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AWS Transcribe Service using PHP

I am a PHP programmer, and I can't get the AWS Transcribe Service to work.

I need someone to send me a snippet of code that works.


1. Use the AWS SDK for PHP v3

2. Create a new client for the Transcribe service

3. Make a request to the transcribe service

4. Receive a success response as documented on the PHP SDK page for the Transcribe service

Here is the PHP code I have been using, but it fails. It seems to be failing when I create the client using the factory() method. I have tried creating the client in other ways, but it keeps failing.

// AWS SDK (this path is for the ZIP file method of installing the SDK)

require 'vendor/aws/[login to view URL]';

// Transcribe

use Aws\TranscribeService\TranscribeServiceClient;

$transcribeClient = TranscribeClient::factory(


'region' => 'ap-southeast-2',

'version' => '2017-10-26',

'credentials' => array(

'key' => 'yourAccessKeyHere',

'secret' => 'yourSecretKeyHere'




$result = $transcribeClient->startTranscriptionJob([

'LanguageCode' => 'en-AU', //'en-US|es-US|en-AU|fr-CA|en-GB|de-DE|pt-BR|fr-FR|it-IT', // REQUIRED

'Media' => [ // REQUIRED

'MediaFileUri' => 'https://url-to-file-in-S3-bucket',


'MediaFormat' => 'mp3', //'mp3|mp4|wav|flac', // REQUIRED

//'MediaSampleRateHertz' => <integer>,

//'OutputBucketName' => '<string>',

//'Settings' => [

// 'ChannelIdentification' => true || false,

// 'MaxSpeakerLabels' => <integer>,

// 'ShowSpeakerLabels' => true || false,

// 'VocabularyName' => '<string>',


'TranscriptionJobName' => 'job-name-here, // REQUIRED


// not sure if we need this here, you *do* need to do this for S3 response, so maybe we need it for Transcribe response.

$result = $result->toArray();




$result = [

'TranscriptionJob' => [

'CompletionTime' => <DateTime>,

'CreationTime' => <DateTime>,

'FailureReason' => '<string>',

'LanguageCode' => 'en-US|es-US|en-AU|fr-CA|en-GB|de-DE|pt-BR|fr-FR|it-IT',

'Media' => [

'MediaFileUri' => '<string>',


'MediaFormat' => 'mp3|mp4|wav|flac',

'MediaSampleRateHertz' => <integer>,

'Settings' => [

'ChannelIdentification' => true || false,

'MaxSpeakerLabels' => <integer>,

'ShowSpeakerLabels' => true || false,

'VocabularyName' => '<string>',


'Transcript' => [

'TranscriptFileUri' => '<string>',


'TranscriptionJobName' => '<string>',

'TranscriptionJobStatus' => 'IN_PROGRESS|FAILED|COMPLETED',




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