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This is largely an exploratory project to see the possibilities and cost for some software I want written. The budget I have put in mind is for the first module- I prefer to take a module by module approach but it is important to know a few modules i want so you can decide what base software/coding to propose.

A lot of these are ideas and is flexible. I want to write a software for my company for internal use. I will do it module by module and will list some modules below to get understanding. We are a group in the business of construction, wood factory and security products. this should help you to understand.

1. Purchase Order system (there is an excel example attached but i am not happy with it)

2. Site materials request

3. Quotation system

4. CRM/Lead management

5. Site daily report

6. A system to generate Gantt charts and historically track them.

7. HR system

8. Engineer report system (for engineers to log site visits and comments)

And some more as well. I want the system to be a web based one (can be accessed from any browser) but I also want a mobile app (android) to interact with it. Example a site materials request can be done by a site manager directly from his mobile.

The first module I would like to build is the purchase order module. I am also open to some modules (Such as purchase order, CRM) being stock software you have written fro others and then we can customise a little according to our requirements. I would like an estimate for the first module (the purchase order) in your bid and also some clear examples of your work for me to see. One key feature I need is the ability for approvals and different user permissions. Please list some features you think you will be able to build well (example- integrated emailing for purchase orders and quotations, approvals through mobile phone,.

I will pay for the hosting etc of the app and services but I expect the developer to help me set this up on Amazon or Google or something.

I have attached some of the manual forms we use at the moment to give you an idea. I am trying to move these onto a web based and mobile system. Lastly, this is something I want to start soon so anyone bidding please make sure you have a sufficient capacity in the near term to proceed.

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