Customize/redesign osCommerce Store and Site

Wanted: A company that is knowledgeable and has worked in depth with osCommerce. I specifically mention 'company' due to the fact that every individual I have worked with so far never seems to complete more then one or two projects before they move on. If you are an individual or small group you can still bid but please be aware that my preference will be a Company. Individuals or small groups must also submit past osC work and references. Everyone biding should have at least 4 years osC experience.

I'm looking to overhaul my entire Site, from top to bottom, inside and out. I'm not looking for a company to help with just one or two projects. I'm looking for a company that is willing to work with me from start to finish. I also have quite a bit of work I want done.

As part of the Site being overhauled I'll need some graphical work done. It's nothing major, but I want some help designing/finishing a logo for our new name, Reactive Legacy Systems. I have some ideas already so I don't see this project being too hard or taking too long. I'm also always open to suggestions and ideas.

Scope of Work:

The main project will be changing the site from the way it looks like now ([url removed, login to view]) to more like ZipZoomFly.com. I want a menu 'bar' that is stationary on the left side of the screen and never leaves or changes throughout the entire Site. The top of the Site will stay pretty much as it is but could also be used as an additional menu bar if needed. I assumed when a user clicks on one of the menu options on the left menu bar it would 'open up' to reveal the options that pertain to that particular menu item. The 'middle' section of the Site (screen) is the part that will change or be updated with information and will be scrollable that way the menu bar and header will stay stationary and the information will move. The Main Page should be quite simple as what's there now could reside under a menu item. What I would like is just a simple welcome message. The Store however will be a little more complex. Again, I'm open to suggestions and ideas and will probably need to be shown some options before I'm able to fully decide how things should look. Of course I expect to pay for this development service or have it be included in the overall cost of work I want done.

In the Store I still want the left side menu bar and header as mentioned above. The Store's menu items will be the available categories. Right now every category is displayed in the Store at once and in its own box. I now want just the one category's contents to be displayed when selected by the user. I also want the 'People who purchased this item also purchased these' section disabled when you click on an item to display.

I also want the Site's Admin cleaned up. I'm not looking for some major overhaul, just removing the items I don't use and standardizing how it looks and feels. This isn't critical and is least important to me. I also would like a good Backup feature. Right now backing up the Site is a major amount of work. Realistically I don't know how possible it is, but I would like an option to be able to backup everything relevant to the Site and download a file to my machine to be archived. Again, this isn’t a major requirement and can be a separate project if needed.

I have a Test Server that can be used or we can use your own Server if you wish. I don’t want the actual Live Site modified unless I give authorization. I also want the Live Site fully backed up every time before any changes are made in case there are issues. I will then be supplied with a copy of the backup for archival purposes and before any work will continue.

Right now I'm looking for quotes so I can make contacts with new companies. An actually price will be submitted once we discuss all the details and I get a chance to see how things work between us, what questions are asked, what solutions are presented and I get a better 'feel' of how we would work together. I'm also open to breaking the work I want done in to smaller projects in it helps.

I'm pretty easy to work with and flexible with the price and time frame. I also don't expect anyone to work for free. Being in business I understand the difference between a 'quote' and an 'actual' price. If things cost more or take longer then projected because of changes I want done, I expect to pay extra for it. I'm also not particularly knowledgeable when it comes to PHP, osCommerce or SLQ. So I expect most, if not all, of the 'leg work' and problems to be handled by your company. I also want a relationship with a company whom I can email if there’s an issue and the problem is taken care of.

After the main changes are done I have several other major projects I will want done. They include work on the check out part of the Store and also how the store looks. I also want to be able to 'clone' the Store and/or Site in the Admin so I can sell more then one type of item – i.e. – I now sell computer hardware but I also want to sell Pinball hardware. I want an option on the Main Page so users can select what 'type' of items they are visiting my Site for – i.e. – Apple II, Pinball, Arcade, etc. I also want these Stores and Sites to be separate but also linked so people can easily browse between them. I also want a section for Forums, Software downloads and a way to setup a section in my Store to link items that I don't sell but are available and related to what I'm selling. Ultimately I want my Site to become a Portal for different communities. I want you keep this in mind and submit ideas and suggestions as the work and projects progress.

Concerning payment: I'm open to anything but I would prefer to pay in 'thirds' – i.e. - A third of the total price when we decide on the scope of the project. A third when the work get published on the Test Server and I get to test and see the project. I will then either submit additional modifications I want done or approve the work to be made live on my Live Server. And the last third, plus any additional fees for additional work I requested above and beyond the scope we originally agreed to. After full payment has been made your company will then perform all the additional work needed to move the new code to the Live Server and make it active. This will include (buy may not be limited to) backing up the old Site, supplying me with a copy of the backup, and making all necessary settings and changes to the Live Server's code. At the time of the final payment the code will become my property and remain confidential unless I give permission to use it. Once everything is working as it was on the Test Server and I’m satisfied we will then move on to the next project. If any bugs are found after I have approved the code and additional work is required to correct them, again I don’t expect you to work for free but I would prefer a discount if possible for this additional work.

I would prefer for the first project to be paid through this Site and additional work to be negotiated in person. I always prefer to use PayPal if possible.

I apologize for this being so long but I wanted to make sure everyone is clear on what I expect. As you can see I'm detail oriented, concise and know what I want. I won’t waste your time and in return I don't expect my time to be wasted either. Please, serious bids only. Thanks you for your time and I look forward to your bid.


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