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We are looking for someone to create for us a desktop program that includes all the features of Senuke X and Scrapebox.

Behold the feature list for that Software I need:

1. an fast, good looking, good organized software.

SEnuke X has been completely re-written from scratch in a brand new technology. This has allowed us to do things that were technically impossible with the previous version of SEnuke. If you look at the image above, you'll notice that it's much cleaner, better looking and more organized. Notice how the projects are now all visible on one screen instead of having small separate project files for each project. They can also be organized by campaigns (just drag and drop from one campaign to another). Notice the 4 columns on the far right, these summarize the schedule for the project.. which brings me to the first major feature: scheduling…

2. Scheduled submissions/Project Calendars:

Set it up once and take a trip to Hawaii and its gonna do everything on its own!

We've made it so simple to create and schedule projects that even your child can do it! The scheduler takes care of varying the number of sites that are submitted per day as well with the “distribute evenly” or “distribute randomly between 50% to 200%” options.

Let's say you have 40 sites that you want to submit over a 4 day period. Choosing the first option will submit 10 sites a day exactly for 4 days. Choosing the second option will submit between 5-20 sites on day 1, 5-20 sites on day 2 etc.. and the remaining sites will be submitted on the last day of the schedule.

3. Runs completely in the background, minimized to system tray.

SEnuke now stays completely out of sight! Once you have it scheduled up, just close it and it will minimize to the system tray and all scheduled submissions will start automatically. Only thing you need to do is leave your computer on.

4. Minimum/no crashes + auto-resume after crash ability

We're trying very hard to make sure SEnuke X does not crash at all. But if it ever does, we have an “auto-resume after crash” capability built in. This means that you can be at ease while in Hawaii on your vacation, knowing that if SEnuke ever crashes, it will auto-resume from where it left off No more pulling your hair when waking up in the morning wondering what the heck happened to SEnuke at night.

5. Everything gets saved to one central database instead of hundreds of small files.

6. New press release module!

Press release module

The most popular feature suggestion we've received is: add a press release module. And if SO many of you requested this, how could we say no?

It currently only contains a handful of press release sites but lots more are going to be added by the time SEnuke X is released!

7. New custom web 2.0 profile module!

Custom web 2.0 profile module

The power users will love this module, and it will soon grow to be the most powerful module in SEnuke. Tired of having to share sites with every other nuker? Well that's no longer a problem!

It lets you create accounts and post to an unlimited number of targets! Currently it supports the SMF and Expression Engine platforms but many more will be added soon. All you need to do is scrape a list of sites that use these platforms and paste it in and press Start!

SEnuke X will auto-create accounts at these various platforms and even upload a profile picture for you! Then dropping your links on these profile pages is just another click.

Everything happens WITHOUT using the SEnuke Submitter Internet Explorer automation. It all happens multi-threaded in the background so it's much much faster than using Internet Explorer automation!

8. Organize sets of projects into “campaigns”.

If you have lots of projects saved in SEnuke right now, you know it can get messy. SEnuke X hopes to solve this problem by letting you assign projects to campaigns. Just drag-and-drop the project to the appropriate campaign and it'll stay there. Now you can make sure there's no overlap with the SEO projects you're working on for your dentist and your veterinarian

9. Profiles instead of a clunky options screen.


Profile assignment

Click images to enlarge.

Say bye-bye to that clunky options screen. All your username and password combinations are now saved in “profiles”. These profiles can then easily be loaded into projects by assigning a profile to the appropriate project. (See second image).

10. URL lists instead of a clunky URL manager.

URL list editor

Changing output URL lists for modules

Changing input URL list

Say adios to that clunky URL manager. SEnuke X now saves the URLs it generates into URL Lists. These URL lists can be assigned to various projects with the click of a button.

Another really powerful possibility with this is that you can link the various projects together.

For example: The URL list that the social network module writes to can be used as the input URL list for the social bookmark nuke (or any other module).

11. Detailed reporting of everything you've done.

Built in “log” keeps track of everything you do with the software along with everything that it does on it's own so you know exactly what SEnuke is up to!

12. Dynamic updating of SEnuke.

Tired of having to wait for the next update to SEnuke to get a site fixed? We've addressed that issue.

Every time you do a submission with SEnuke X, it will pull up a DLL for that specific site from our server, instead of having it saved in the software. This means that as soon as a site breaks, we can fix it on our end, and you will always be submitting using the latest code for each site!

13. Ability to run as many modules as you want simultaneously!

You are no longer limited to running only one module at a time. If a social nuke is going on, you can start a social bookmark nuke at the same time! You can run as many modules as you want simultaneously because of the beautiful multi-threading built in.

14. 10-100x faster multi-threaded submissions in the background for Custom Web 2.0 Profile module, batch-research, pinger.

The custom web 2.0 profile module that I mentioned earlier uses background submission technology that is multi-threaded, so it will be much faster than using Internet Explorer to submit!

More over, the batch-research module and the pinger have also been multi-threaded. So they are at least 10x as fast now!

15. New indexing module (not 100% confirmed though).

We're working on a solution to get every single one of the pages that SEnuke generates indexed automatically from within the software! Exciting, eh?

To accomplish this, we're building a huge network of high PR autoblogs.

Once we're done building that network, you can simply tell the indexing module which URL list you'd like indexed and press Start. Links to the various pages will be posted on our huge network of autoblogs and hopefully result in really quick indexing. But this project is huge on it's own, so we're not sure if it will be ready for the first release of SEnuke X, but it's definitely in the works.

16. More streamlined: Ability to chain projects.

What if you wanted to setup SEnuke so that it would ping all the URLs generated by the social network module. How do you go about doing that? By chaining them together!

Not only can you schedule projects by date and time, you can also tell SEnuke X to start projects as soon as a previous one finishes! So queue up the pinger right after the social network module. And then right after the pinger, queue up the indexing module to get those pages indexed and voila!

17. Step-by-step wizard ties together every feature of the software!

SEnuke X can be intimidating. There are a plethora of modules and each module has so many features. So how do we shorten the learning curve? By adding a step-by-step wizard!

Our hope is that any newbie can pick up SEnuke X and not have to read a single help file to get started. Just one “Start here” button will guide them through the entire software!

18. Ability to draw a “linking diagram” to diagram how all the modules connect together.

While we don't have a screenshot for this feature yet (it's still in development), it will allow you to build diagrams like the one here:

Linking diagram

This will be part of the step-by-step wizard. You will be able to diagram exactly how you'd like the various modules connected to each other!

If you don't know what strategy to diagram, there will be a “randomize strategy” button which will build a linking diagram for you! Each linking strategy will be slightly different each time you press that button, so there are no easy footprints for Google to catch!

19. Comprehensive “importer”: imports projects, profiles from previous version + URL manager contents.

What about all the URLs that you have saved in the old URL manager? What about the old profiles and projects you have saved? Good question! We've built in a one-click importer that will import all this easily!

20. And All the Features of Scrapebox you can see here

[url removed, login to view]

21. It also needs an online validation each time when they start the software. ( Root server is aviable)

I Pay: 30% when You give give me the working software.

And 10% each month of the next 7 month that the software works.

If you do this job you'll be choosen for every update. It would be around 1000$ for every new small feature.

Please place your bid.

Best Regards.


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