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We are marketing and web development firm looking for additional help on a project.

We have an immediate need for 2-3 developers who have experience in Magento Enterprise, PHP and MySQL development.

We are building an Ecommerce website for a manufacturing client and estimate the project to be approximately 350 programming hours. The site needs to be ready for testing by May 22nd. All final revisions need to be done and ready for launch by June 11th. The server has been setup, a some product data has been entered and the homepage has been started but requires finalization of the HTML and CSS as well as custom blocks.

We have very detailed functionality matrix and fully functional prototypes for documentation. All design assets are prepared and ready to hand over and mobile designs and specs for all layouts will be provided.

The attachment function is not working correctly on the job listing. I can send, upon request for review - a functionality matrix spreadsheet in addition to product data that can be used for the setup of categories, attributes, etc. I have removed the clients name on these documents until we have hired the right programmers and have a signed NDA.

There are some custom layouts to be designed including a custom product category view where custom content blocks are used to display different categories with graphics etc.

There are three Magento enhancements required:

* The site will be integrated with Artifi - a third-party product customization tool. Artifi will be handling most of the development but will need assistance when it comes to connecting via JSON to the checkout process. Full documentation and resources will be provided for this as well.

* We need to have a customer user permission added for "Sales Reps". Sales reps are a user who will shop the site like any other user. Unlike all other users, they do not buy product with a credit card. Instead they will add product to a cart and send the order in for a request to quote.

* The request to quote function will be built by adding a customized checkout option to request a quote. The primary difference is no payment information will be required. When a quote is requested an email is generated and sent to the clients Art department.

We will set the developers up with Bitbucket for committing and sharing work as it is progressed

Server specs:

Development server spec document:


nginx 1.8 or latest stable.

MySQL 5.7 or equivalent MariaDB version.

PHP: 7.0.x

PHP Modules



gd, ImageMagick 6.3.7 (or later) or both














Varnish: 4.x (use latest stable)

ElasticSearch: 2.4.x

CSF and LFD ([url removed, login to view])

Open ports:

Inbound: 80,443,22

Outbound: 80, 443, 22, 25

All others closed.

Magento 2.1.x Enterprise Edition

The site has about 900 simple products that will be used as configurable products coming to about 405 configurable products. All attributes and related data will be completely defined for you.

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