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Home page ([url removed, login to view])


Consumers can search for listings by

a. clicking on specific zip code within a map - OR -

b. selecting zip code from a drop-list - OR -

c. searching entire city by category and sub-category drop-lists

Search results will consist of [url removed, login to view]’s clients:

These are Advertisers within the directory who have a Zip Page (see


Additional sections

a. Rotating banner advertising, linked to

-> Advertiser’s Zip Page - OR –

-> Advertiser’s own web site, if any

This form of advertising is a separate and additional feature, the cost of which is not included in any package. It can consist of the

Advertiser’s logo or other desired image. The banner should rotate between Advertisers when page is refreshed. We need to decide cost

description for banners.

b. List of New Advertisers on the [url removed, login to view]

-> text only (no logo)

-> linked to Advertiser’s Zip Page

This form of advertising is included with a Zip Page package. Its purpose is to welcome new clients and draw the attention of the site’s Users to the new listing. Its duration is one week.

c. Employment search : Pulls up all results (system-wide)

- Information is taken from following Zip Page fields (see further


-> zip code, category + sub-category, job title, brief job

description, compensation, contact info

2. Refining search: Zip Code specific pages ([url removed, login to view])


Consumer can refine their search by

a. Choosing to include or exclude neighboring zip codes in their search

b. Selecting from the category and sub-category drop-lists

Additional sections

a. Rotating banner advertising (as described above)

3. Search results: Biz Card Page ([url removed, login to view])


Search results are displayed as follows:

Client logos (squares) are displayed, in order of precedence:

Section 1: Top page – Premium Ads

Section 2: Middle page – Standard Ads

Section 3: Lower page – Promotional Ads

Within each section, logos are displayed in alphabetical order.

Each logo is a link to the Advertiser’s Zip Page; each has mouse-over

function, to show location and contact:

-> Premium Ads and Standard Ads -> link to advertiser’s Zip


-> Promotional Ads ->only location and contact appear, no Zip Page

(See description of Advertising Packages offered, below)

Additional sections

a. Rotating banner advertising (as described above)

b. If search criteria consisted of category/sub-cat only (meaning,

entire city was searched)

-> Ability to “Refine search criteria” -> Zip Code drop list ->

Include / exclude neighboring Zip Codes

c. If search was performed by Zip Code and neighboring Zip Codes were

-> Included? ->Option to narrow search Excluding neighboring Zip


-> Excluded? ->Option to widen search Including neighboring Zip


4. Advertiser’s profile page: Zip Pages


Three levels of advertising are offered:

A. Premium Ads ($$)

B. Standard Ads ($)

C. Promotional Ads (-)

Premium Ads and Standard Ads include a member profile page, called a

“Zip Page”

On the Zip Page, Advertisers can

o write and create their own Zip Page

o login, access and modify their Zip Page at any time

All Zip Pages fields include:

o Logo upload (standard size)

o Location: address, phone numbers, email, website URL if any

o Map of location (using Google maps)

o Blog: to update potential customers on latest news (carries

latest modification date)

o Business referral: to recommend other businesses on you page


->logos appearing in the Referral field also have

mouse-over function as described for Promotional Ads (below)

o Rotating image carousel: ability to upload/delete,

with/without captions

o [url removed, login to view] page visitor counter

o Meta tags for site searches (keyword search)

o Coupons:

->Advertiser can indicate validity period

->Small [url removed, login to view] watermark

Advertising Packages:

A. PREMIUM Ads ([url removed, login to view])

With purchase of Premium Ad placement, Zip Pages include these

additional features

o Premium Logo placement on Biz Card (search results) page

-> Larger, more prominent logo

-> Top page logo placement (we have to decide the logo


o Up to 10 pictures or images

o Mini-video commercial (embedded video, via Google Video or

[url removed, login to view])

o Up to 5 sub-category selections

o Unlimited coupon creation

o Ability to post employment opportunities (limited/fixed

number of characters per field)

-> job title, brief description, compensation, contact info

o Advertisers listed within the “Restaurants and Dining”

categories may also upload their menu (Thoughts: “Menu” button on Zip

Page, active if uploaded document present? Format: PDF?)


With purchase of Standard Ad placement, Zip Pages include these

additional features:

o Standard Logo Placement on Biz Card (search results) page

-> Mid-sized logo (slightly smaller than Premium Ads)

-> Mid-page logo placement (beneath Premium Ads)

o Up to 2 pictures or images

o Up to 3 sub-category selections

o One Coupon


The Promotional Ad is the only package that does not include a Zip

Page. Promotional Ad placement is free, and functions as follows:

o Promotional Logo Placement on Biz Card (search results) page

-> Small logo (smallest logo available)

-> Lower page logo placement (beneath) Standard Ads)

o Mouse roll-over displays address and phone number only (not


* * * * *


1. Login i.d.

-> assignment of client i.d. number (7 digits) to simplify


-> “Forgot login/password” auto-email function?

-> Can be created online by Advertiser when signing up, or by

[url removed, login to view] representative

-> auto-generated password; Advertiser has ability to modify


2. Payment

-> Online via credit card (WorldPay) OR

-> Via direct contact with [url removed, login to view] representative

3. Advertiser Information is entered into a form with fields, must be

user-friendly and standardized to minimize variations and ensure proper functioning, i.e. of Google Map which should be automatically generated and embedded into Zip Page (and not simply a link to Google Maps website)

I must have the following access :

1. Customer tracking and maintenance:

- Sign-on date

- Renewal date alert

- Modify renewal date

2. Access to modify advertiser’s Zip Page

- Master Login in order to edit customer information

- Logo and images: add/delete functions

- Insert/delete/modify embedding codes for [url removed, login to view] Video on Zip Pages

3. Modifications to site:

- Modify pricing

- Modify “About”, “Terms and Conditions”, “How to” etc.

- Add, modify, or delete categories and sub-categories

->warning/pop-up if action could affect an advertiser listing

4. All non-profits, public schools and religious organizations have

Premium Ad privileges at no charge. These must contact a [url removed, login to view]

representative in order to enable. Must also be easy to distinguish

from regular paying Advertisers.

Other thoughts:

- Bread crumbs on every page

- Menu across bottom of every page (Home – About Us – Terms and

Conditions – etc.)

- all lists are drop-down lists; minimize typing, maximize clicking.

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