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The project consists of generating a test based on the fingerprints, for which I need to collect 3 samples of the fingerprints of each of the fingers of both hands to generate the test.

This project needs a web page, so that users there can get all the necessary information and can deposit the files of their fingerprints.

I also need to use an integrated device or fingerprint reader, that will be given to collect those fingerprints and integrate it with the web page. I need that when I capture the prints and I can put them in a database to be able to generate the test, which should be transparent and accessible to the administrator of the page.

In conclusion, what I need is a web page with a program for the associated device (fingerprint reader).

I have a fingerprint scanner that I have in china, I need to integrate it into a web page. I need it to connect to any device and integrate it in the best and easiest way possible, so it should be auto-executable when connecting and recognizing the device. This device can be recognized in windows, but I need development so that it can be recognized in, mac, android and ios, besides that when I connect to any device can be read by my website and a module is deployed to capture the Fingerprints, I think this is known as sdk, plus I should create the web page for this project, which should be in English and Spanish, has an animated guide tab to tell the user how to install the fingerprint scanner and how to enter the samples , Have a database to store the samples, have an electronic commerce to make purchases from the page, either with paypal or another system, which has integrated the fingerprint capture module, with the ability to capture 3 samples of Each of the 10 fingers of the Hand and the information of my company and my product

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