I'd like to add multiple NPC's to my game. So i need someone to take my existing codebase and code in some NPC's or maybe add some create some kind of tool for my game that allows myself to create and add custom NPC's.

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basiclly what i want is the NCPs to spawn at anytime, random time if can be, if not any set time is fine. and i want between 20-50 NCPs to spawn in each city. each round starts with 5 citys. and when they spawn i want them to spawn with defence around 10+ million defence (defence are thugs, bodyguards, and hitmen) it can be set to just one of those or can be a mix of those what ever is eaiser, if it has to be a set amount and only one of those can be choosen use hitmen for the defence, ak-47s(guns) to arm those defence, then 5 billion in cash on hand so people can attack them and steal the cash. the whole point in the NCPs are to be looted (cash stolen from them after the attacks) so the cash on hand is the most important. but i only want the NCPs to be able to be attacked like 5-10 per hour, and say 1st 2nd and 3rd hour it they start 1st hour with 5 billion in cash then after the 5-10 hits they max out and still left with like say 4 billion to 3.8 billion and then after the next hour the 4 billion left on hand can be attack and stolen again ( looted) then they max out and again for the 3rd time, and then the 4th time the NCPs reset back to 5 billion cash on hand and if possible have them defence again. but if the denfence can only be done once thats ok if after the reset (4th time) they can be defencless.

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