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i am setting up an ecommerce website (osCommerce).

i will have multiple feeds coming in from different suppliers. All of them will be accessed via ftp.

I will email you the different feeds as each one of them uses different delimiter / different layout (product name /model numbers may be identical ).

this is what i need doing

1. setup the feeds to run and update at specified times. some are updated once a day others are updated once an hour. ( i will need the ability to set time myself).

2. Ability to change price per feed. (apply a percentage increase/ also to set price overrides on selected items)

3. Ability to import the feed into blacklist + white list. Product on whitelist will be active while product on blacklist will be deactivated.

4. If any of the feed included products which are on blacklist, then those product should be not active. (if more than one feed has same product them display one with lower price /stock cosiderations)

5. If a product which no longer exists in any of feeds , should stay active on the system. On product_info we can echo product no longer available.( need this for seo purpose)

6. Products makred specials should be left alone. IF they exist in the feed then we can update the quanity and [url removed, login to view] not delete them.i will do that manually

7. if the same product exisits on multiple feeds then we need to add the product on the following rules. For example . if product A is on feeds A, B and C. we find first who is the cheapest and the see who has [url removed, login to view] the cheapest doesnt have any stock we find the next cheapest and who has stock and so [url removed, login to view] price is always used first and then [url removed, login to view] any of the feed doesnt have any stock then we use the cheapest [url removed, login to view] we use the one that has the stock.

8. each product on these feeds is being shipped from different warehouse. so i will be using this contrib [url removed, login to view],4129 . When the feed the is updated i need it to update the relevant table.

9. on product_info where the system will echo out the quantity i need it to also say when the feed was last updated. If the quantity is less then 5 then echo out a low quanity mesage and we will link it to another page expaling the message.


[url removed, login to view]

1. Product categorisation.

2. IF you can cant categories the product using ice cat then please use the categorisation supplied in the [url removed, login to view] main category should be non Categorised. ( ideally listed at end of the category tree)

3. get product images, sub category images. and also addtional [url removed, login to view] can leave the images on the icecat server, no need to download them localy but also dont want ppl to see where the images are coming from..(do something to the url)

4. get manufacture link and update the url table in osccommerce.

5. get product name from icecat. if a product on icecat has <LongSummaryDescription> tag .if then use that as a name .if LongSummaryDescription is empty then use icecat name .

6. you will need to append the icecat product name , with manufacures name - model number --

7. if the prodduct cant be found on ice cat then use the name in the feed.

8. icecat also provides a options filter [url removed, login to view] a look here [url removed, login to view] . As you see you can see in this example you can filter hard drives based on capacity , speed and price. i need similar system on my site.

9. there is a oscommerce contrib called x-sell [url removed, login to view] . IT allows you to display related item to customer. Icecat has this feature and i will need it.

10. On product info i will require a tabular display like.. [url removed, login to view] . Discription from icecat go into dicription tab, specification in speciation., featurs in featues.

xml link to the ice cat is available here..http://icecat.biz/forum.cgi?post=3331

Beceriler: MySQL, OSCommerce, PHP, Yazılım Mimarisi, XML

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