wants. For exemple, if he buys 4 packs, he gets 100 PSBs credit (25 * 4) and have his next "activation date" for 5 months from now, and so on. He decides when he uses his credits to buy products. He can do it every month or acumulate it to buy a lot of things then. The PSBs purchase will be available on the user adm area, not on the products shopping area.

· Every product have 3 prices: a) The "no users" price; b) The PSBs price; c) The discount price. If I am not logged in, I just can buy the products by the "no users" price, but the software informs the "discount users price" too, just to stimulate the signin process. If I am logged in, I see the PSBs price and the discount price and I can choose between that. If I am active, I can buy with discount as many times as I want, but I can not use my PSBs credits for that, I will need to use R$. If I am not active, I just can buy using my PSBs credits, if there exist. I can not use PSBs and R$ to pay the same product. I need to choose between them. But I can mix PSBs products and R$ products on the same shopping cart, to get better shipping prices.

· From the first users purchase, on his shopping cart, the software offers the option to request his "credit card" (like a radio button). If he choose to request it, the shopping cart recalculate the total, including its price. From that, this option will not be showed anymore. If he dont add it to his basket now, the software offers it again on the next purchase.

· The software calculates the shipping price (Post API), using his actual zipcode and gives him the choice to add a new address, if he wants to. And recalculate the shipping using the new zipcode. There is an optional "take the products on the distributor office" with no shipping cost.

· Just the payment process is made outside, by a "payment website" that have scripts to integrate it with the shopping cart.

· The brazilian Post Office gives us a code to track each shipping. The adm, when ship some pack, receive this code and fill it on the purchase informations. That way the user can access it on his adm area and track his purchases.

· The software generates an Order Report, a Invoice for each purchase.

· Every product has a stock value and a minimum stock value. After the purchase, the software recalculates the stock for each product and if it is under the minimum stock value, the software informs it on some adm area.

3) Bônus

· Like a networking marketing program, when somebody purchase something his network earn some bônus. On the N3 Program, it happens just when the user purchase PSBs (his mensual activation). When he buys something by discount prices or when he uses his PSBs credits to buy products, nothing happens to his network.

· Each user receive his bônus at 4 bônus dates (semanal basis).

· So, when the user buys his mensual activation, his sponsor ("father") earns 15%, his "grandfather" earns 15% too and his "great-grandfather" earns 5%. This bônus values should be defined by the ADM on his adm area.

· On his adm area, the user should see his network, who is active, who didn´t activate the last month and who didn´t activate the last 2 months. I think it could be made by a color icon (green, yellow and red). The user should see his actual bônus, how much he will receive on the next bônus date, etc.

· When a user purchase more than one "monthly activation pack", the network bônus will not be paid at once. It should be calculated like the user have purchased 1 pack this month, 1 pack next month, etc...

· When, on the signin process, the user informs a "consultant ID", his first "monthly activation pack" purchase doesn´t generate bônus to his network. Just the consultant is payed on this first month. This value should be defined by the ADM on the adm area.

· On each semanal bônus date, the software generate a "bônus report" that will be send to the bank.

4) ADM area

· We should have diferent adm profiles (levels) accessing diferent areas of contents.

· The first level is the USER area. It should have:

- On the principal area, his PSB credits, his next "activation date" and the option to buy "mensual activation packs" (unit);

- His profile area, with his personal informations that can be edited;

- His network area, organized like a folders struture, using the colours icons for each user status (green to active, yellow to 1 month late, red to 2 months late);

- His bônus area, with the historial of the last bônus, and the next bônus values;

- His purchases area, with the historial and the actual purchase (products, status, post code) with a field called "receive date", where the user informs that he had received the purchase.

· The second level is SUPPORT area. It should have:

- Total network with a search engine to find an user by name or ID and show his network (the 3 levels), his profile (and edit it), his "activation date" and his bonus historial;

- Permit to use an user ID to make purchases (when an user purchase by phone), always using his PSBs credit;

- Purchases area - search a purchase by user´s name, date or purchase ID;

- An "open purchases" list with the purchase infos, print Order Ticket, print Invoice, option to change the status (paid, ordered, sent, received) and the field to enter the Post Code;

- Every interaction should be registrated with author and date/time informations.

· The third level is ADMIN area. It should have:

- Everything on SUPORT area;

- Total network with a search engine to filter users by some criteria: name, ID, status, date of signin and monthly activation date, consultant, vip sponsor; - On the network area, every name is a link and when double click on someone it opens his complete profile (network, personal info, status, activation date, purchase historial and bonus historial);

- On the user profile area the option to include him on the "vip sponsor" list, and the option to include him on the "consultant" list;

- A bonus area with the next bonus report print link;

- An area to define values for network bonus, consultant bonus, PSB currency, etc...

- Products area, with a form to insert a new product: name, category, model, main photo, description, additional info, regular price, PSB price, discount price, inicial stock, minimum stock, total weight. Some purchase registry to add products to the stock.

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