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511484 Wordpress Site Copying with Forms etc

Note: I posted this project on 7/15/2011 at 23:32 EST, and then accepted a bid by ameetkarn about an hour later. Then I waited about 14 hours for him to confirm, when it was clear this was an urgent job, and also tried contacting him - all with no response. So I am trying this again...

I'm looking for an inexpensive coder/programmer who is very good at customizing WordPress sites and who speaks and writes very good English, so there are no communication issues. I also need someone who can complete this project in the next 48 hours, who has at least 10 positive ratings, and who can do this entire job for $125, which I will put in escrow as soon as I accept your bid. Please only bid if you meet these requirements. If you do a good job, I will have additional work in the future.

I also need to make sure whoever does this job can do it PERFECT the FIRST time, so there's not a lot of unnecessary back and forth, with me having to say 'this is not right' or 'you didn't include this' which wastes both of our time. If you are conscientious and will do the job right, not getting worse, slacking off, or developing a bad attitude as the job progresses, I hope to work with you. I have had many coders who get worse and worse as the project goes on.

This project involves several Wordpress sites, some of which were copied from another Wordpress site by someone who didn't know what they were doing - creating a bunch of problems in the copied sites.

Here is what I need done in this project, most likely in this order:

1.) I need Backup Buddy fixed on one of the (copied) Wordpress sites. (It will make a database backup, but it will not make a full backup. You can see the history of backups, which shows error messages for the full backups.)

2.) I need some spacing fixed (between all questions and fields) on 5 different forms on the same site as #1 (above).

3.) I need ALL the messed up plugins fixed, including Backup Buddy, on another Wordpress site that was copied from another site.

4.) I need 5 (fairly-long one page) forms copied over from one WordPress site to 3 different sites - all 5 forms copied from one site to 3 other sites. I also need these forms to send responses EXACTLY like the forms on the site you'll be copying them from.

The form responses need to have the person completing the form's email address as the sender (FROM) and whatever is currently in the subject line of the existing forms, which would be something like "Personal Injury Questionnaire from John Smith" (it'd be 'the name of the form' from 'the name of the person filling out the form'). All you have to do is match the existing form settings exactly when you copy the 5 forms to the 3 different sites. The forms also need to look exactly like the existing forms and they need to include the CAPTCHA that is currently on the existing forms.

Also, on all the sites, the forms will ALL be set to go the same email address. But we are not certain if the existing site (that you'd be copying the forms from) is setup so that completed forms will go to whatever email is set at the HOST for completed forms to be sent to, OR if the 'send-to' email address is hard-coded into the forms. We would like all the forms to be set so that they WON'T require revisions if the 'form send-to' email address is changed later at the HOST. You could check to see if this is how the existing forms are set, and if they are, you could set them the same way - so that if we change the 'form send-to' email address later at the HOST, then all the forms will automatically start being sent to the new email address

(so no form coding changes will be required later if we need to change the 'send-to' email address for the forms).

5.) On another Wordpress site, I need you to remove two pages from the visible links on the top and in the right panel and the blog links Categories (Archive and Blogroll) in the right panel. And when you make this change, I also need you to send me CLEAR, easy to follow instructions on HOW to do this (so anyone, even a novice, could understand how to do it), so we'll know how to make these changes in the future.

6.) After making some of the changes described above to one of the sites, I'd need you to copy that site and use it to completely REPLACE two other existing sites. On these two duplicate sites, you'd need to make sure ALL the plugins work properly (including Backup Buddy) and include exact copies of the 5 forms (which are in the site you'd be copying). Again, you'd need to make the forms look exactly like the existing forms with CAPTCHA, and the forms would need to send responses EXACLY as described above (regarding the sender and the subject line).

7.) I need you to create 3 drop-down menus that look professional, work well, and match the site - underneath two of the top menu items on 5 different sites. The 3 drop-down menus will probably be the same on all 5 sites, but you should allow for a few minor changes for the menus on each site (if needed). After you do the first draft of the drop-down menu, I will look at it, and may require 1-2 rounds of design changes to get the menu looking as desired.

8.) Also allow for up to 3 other small changes/additions to this project that might have been forgotten in the descriptions above.

If you meet the requirements described in the first paragraph, and can do all this for $125 within 48 hours, I welcome you to bid on this job. If your bid is over $125, please don't bother bidding.

NOTE: Since I am doing this job for someone else and I may have to wait on some of the exact details needed (such as the menu items in the drop-down menus or other things), if you have to wait on me for details for more than a few hours (to continue the project), I will go ahead and release the funds to you (which will be in escrow) BEFORE you complete the entire job. But I will need your assurance that once those additional details are given to you that you will finish those items within 24 hours (and some of the details may come over a period of a week or more), THOUGH YOU WILL HAVE ALREADY BEEN PAID. I want to make sure your timeliness and your good attitude lasts through the entire project, even after you have already been paid, especially because I realize $125 is not a great deal of money to be paid for this job. Though, if someone charges $10 / hr, I know this project should not take more than 12 hours total.



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