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I have a website Im putting together that will need an admin side to edit the pages as well, I'll be putting the website design together.

Ok so here it goes. We have three levels of users. We have the agent, agent admin and Iron Horse admin.

Agent's should be able to create accounts (user agreement screen, billing terms screen, price list screen, new account screen, credit card auth screen), log in (for new users that we set accounts up for or upload inventory they need to be forced through the regristration process to confirm account info then prompted to our inventory confirmation page which allows them to confirm or dispute the inventory that we uploaded), view an inventory report which reflects what signs are currently in place (inventory report screen), submit sign AND product orders (install order screen, product order screen which prompts agents to standardized sign order form links), view/update/edit pending sign orders (through inventory report), submit service orders for signs that are in place (update order screen accessed through inventory report screen), submit sign pick up/drop off orders (sign/post/rider inventory screen, sign/rider pick up/drop off screen), submit sign audit request (sign audit screen), view/update account/billing information (users account screen), view billing information/reports/open invoices and pay open invoices (we need to look at this one, starts with a billing report then goes on to god only knows), view lease report (lease report screen) and histotry report which shows complete order history (history screen).

Agent admin, which means an agent's assitant or office manger which simply allows the user to perform the same functions as the agent for multiple users, entire offices or agencies.

Iron Horse admin should be able to do the following

Install Orders Report/Review: This report should allow admin to review, update, edit new service orders. This report should be able to be viewed in the following: New Orders, All Orders and either New or All by county mls.

Install Orders Report/Installer Report: This is the report that goes to the installers. It should have certain information deleted (prices, dates) and it should be structured in the clearest possible way so installers know what they are looking at. It should also have certain fields highlighted for easy reading and auto populated and specifically placed notes that come from the specifics on the order.

Product Orders Report/Review: Same as Install Orders Report/Review only for product orders as opposed to install orders.

Lease Report: Should the sign posts that have lease fees due. This is a setting that is assigned at the user/office/agency level. Each agent/user/office or agency will be assigned a status (agent owns posts/agent rents posts). If agents own their posts no lease fee will be acrued. If agent rents posts then a preset fee will be applied to post 6 months from the date of installation and then every three months there after for as long as the post remains in the ground. Removal of post prior to any lease renewal voids lease fee.

Inventory Report: We should be able to view inventory at the agent/office and agency level. From there we can click on the address which should be a link to the "update listing screen" where we can update order. There will be a few service boxes that are available to IHI Admin that are not seen from the agent/agent admin level. We should also have 2 reports. #1 Posts in ground. #2 Posts/Signs/Riders currently in use/not being used.

Admin Sign Install Order Screen: Allows us to upload new install orders OR existing inventory of new clients.

Admin Product Order Screen: Allows us to upload new product orders.

Admin Product Order Form Screen: Allows us to upload and edit product order forms. These forms are specific to agency and should be able to be assigned to a specific agency. Agents are assigned to an agency and an office so forms will be relevant to the agency that they work for.

Price Lists: Services price list which is a list of all the services that we provide and the prices attached to each item. The services within the order forms should be attached to this form. This should be a form that is viewable from a link on the website and this form should be editable by myself which will in turn adjust the prices for that service throughout the website. Products price list which is the same as above only relevant to the products that we sell.

Areas: Every county that we service is divided up into areas set forth by the MLS. I need to be able to access these areas, edit them, add or delete them and change their priority level (the order in which they appear in the orders report). Each service order requires the user to select an area for which the address is relevant to. I have put these areas into a preset route order so that the website will organize our service orders by area. This helps me to figure out our daily routes when I am looking at 50 sign orders.

There are currently 150 areas.

Agencies/offices/agents Edit Screen: This allows me to edit/delete/add an agency, office (which are attached to agencies) or agents (which are assigned to agencies and offices). Agency screen just allows me to input the agency name. Office is the same only I then attach that office to an agency. Offices also allow for Price Levels to be assigned (Level 1, - 5%, Level 2, -10%, Level 3, -12% and Level 4, - 15%). Agents information screen is much more involved. It includes first, last names, contact number, email, email confirm, agency select, office select, assistant or partner name, contact number, email (those are optional), username, password, password confirm, credit card auth form, and access levels which include access level (agent, admin/mgr), Inventory status (owns/rents), billing type (group, ind. 1 {billed at time of service}, ind. 2 {auto billed at end of month}, and status (new, pending/estimated, settled, disputed).

Disputes Report: New users who have inventory uploaded by IHI are forced to this screen upon first log in. It allows them to look at their inventory report and click a box next to it that either confirms this inventory or disputes it. If every listing is confirms then the system should auto confirm account and transition agents status to "settled". If there is a dispute then the agent should be transitioned into "dispute" status and their account should show up in the disputes report.

New Registration Screen: All new agent registrations should show up on this screen to allow me to assign access levels. New agents should default to "new" status until such time as I assign them as "settled".

Messages Screen: This should allow me to send and receive messages

Pop up/Picture Pop Up Edit Screen: Throughout the order screens there are a number of different services that we offer that I would like to include a little pop up picture so clients can see an example of what they are ordering. When they wave the cursor over the item it automatically pops up a little picture. I should be able to edit and upload those pictures here and assign them to different services. Likewise there are a number of things thoruigh the website that might require special attention or a warning. I should be able to edit and assign little pop up messages to certain functions.

Billing Report: This is going to be complex. I should be able to view all billing, group billing, individual (a) billing and individual (b) billing based on a number of different feilds including date range, agent, agency, office, open invoices etc...

Group billing should allow me to view a detailed billing report for the invoice period and then send that open invoice to the person responsible for receiving it. If a manual payment is submitted I should be able to mark this as paritally or fully paid. If they pay by credit card through the website it should post it appropriately. I would really like for their to be a payment link in the billing invoice/email that is sent to them from the site so they can pay from that link, pay through the site or submit a manual payment.

Individual (A) clients are billed at the time of service but these agents will still incur lease fees and other service charges that they will be billed for through the website. We need this system to be able to track paid invoices and invoices that need to be billed etc...

Individual (B) clients have submitted credit card information. We will submit an invoice to them at the end of each month. I am hopeful that our system can then charge their credit cards automatically on a specific date otherwise allow me to process those transactions manually through the site.

This is going to be the most complex portion of the site. I need the billing portion to do some very techincal and advanced things, much like Quickbooks. Hoping we can figure this out. If not perhaps we can find a way to link the website to my Quickbooks account?

If I can get away with all this for $1,000 I'll be stoked!

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