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This project is for programmers who have previous experience in this kind of stuff. Show me proof.

No i dont have a bigger budget.

No i dont read big posts.

I did some thinking and need the website to be exactly like:

[url removed, login to view]

If you like i can provide the following script [url removed, login to view]

I will need to buy it. So if you have your own script or do not wish to use it do let me know.

All the same features and layout as azoogleads.com.

For the publisher section:

The only changes I want in the layout is that under “Offers” I want All Offers and then the categories like Finance, Credit etc etc

Also on the page that opens as the index page when you sign in. I need the stats to be working for us. Also the News and Updates section should work automatically. Every time I add an offer, or delete an offer or suspend an offer it should update automatically.

I want our site to show both the monthly balance and lifetime balance.

Also I want a link to download tax forms. Under My Account.

For the advertiser section:

I really don’t know how this works. The script that I provide should solve almost everything here. But you will need to make it look more user friendly. Give me your suggestions. Visit [url removed, login to view] for a view into the advertiser section. You can sign up for an account and get instant access.

For the Admin Panel:

The website uses tracking for offers from advertisers. But I will be adding offers from other networks like mine.

I will be getting offers from other affiliate websites. So I need to add those too. Now those offers do not need tracking externally only internally. So I need every one of our members to receive a random 4 digit number, fixed once its assigned. Now in addition as you know Azoogle lets members add their own tracking number. I need that for us too. So if our member wishes to add an extra tracking code it should simple be added to the members already assigned 4 digit number.

Link masking. When a member uses my link I want it to be routed through [url removed, login to view] my website. This will only be true for offers that I am adding from other affiliate networks…. This is because I will be getting offers from metarewards . So I do not want my member or metareward to know. I want both my members and metarewards to think that the link was clicked through [url removed, login to view] .... So say a member uses our link, it should go through excreen.com. So a member should see our link, and the excreen link nothing else....

Upon registration the user is sent an email for verification and upon the verification, I should be able to accept/reject the registration. Once I accept the registration only the user can login to the site. Now there are two parts to this. An automated email confirmation. After which I will get an emails asking me to validate the account. Then I check the info and validate the account manually.

If a new offer is added, offer is suspended etc. An automated email should go out to members saying New Offer Added. Only one of these automated emails per day... If an offer is suspended. An offer suspended email should be sent out. we need to collect all the information about suspended offers and then send the single email showing all the suspended offers

In the admin panel all the suspended offers should go to a page where there are other suspended offers. Offers should be automatically suspended if their advertisers have not funded their accounts. Also an email should be sent daily to the advertisers reminding them to fund their accounts.

I should be able to suspend, delete etc any offer.

You need to create a page which lists all the members info in a sorted order with respect to the monthly revenue and then by yearly revenue. The listing should also contain the revenue earned for the last 4 months (including this month).

All members earnings should be saved in a downloadable excel database.

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