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Decoupled (headless) WordPress - to implement is static website

I have two similar static php websites with a few pages and I want to add CMS on them by using WP's back-end database management.

Here are my requests:

● Use minimal WP installation; use a decoupled, headless WP.

Use directive: define( 'SHORTINIT', true ); and clean all the unused content after installation. No need to install any theme.

● As opposed to a normal WP site, the front-end site is built separately system from the CMS itself and the code for the pages is not rendered from the database.

In this case, the code for pages will NOT be stored in the database (no permalinks), it will remain like a normal, stand-alone built page into which content from database is injected only when needed.

Migration to other server should not require heavy modifications in the database.

● I want to avoid all the heavy standard WP by all means; and I need it faster and lighter than a site with regular WP installation.

A couple of good articles (but not the only ones) about decoupled, headless WP are here:

[login to view URL]

[login to view URL]

● Database will be used only for storing articles' content.

Delete all tables in the database unrelated to articles entries- if there are any 'default' tables possibly created by WP or plugin scripts at installation time (like WooCommerce, etc.).

I don't mind if there is only one table. And clean (sanitize) the remaining table(s) from unused or redundant data.

The total size of WP installation including database size, should be as small as possible.

● It is needed a 'Categories' plugin and a 'Search' plugin (which I will provide to you separately) to work with the given structure; they may need to be adapted.

● I don't mind if the json-wp-post-parser script is used ([login to view URL]) to retrieve content from db via a Json API.

● I think that basically, the only pages related to WP system and with content brought from the database are basically these four:

- The page for entering a new article by the administrator; not made public. (We will discuss the fields separately. One field should be for the Categories to which the article belongs).

- The homepage, which may display a few titles of the articles (say, most recent ones).

- The page displaying all the articles in a certain category, when user chooses it (using the Categories plugin).

- The page showing the results of the user's searching with a certain criteria, according to the Search plugin.

● The site is already built, but some minimal html5, css3, php code may be required for embedding data into the existing pages - for example showing the Categories plugin, showing data from the database, such as articles or search results.

● A Security plugin for the database, automatic database backup once/week would be welcome too.

● All requirements are the same for both sites, as their structure is the same.


- You MUST have previous experience with implementing this type of WordPress before in other sites.

- Automatic bids will not be considered.

* * *

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