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I want a personalize url plug in that allows that does two things

A allows me to upload a list of names and dynamically create the page based on what i upladed but only create the page when the person actually uses the domain.

For example i own the domain .boughtThisNewHome.com. Lets say i uploaded the a csv file with the name trevor in it. So i send out a postcard to trevor that says go to [url removed, login to view] when trevor gets the post card he types n the url [url removed, login to view] and at that moment the page is created. With the information now passing on to the page so that i can personalize the site to trevor.

The second thing i want the purl to do is based on if i didnt have time to upload the names such as when im in a live presentation and i tell a person let say mark to go [url removed, login to view] since i didnt upload the name the purl woul need to pass whatever was typed before the domain i owned (.[url removed, login to view]) on to the page and the site would still have to dynamically create itself the core of the site will always stay the same but it will be personalized to each visitor.

Lastly i want to be able to use this on many diffrent domains that i have.

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