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496966 Webinar or video replay system

Hello everyone,

My name is Jonathan Paul :)

Thanks for taking the time to read this project description.

If you have any concerns about me or this task, then please

check my Scriptlance feedback. I will not waste your time.

I would like you to create a plugin that displays videos

inside my Wordpress blog - but only at certain times,

and only to registered Wordpress blog members.

Here is how the system would work ...

1) When visitors arrive at my landing page, they see an optin form.

The optin form asks for their name and email address, and asks them

to select a checkbox, with 3 options. Each option, will represent

a different time & date combination. Visitors will choose "when"

to view an online video. (The video will only be available at the

exact time and date they choose from the 3 options)

2. Once the person submits their details, my Wordpress blog will

record all of their input inside the Wishlist Membership plugin.

This plugin, will then provide a username and password and the

person will become a register member of my blog.

Their name and email address, plus their choice of time/date

will also be saved inside an Aweber mailing list. (You will

need to use custom Aweber fields to record the time/date


Once they click "submit", they will then be sent to another

Wordpress page. This redirection process can be handled by

the Wishlist Member script. This is very easy ...

3. The visitor will receive an email from Aweber, explaining the

exact time & date they can view their video. (Wishlist is integrated

with Aweber, and it will automatically send an email once a person

subscribes). You will need to make sure this email contains the

correct time & date details for the video they chose to watch.

The email will also contain a page for them to watch the video.

4. If the person tries to visit the video replay page on my blog

BEFORE the correct time and date - then they will see a message

that says "This video is not available until 9:30 pm on 04/06/2011.

(Actually, it will display the time & date combination they choose

when they registered in step 1 above).

5. Once a person has become a Wordpress member on my blog

(in step 2 above) - they will then receive 3 emails from

Aweber. You will need to setup these emails, so they are

sent at the following times:

- 24 hours before the video page is available

- 6 hours before the video page is available

- 10 minutes before the video page is available

The person will be reminded about "when" the video is being shown.

If they click on the page, before the exact time & date, then

they will only see the page described in step 4 above. They will

NOT be able to see the video until the exact time they chose ...

6. When the exact time & date arrives - the page will refresh,

and will be replaced with a different Wordpress page. This page

will contain an embedded video, that will start streaming from

Amazon S3. (I already have a Wordpress video player plugin that

will start to play this video as soon as someone visits the page)

7. The page, will contain a feedback form, that allows visitors

to ask questions. These questions will be treated like comments

inside Wordpress. These comments will be privately read by me,

and they will not be shown on the page. Please use the in-built

Wordpress comment system to accept questions from the viewers.

You may need to put the form inside an iframe, because I do not

want the visitor to leave the page, and interrupt their video.

8. Once the video has been completed, the page will refresh,

and display a message that says "This video is not available".

Ok ...

It sounds more complicated than it is ...

But please remember these important things:

1. The blog membership registration script is already installed.

(You will be able to make it work with Aweber perfectly)

2. The Aweber system, will be sending all the emails to members.

3. The video streaming script is ready.

Most of the hard work is already done for you :)

You will need to make sure the timing of the emails is correct.

You will need to log into my Aweber account, and create 4 emails.

(A welcome email, and the 3 other emails described in step 5 above)

The system should understand what time the person chose,

and then alert them by email correctly.

You will also need to build a protection system to stop them

viewing the video page, before their chosen time/date. You

can use the Wishlist Member system to protect pages, or

you can create another solution. It is your choice :)

Your final job, is to embed a comment feedback form that lets

people submit questions, without disturbing the video playback.

(You can also embed the streaming video player into this page)

Ok ...

As you can tell, this is quite a complex project, and you

will be responsible for making sure each step works in the

system. I have the very best software to help you. The best

Wordpress system, with excellent plugins for page protection.

I am using Aweber, and I have an excellent video player script.

Your job, is to combine everything, and make sure it works.

I work online all day ... every day, and you can contact me

by Skype messaging, and by email if you have any problems.

I would like this project completed in the next week

and I will pay escrow to begin. Please only bid if

you have a lot of Wordpress experience, and if your

reputation is strong at Scriptlance.

Thanks for taking the time to read this project description.

I look forward to reading your bids. Please ask any questions

via the messageboard.



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