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Ebay API / Paypal API auction system


I currently have a script for my Ebay digital item sales. When a new item is purchased on Ebay and the payment is made the script currently receives the Paypal payment, gets some additional information from Ebays API and creates a new account or updates an old account depending of it is a new or old customer. The customer can then login and download the files he/she has bought. The files are organized into categories, lists and individual files depending on if the user has bought a package, single file or a few files. The customer can also request feedback through the system and feedback will then automatically be left for the user through the Ebay API and added to the database.

The script is made by me and not a professional programmer. Therefore it is not optimized or correctly coded, it needs to be recoded from scrarch in a more professional way. In other words a new script. If you prefer to write the script in another language than PHP you can probably do that, just ask. It also needs to be re-designed with a new design, the current design really doesn't look good. I just want to integrate Ebay more into the site and make it more "friendly" with, for example, a real frontpage. My current frontpage is just a login page. The visitors should for example be able view my auctions, click to go to Ebay and buy (that shouldn't be any problems, just one API call I think) and have some other options on the site even though they don't have an account/havn't bought anything. Also the frontpage you get when you login as a customer should view something like recent pruchases, recent requested feedback, news or similar.

However, my biggest problem is the Ebay API because I've never understood how it really works, therefore I've not succeeded to create all functions I want to create. First, I would like to change a few smaller things. The feedback request system should first check with the Ebay API and make sure that feedback has been left by the user and that the user has left positive feedback but currently it just leaves feedback. I also want to change the checkout process a bit. The user should, instead of passing around API info, just click on a link in the auction, fill in the auction ID and ebay ID, or auction IDs and ebay ID if he/she want to pay for several acutions, on my site, pay through Paypal as a normal payment, and be redirected back to my site to get his/her password and account into.

Second, I need an admin side of the script with the possibility to login as different users with some basic different rights and a ticket/support system. If a buyer asks a question through the Ebay API or through a standard email it should be created as a new ticket. Then when I reply it should be added as a new reply in the system, sent to the user email and to the Ebay API. I know that the Ebay API has some notification features but I never got it them work but I assume that you can use them or just call the normal API for new messages. It should also be possible for the users to create new tickets through the customer panel and view responses there. I've a few ideas of features I want, the most important one is that when I view a ticket from a user his/hers account information and purchases should show in the ticket view so I don't have to lock for them. Another idea is if a users sends a message with only some text, for example "account info", then the system should reply automatically with the account information (if the user has an account) and close the ticket. I also need a FAQ system, and if the question asked in a message is in the FAQ the user should get that reply automatically and be able reopen the ticket if his/her question wasn't answered by the answer from the FAQ system.

Third, in the admin side you need to be able to schedule and create many auction in the system, and when they reach start time the system should automatically add the item through the Ebay API system. Therefore I need one item creation page where you can create new items; choose category (from the Ebay API), add picture, set start time and so on. Since the data already is in the database I hope it wount be that hard to create one page where I can view the scheduled items, their names, start time/date, category and so on and one page where I can view the already listed items. To save time a page where you can "save" items should be there, so you also just can choose a pre-made auction on that saved items page, click on it, come to the creation page and just choose start time/edit other details and list it directly without having to fill in everything you don't want to change again. And also a page for recent transactions/user accounts/won items from the database so I can see/view recently ended auctions.

Here is an overview of the Ebay API documentation: [url removed, login to view] Just ask if you have any questions about the script.

Best Regards

Oskar R

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