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This is a repost with more details. Please pay attention. WHAT I NEED I need a [url removed, login to view] style website. Is is intended for the research industry. It need however to be more easy to use than the samples listed, and it needs to look professional, almost corporate, while being creative and unique. It needs to be easy to nagivate and fully functional. Some features that I will need are: *professional look (corporate), quick to load, easy to navigate and use *easy posting process, yet more corporate/business/professional looking *easy account management *easy and comprehensive admin functions The header and log-in section layout is fine just as it is in [url removed, login to view], just change the icons/images/logo/colors to make it look more corporate and add a sign-up box like the member login one. The accounts menu needs to be made a little more corporate looking, not mechanic. Please leave space for a few lines of words between the second top bar (the one with log-in) and the project listing section (I'm referring to [url removed, login to view]). *Projects shall be listed on home page by categories and be divided by: Featured, Professional (10 projects), Educational (10 projects), Personal (10 projects), Qualitative/Quantitative participants search. *featured projects should stand out more different in the way they are display, more then they currently are at [url removed, login to view] *no escrow system for now. For the moment, the only payment method that shall be allowed is paypal, the rest (credit cards etc) you can set them up but they will not be offered yet *I need 2 main categories/groups (instead of webmasters/programmers it will be Clients and Researchers): *4 main categories for posting (personal, educational, professional, qualitative/quantitative participants search) with the top 5-10 for each category displayed in index page. *Professional posting is the only one that requires a fee from the clients to post a project (I should be able to change costs of posting for each section from admin) and shall be paid before the project is posted. *The ?Qualitative/Quantitative participants search' postings will have to work as follow: client posts the details of his research AND the amount that each participant will receive for their participation. Researchers then place a ?bid? which is not quantified (so no money on the bid, they're just offering themselves as subjects for the amount offered by the client) but researchers can provide a bit of personal information about themselves. Next to each ?bid? there shall be a box for the client to tick. The client can choose to tick as many researchers as it needs (only in this type of postings, on all other postings clients will be able to choose only 1 researcher). The client is charged an amount for each ?participant' it chooses which is based on the amount offered to participants when creating the posting and by the type of research to be done (focus groups will be $5 for $0-$50 value, it goes up to $7 for $51-$99 value and $10 for offerings of $100 and more)( personal interviews will be $3 for $0-$50 value, it goes up to $5 for $51-$99 value and $7 for offerings of $100 and more)(surveys and questionnaires will be $1 for $0-$50 value, it goes up to $2 for $51-$99 value and $3 for offerings of $100 and more. All participants chosen are charged a 10% of the offering or $3, whichever higher. *Researchers that create a professional account pay a membership fee and they are granted posting in the other 3 categories. Researchers that do not create a professional account have only access to "personal" "educational" and ?qualitative/quantitative participants search? postings and cannot view/bid on professional postings *Each category shall showcase only their project, not other category projects. *Professional projects can only be viewed in details by Professional-membership researchers and the project creator. All other projects can be viewed by anyone. *Each project description should include above the project title a small space for advertising/banner. There will be a rotation of 3 banners in each type of posting (so 3-banners rotation in the personal postings, 3-banners in the educational postings, 3-banners in the professional postings) I need to be able to update banners to each category postings from the admin panel *Each email notification (bid received, sign up, account balance reminder, etc) message needs to contain a space at the bottom for advertising that i should be able to update from the admin *Fees for the researchers (which will be a % of bid and no less then a preset amount, whichever higher) will be different based on the type of project (personal, educational, professional, qualitative/quantitative), so I should be able to change them from admin. *Researcher signing up for professional status should be assigned a different icon or made however stand up from the non-professionals. Such "professional" status shall be given manually after payment is received and references are reviewed, so it should not be automatically given by the system. The system shall however remove it after one month unless it is prompted (manually by me) to keep the status for another month. *the job posting process shall require the following info (all mandatory unless otherwise stated): user id, password, job title, company name (optional), job category (drop-down menu, choose from personal, educational, professional, qualitative/quantitative participants search) Findings format (choose links/sources, summary table(s), report (specify pages or words count), audiofile, website, powerpoint presentation, other (please specify), language (english, spanish, french, german, italian, chinese, other-please specify), wording of findings (no preferences, educational, professional -for each option, please specify), audience of findings (children, teenagers, undergraduate students, graduate students, professionals, top-management, elderly, average adult), provide writing/research sample with bid? Yes/no (100 words max), delivery time (choose from within 3 hours of project posting, within 12 hours of project posting, within 24 hours of project posting, within 3 days, within 1 week, within 1 month, within 1 year, other ~(specify), job description, additional requirements. Qualitative/quantitative studies will require a different posting process. You should understand what is needed in those studies from information provided below. *in the signup process for researchers, when they're creating their profile which will be viewable by clients, they should be able to enter: their undergraduate University and degree , their postgraduate university and degree, any related awards (max 5, 70 words max), and 100words max description of expertise. ?Professional skills' cannot be chosen. They are automatically given only to those who subscribe to professional membership. *in the signup process for all, telephone number shall be asked but not required. There should be a line explaining that the phone number is sometime necessary to enable timely comminication in time-sensitive research projects no withdraw, no escrow, no deposit, just pay balance. each charge to the account must be paid within 7 days of each charge creation, or account shall be frozen. No bids can be made if somebody has a negative balance, even if only one day old. *in top menu (always in reference to the top menu of [url removed, login to view]) no forums please. make it an FAQ instead, and also please add an "advertising" on the left of "contact us" button/section on the top menu *admin menu must do EVERYTHING and be easy...i trust you on this one. Special importance to listing/project/account management. I need to be able to update and modifiy all pages through an html-editor. *on signup, users can choose their own password *I don't have a logo WHEN I NEED IT As soon as possible WHAT YOU NEED TO SHOW ME 1)If you will use a pre-made script, I need to see at least 1 website that uses that script 2)samples of websites that you have created that you believe look 'professional, corporate yet unique and creative' WHO I NEED A freelancer that can work fast and ca provide me with a bug-free, fully functional website. You need to be a good programmer since you will need to make some changes to the script. You need to have a good sense of style and know what I mean when I say that I need a 'corporate, professional yet creative and unique' looking website. I have a very limited budget!! EXTRA Also, SEPARATE from your bid for the website?please quote me for some SEO work, telling me what you will do and how. IMPORTANT: This is urgent. Please bid only if you've understood what is needed exactly and only if you know you can deliver it. Zero feedbacks welcome if low bid

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